Talkwalker Teams with Tableau

2016 has just begun but here at Talkwalker we have already started working hard to provide you with an even better service. We are very excited to announce a new integration with Tableau, a world-leading business intelligence platform.

Joint clients will now be able to cross-reference social intelligence with internal or third-party data to generate new business insights.

By combining Talkwalker social media analytics with other data sets using the Tableau integration, businesses can understand how information gleaned from social and online correlate with internal figures such as revenue, profits, customer retention and lead generation. Third party statistics such as census data, weather data and shopper numbers can also be integrated for a deeper understanding of customer behavior.

“Social data is becoming a key source of information for businesses of all sizes but the value of this data grows exponentially when combined with other sources,” says Todd Grossman, CEO Americas at Talkwalker.

Here are a few examples of the type of insights you can extract by combining Talkwalker’s advanced social listening capabilities with multiple different data sets in Tableau.

#1 Predict Consumer Trends Based On Sentiment And Optimize Inventory

Talkwalker is the ideal tool to analyze how a specific product is perceived on social media. By comparing the evolution of this sentiment to your sales numbers, you will be able to predict future trends in consumer behavior, and adapt your inventory accordingly.

Tableau’s wide range of analytics and data visualization options gives companies the potential to examine this data from multiple perspectives, helping them find more targeted insights. Here is an example of the capabilities of the business intelligence platform, taking the example of the Twitter discussions surrounding the release of the iPhone 5.

Data Analysis of the Twitter discussions surrounding the release of the iPhone 5 using the Tableau software


#2 Increase Store visits through Geo-localized Advertising

With this integration, you will be able to track in real time the social media posts of individuals within a given area (e.g. the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris) through social listening, and subsequently drive these customers to your nearest store with personalized offers.

The number of social media posts originating from the Charles De Gaulle airport (Paris, France) at a given time


#3 Optimize Research and Development Costs

Talkwalker can give you exclusive insights on how your brand, specific products or aspects of your brands are performing compared to your direct competitors in specific geographical regions. With the Tableau integration, the next step is to combine this data with other relevant information from within your company.

Through social media analytics, you will be able to determine the preferences of specific audiences (e.g. the color and material of their favorite piece of furniture) and cross-reference this information with the costs of different supplies to design cost-effective products for your audience.



These are just a few examples of the many ways you may use this integration to your advantage. You may also use this tool to better determine the ROI of your marketing expenditures, or correlate your stock price to your social presence.

To use this integration, users will need both a Tableau & Talkwalker subscription. To discover the full potential of this new service, have a free personal demo with one of our experienced consultants.



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