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What is Talkwalker's Free Social Search?

Talkwalker's Free Social Search helps you track your brand on social media networks and across the web. Just enter your brand, products, campaign, or hashtag, and you'll see who discussed it over the last seven days.

You can monitor all social mentions and easily find people talking about you.

And there's more - 

  • Fine-tune your social media search based on your location, language, media type, sentiment, and more
  • Identify the right influencers for your campaigns. Dive deep into their engagement/reach statistics across social media platforms
  • Discover trending topics and jump into these conversations to go viral and increase your reach
  • Compare brand-critical keywords to find information about your social media presence

What can you do with Free Social Search?

Talkwalker's Free Social Search can help solve a wide range of use cases. Wherever a closer understanding of your consumers would bring benefits to your business, Free Social Search can help.

You can -

Track your competitors and get ahead of them

Understand how your competitors are using their social media channels. Discover their strengths and weaknesses. Measure your social media accounts against 4 competitors simultaneously. Compare their mentions, engagement rate, sentiment, and reach in a single social media search dashboard.

Use your social data to drive product innovation

Free Social Search provides information about your customer needs, without spending huge amounts of money on market research. Understand customer's reactions to your products or your competitor’s products with our social media search tool.

Measure brand health & consumer sentiment

Use our AI-enabled sentiment analysis to understand how your audience feels. Look at the sentiment around your brand mentions and how it fares against your competitors. You can also use social media search to measure brand awareness by looking at the total volume of your mentions.

Boost your marketing campaigns by jumping onto the next big trend

Quickly find the latest trends that are delivering engagement, to create posts that grab your target audience. Choose from the biggest trends that have the whole internet talking, or niche trends driving mentions in your industry. Or peak at which trends your competitors are hitting that you've missed.

Discover the most engaging voices in your industry

Our free social media search helps find the key voices around your chosen topic. You can sort them by reach, mentions, or engagement, depending on your influencer strategy.

  • Reach finds influencers with the biggest audience.
  • Engagement identifies influencers that consumers connect with.
  • Mentions focus on influencers that discuss your chosen topic more frequently.

Is our free social media search easy to use?

Free Social Search makes searching social simple.

It's as easy as typing your keyword into a search bar, as you do on any search engine.

The tool will then find social media mentions from X (formerly known as Twitter), YouTube, news, forums, and podcasts.

You can set up this social searcher in seconds and use filters and Booleans to help with advanced searches.

What will you get in your free search results?

Here’s a breakdown of the data you can discover in our free social media finder:

Key metrics

Find the number of results, engagement levels, sentiment, and potential reach of topics.

Free Search Key Metrics - Showing mentions over time, net sentiment over time, plus total mentions, engagement and reach

Top Themes

Discover the most popular terms, phrases, hashtags, or emojis used in topic conversations.


Uncover the top ten most engaging people talking about your topic.


Identify key demographics talking about your keyword, and learn their languages, interests, occupations and more.

World Map

Pinpoint where in the world people are most discussing your topic.


Scroll all the results related to your search and find the most relevant ones for your marketing strategies.

You can filter all your results further by demographics, sentiment, language, location, and more. To help you segment or categorize your data as needed.

How to get more from this free social media lookup?

Remember, this free tool is much like a social media search engine. And like any search engine, it’s easy to use, but a bit more know-how can pay off.

You can optimize searches using Boolean operators. These help you find more relevant results and cut out the noise. Once you know the basics, you’ll soon grow into an awesome social media searcher.


When searching for longer terms, you need to put them into quote marks. For example, 

Chocolate cake

…would find mentions that contain the words chocolate and cake anywhere in the text. While,

“Chocolate cake”

…only finds exact mentions of chocolate cake.


If you’re searching for more than one keyword, you use OR.

Cake OR gateau

Now you’ll get mentions that contain the mentions of cake or mentions of gateau.


AND is the opposite of OR and find mentions that contain both parts of your query.

Cake AND sauce

All your mentions will contain cake and sauce.

Venn diagrams showing how OR and AND Booleans work


To remove any terms from your search, you use AND NOT

Cake AND NOT (vanilla)

Now, all your mentions will include cake but will exclude any that also include vanilla.


Parentheses help you put this together in a logical way.

“Chocolate cake” AND NOT (cream OR icing)

This query will only find mentions of chocolate that don’t mention cream or icing.

If you’re hungry for more ways to optimize your Talkwalker social search, see our Boolean Search Operators Blog

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