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“What’s happening in influencer marketing right now?”

Influencer marketing is going strong. With 37% of marketers now dedicating budget to the strategy, and 67% promising to increase the relevant budget year-on-year, it’s going down a storm within the industry.

But like a storm, it came unexpectedly. And marketers have haphazardly found solutions to managing it. With chaotic spreadsheets and a disjointed team left handling the flood of brand ambassadors and leads.

What the industry needs is somewhere to weather the storm. One solution that all your teams across the world can climb aboard, to manage the influencer tide.

This is Influencer One - your ultimate influencer marketing platform.

Influencer One - One influencer marketing platform to connect your teams, your influencers, and your campaigns

Influencer One is your complete influencer marketing platform. Combining all stages of your influencer marketing strategy into one simple solution. You can now identify, monitor and value your digital marketing superstars in one place.

All supported by Talkwalker’s award-winning social analytics software. Influencer One is the only influencer management platform powered by Talkwalker’s social analytics. Giving you exceptional data coverage - which means more potential brand experts and more measurable metrics.

One Hub - How to find influencers

The relevancy problem

With literally millions of influencers available, how exactly do you find the one that will drive the best results for your brand?

Connecting brands to the precise ambassador for your project is a tricky task. Do you want micro or macro influencers (prioritizing engagement or reach)? Are you after someone who has engaged with your brand before? Can you be certain that person you’ve picked is perceived positively by your audience?

So many questions - many of which even the biggest brands can’t always answer. Just look at YouTube’s work with Logan Paul. Following his most controversial video, YouTube had to reassess the relationship. Yes, he had a huge following. But that didn’t mean good news for YouTube.

The Influencer One solution

Influencer One makes finding social media influencers easy, based on their mentions, engagements and reach.

Searching is simple, whether you’re new to analytics or not. The Search Wizard helps you find them based on keyword mentions, biography topics, reach, handle and more. While the Query Search helps you to optimize your search using Boolean queries. Either way, you’ll find a variety of influencers to suit your needs.

A Slack example

Let’s look at a real-world example. Slack is a communication tool that keeps teams in touch. If you wanted to run an influencer marketing campaign for them, where would you begin?

With Influencer One, start by searching for relevant people in the tech industry (by looking for people with tech in their bio), and who have mentioned Slack before.

Influencer marketing platform search

Influencer One makes finding relevant brand influencer easy.

This finds 705 potential people. Now the different bios to see who would be best to use.

I would suggest a variety of influencers, such as: -

  • Macro influencers. Those who reach more people, but engage less.
  • Micro influencers. Those who engage more, but reach less.
  • Brand ambassadors. People who mention you a lot. Because they love you.

A variety of different influencer types will get you great results. Make sure you optimize your campaign impact by selecting a variety. (Knowing whether you want reach or engagement is just one of the dos in our influencer marketing strategy blog.) There are some great examples of tech bloggers that Slack could use, such as...

Influencer marketing platform influencer examples

For the best campaigns, use macro-influencers, micro-influencers, and brand ambassadors.

Discover the one solution for finding your influencers

One team - How to manage influencers

The communication problem

Consider your global influencer issue. When you’re managing multiple campaigns around the world, aligning your strategy is essential to ensure your planning goes smoothly.

But that’s easier said than done.

You could have different teams working on different influencer aspects simultaneously. In London, one team could be engaging an influencer to produce some content. While in New York, they’re looking for a guest presenter to join them at an event. While in Singapore, the team is working hard on outreach and looking for people to share their latest report.

There are loads of ways you can use influencers to generate brand engagement. You can find out more in our latest guide, what is influencer marketing and why your brand needs it.

And all three teams could be looking to connect with the same person. If you’re not aligned, you can end up in a mess very quickly. And end up destroying your influencer relationship before it’s begun.

The Influencer One solution

Forget spreadsheets, post-its and disconnected emails. Influencer One keeps all your team connected with your influencer plan. Reducing miscommunications across teams, and improving your influencer workflow.

Now you know how to find influencers, you can categorize them as you see fit. Divide them by region, industry, level, social network, the list goes on. It’s up to you how you divide them - even assigning the same expert to several groups at once.

From there, you can manage all aspects of your conversations and contacts.

Want to know what your specialists are discussing? All their most recent content is available in their profile.

The profile
Let’s look closer at one of our potential Slack influencers.

Influencer marketing platform profile

The influencer profile gives all your teams the information they need at their fingertips.


  • Overview - This shows all the key metrics for your influencer, including their score, the average engagement for all their content, and their reach. Plus the top mentions for their content, and the keywords that relate to what their saying and your query (in this case, keywords relating to Slack).
  • Content - This covers when the influencer posted about your topic, and what they said.
  • Audience - You have to ensure your influencer’s audience is similar to your target market. This section breaks down who they engage with by key demographics, like sex, age, language, occupation, and interests.
  • Notes - The most important aspect of the profile. Here you can include contact details, and notes on any interactions you’ve had. By keeping all your conversations in one place, your whole team can align, minimalizing the risk of miscommunication (i.e., spamming an influencer too much and annoying them).

Content & Influencer Network
We’ve also included other ways to quickly view your influencers’ content. With an overview of all their posts in one place, you can instantly see the story they’re telling at any given time.

Influencer marketing platform network

You can have even more influencers, and content amplifiers, with the Influencer Network.

Plus, the Influencer Network displays who else is interacting with your influencer, and which other major voices would be beneficial to your campaign. If there’s another voice you’ve missed that’s regularly diffusing relevant content, you’ll find it here.

One impact - How to measure influencer marketing

The ROI problem

Here is the big problem marketers face - proving that all your influencer marketing efforts are worthwhile. How do you put a price on them? Can you prove it will drive an increase in sales or is it just driving brand awareness?

It’s not a small issue either, with 38% of marketers saying they are unable to tell whether influencer activity actually drives sales. But it’s one you have to answer. You have to be able to compare your influencer marketing solutions with all your other digital and traditional marketing campaigns. You have to justify that spend, optimize the revenue you can generate from your experts.

The Influencer One solution

Influencer One provides a simple way to measure the success of every campaign you create - with a tangible return on investment metric.

Creating a campaign is easy. Just select the influencers you want to use from the ones you’ve discovered. Choose what response you want from that campaign (whether it shares of your brand name, keyword, discount codes or affiliate links). Then add your budget.

From there, campaign management is simple.

  • The influencer funnel instantly gives your entire team an overview of your campaign influencer relationships. See who you’ve contacted, and who has agreed to be a part of the campaign, to cut down on wasted communications.

Influencer marketing platform funnel

It’s now easy to see which influencer you’ve contacted, and which is actively working on your campaign.

  • The content stream allows everyone to quickly see all the content being shared by the brand ambassadors that relate to your campaign. Instantly see what content is getting the most engagement on social media, and who is your top influencer for resonating posts.
  • The measurement metric is a real-time overview of your campaign success. It provides a quick analysis of the three main campaign metrics - mentions, engagements, and impressions. And measures the ROI of the whole campaign - with one single figure you can use for marketing comparisons.

One solution - Influencer One

An influencer marketing platform is now an essential part of a marketer’s toolkit - driving engagement with your social channels, brand site visits and ultimately, real profits for your company.

And Influencer One, is the ultimate platform. Allowing disconnected teams around the world to unite, in creating co-ordinated, measurable influencer campaigns. From how to find influencers, to finding that all-important influencer marketing ROI, we’ve got you covered.

Request you’re free demo below and be one of the first to try it out.

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