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Free eBook: Cashing in on Social Media Trends 2019

on 27/11/2018

Finding and exploiting social media trending topics will give your brand the competitive advantage in your industry. This free special edition eBook -  a collection of tipstemplatestools - will show you how.

Jumping on a topic that’s trending with your target audience. Joining in and becoming part of the trend will strengthen brand awareness and potentially, you’ll go viral.

With this eBook you’ll find:

  • 22 PR/marketing experts share their 2019 social media trends
  • 7 steps to finding trends with Quick Search - identify trends that’ll work for your brand
  • 12 marketing experts tell you what they think about AI trends - fake news or science breakthrough? 
  • Boosting engagement with trending hashtags - use the right one and you’ll join the the trend
  • Tesla’s share of voice - simulated report - track your SOV to measure brand awareness, brand equity, audience engagement

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