Tailored AI: Making social listening faster and easier

Tailored AI Making social listening faster and easier


AI has already made a huge impact on social listening. It’s helping more people gather more accurate insights faster than ever before.

But the world of AI doesn’t stop. And neither do we. In this blog, we introduce our latest releases enabling you to introduce next-gen social listening across all levels of your organization.

The AI story so far

Before we talk about what’s new, here’s a quick recap of what you can do already. So far,  Talkwalker Next Generation Social Listening:

Go further with new levels of customization to your AI!

Customizable AI Summaries

AI Summaries can be added to dashboards, reports, and alerts, to provide a simple overview of your data. 

Now, you can customize what your summaries focus on. Helping you:

  • Get tailored insights fast
  • Uncover the important details for your strategy
  • Share what’s important with the people that matter

Creating a ‘Custom focus’ is simple. Just type what you want in plain language, and let the AI handle the rest.

How ‘Custom focus’ helps

Using ‘Custom focus’ to find insights critical for your role.

PR & Comms

We know your company's reputation is a key focus. You need to know what people are saying about your brand, and opportunity & threats. With AI Summaries you can focus on:

  • The most engaging conversations about your brand
  • The perception of your sustainability efforts
  • What could impact your brand reputation
Custom Focus for PRCustom Focus quickly identifies the conversations and issues that could impact your brand


We know performance is key for marketers. You want to see how your brand and campaigns are performing, with an eye out for new opportunities. AI Summaries focus on:

  • Competitive advantages and weaknesses
  • Product feedback
  • Trending conversations

Custom Focus for marketing

Custom Focus can identify your brand strengths and weaknesses to optimize campaigns

Consumer Insights

You want to understand the minutiae of your consumers, market, and product opportunities. AI Summaries focus on:

  • Positive, negative, or neutral aspects of your product/category
  • Product relevancy
  • How your product is used

Custom Focus for Insights

Custom Focus uncovers what consumers say about your products and category

This is just a taste of what you can do with ‘Custom focus’. Whatever you need to gather from your data, is possible, in a couple of clicks.

Adding the AI to IQ Apps

IQ Apps are easy-to-use, one-click solutions, designed to help you get more from social listening based on your use case. Focused on best-in-class uses of Talkwalker, they offer simple ways to do this across:

  • Crisis Management
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Influencer Identification
  • Channel Measurement
  • Etc

In this release, we’ve added our AI know-how to all our IQ Apps. So now you can gather insights from these dashboards faster too. 

Just chat with Yeti, our AI assistant, and you can get Data Insights and Summaries in seconds. Our IQ Apps have always been the fastest way to get you up and running. And now, you can gather insights from them faster too.

AI that talks your language

We have clients from across the world, covering 186 languages. In this update, Yeti now automatically translates answers, fostering global collaboration.

You can now access our AI assistant in a language you understand, with instant translation within the window. You don’t need to rely on external translation to understand what you need to do.

Easily translate yeti

Next-gen social listening for everybody

In 2024, Talkwalker will stay focused on democratizing data and accelerating adoption for everyone within your business.

Making social listening faster and easier for everyone.

This is just a part of what we have planned for the coming year. To learn more about Talkwalker Social Listening, and how it can help your brand, click below.


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