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Improve your marketing campaigns in real time, so you don't have to be a fortune teller to achieve great results.

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Get the insights to <b>create content that resonates</b>

Get the insights to create content that resonates

Find the trending topics and stories in real time. Research key trends and shape your industry as a thought leader. Predict the next big thing of today and tomorrow, with insights that help you develop new messages, ideas and products that your audience will love.

Use our exclusive Trending Score to latch on to trends at the right moment, just before they take off. Research content ideas with theme clouds that highlight emerging topics in any discussion. Or find the best times and channels to spread your content.

From marketing strategy to marketing plan - determine your goals, find your voice, target your audience, analyze your competitors.

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<br/>Find influencers to <b>amplify the impact of your message</b>

Find influencers to amplify the impact of your message

Detect influencers for any topic or industry based on occupations, interests, affinities, engagement and reach. With quick view, you can see the topics they like in seconds.

Influencer Network gives you an instant view on communities for any topic. Or use our unique virality map to see how your messages spread and replicate viral success.

What is influencer marketing? Learn more with our comprehensive guide!

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Track meaningful KPIs and measure to improve performance

Talkwalker gives you a complete set of metrics covering owned and earned that help you not just measure, but improve your campaign performance every step of the way. Track meaningful KPIs that tie your efforts to business outcomes. Use real-time data to keep tabs on all relevant mentions, hashtags and posts.

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Develop campaigns and <b>track impact in real time</b>

Develop campaigns and track impact in real time

Craft impactful campaigns that get people excited about your brand. With Talkwalker, you can track how your campaign is performing. Achieve great results and uncover opportunities to improve your campaign while it’s running. 

Check out our social media measurement guide for more insights!

Talkwalker helps you divide your audience into meaningful segments, so you can craft messages that click. You can find the best channels to promote your message and predict trending stories.

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<br/>Use flexible dashboards to <strong>share campaign results</strong>, in just seconds

Use flexible dashboards to share campaign results, in just seconds

Use predefined dashboards - our IQ Apps - to get insights in seconds, or tell your own story with our fully customizable dashboards.

Easily share your dashboards and reports with relevant team members throughout the company to keep everyone in the loop with up-to-the-minute insights.

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