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Tackling the infodemic using conversational insights - Case Study of UNICEF Response in MENA

on 07/10/2021

Combatting misinformation around COVID-19 and vaccines is a tedious task for international organizations, governments, and even individuals. In this case study, we explore how UNICEF MENARO established a holistic communication strategy to combat misinformation in the MENA region.

By utilising conversational insights and a series of on-the-ground initiatives, the organization's team has managed to learn:

  • Telling a simple, more grasping story has a better impact on people's acceptance to covid vaccines. Combating misinformation with accurate information alone is not enough.
  • Main MENA misinformation narrative clouds revolved around vaccine efficacy, mRNA impacting your genome, whether it's halal or not, and other conspiracy theories.
  • MENA sentiment around covid/vaccines was heavily affected by social proofing, seeing government leaders taking the vaccine, and social media

Download the full case study to discover more.



Download the case study