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Ultimate list of Instagram Influencers in Australia per industry


With over 25 million business profiles on the Instagram platform, it certainly takes more than just organically posting and getting likes to make your brand stand out. On the other hand, consumers are becoming more aware and easily numbed by celebrity endorsements or advertising. Enter Instagram influencer marketing, a seemingly better way for brands to more effectively connect with their followers.

“It's very apparent that more brands in Australia are embracing the power of Influencer Marketing which has opened up new opportunities and influencer platforms which has made it much easier to connect with brands and find a constant flow of work.” - Annie Nguyen @anniesbucketlist


As a marketing or PR professional, if you’re looking to level up your brand engagement and boost brand awareness, traffic or sales from social, then your brand needs an influencer marketing strategy in place. To measure your influencer campaigns, you'll need Instagram analytics tools

As of 2021, 79.9% of the total Australia population are active on social media and Instagram ranks as the third most actively used social network next to Facebook and YouTube.


So what should you consider when looking for Instagram influencers to work with? Depending on your brand or campaigns, these are some of the factors you should consider.

Know who you want to reach

If you’re in the fashion industry, then it makes sense to start looking at fashion influencers. From there you can dig deeper into the specifics. For instance, if you’re marketing a clothing brand for kids, then mom influencers could just as easily be the best advocates of your brand. Read more about how you can find the best Instagram influencers for your brand.

Whether the influencer style aligns with your audience

The real power of influencers is the deep connection that they have within their networks. Influencers usually develop their style and focus on a niche. In turn, they attract a subset of the population — a niche audience that identifies with that particular style.

The number of followers the influencer has

It used to be that the number of followers used to be the top criterion in selecting Instagram influencers. Not anymore. One in ten Instagram accounts may be a bot posing as a real person, reciprocating likes and follows. This tells us that more followers/likes don’t always mean better return-on-investment (ROI). An influencer with a lower number of followers that are highly engaged could actually drive more impact on your traffic or sales than one with millions if a bulk of these is, in fact, fakes/bots.

"I find that the best brand collaborations across Instagram are the ones that aren't just a single post, but rather a series of posts. When I have a longer term relationship with a brand, it helps ensure consistency of messaging and authenticity of the relationship." - Laura McWhinnnie @thisislandlife


The list of things to consider goes on and I would recommend diving deeper into the subject with this in-depth guide on how to find the best Instagram influencers for your brand or you can simply download this influencer marketing checklist.

To help you get started with your journey, here are some of the top Australian Instagram influencers in every industry (with <1 million and >10k followers) that you must follow and potentially collaborate with. I have noted their follower count at the time of writing and linked to their Instagram accounts so you can check out their profiles and DM straight away!

●      Fashion Influencers

●      Beauty Influencers

●      Food Influencers

●      Travel Influencers

●      Lifestyle Influencers

●      Photography Influencers

Fashion Instagram Influencers in Australia

  1. Petra @pepamack (709k followers)

  2. Elle Ferguson @elle_ferguson (653k followers)

  3. Laura Jade Stone @laurajadestone (694k followers)

  4. Rozalia Russian @rozalia_russian (233k followers)

  5. Mel @mel_inmelbourne (121k followers)

  6. Sandi @kidsfashionblogger (112k followers)

  7. Ashleigh @ashleighdmello (74.3k followers)

  8. Bri Jones @lawyersfashion (38.9k followers)

  9. Karankaur @stylewithkaur (35.7k followers)

  10. Claire Goldsworthy @thefashionadvocate (18.6k followers)

  11. Hayley @gypsytigerlily (16.3k followers)

  12. Shania Kufner @shaniakufner_ (14.9k followers)

  13. Craig Lawson @mrfashion_man (13.6k followers)

Beauty Instagram Influencers in Australia

  1. Nikkiajoy @nikkiajoy (144k followers)

  2. Bonnie G @ozbeautyexpert (52.2k followers)

  3. Crystal Conte @crystal_conte (35.1k followers)

  4. Nicole Thompson @pinkiiieee (28k followers)

  5. Camille @onabeautybender (26.4k followers)

  6. Izzy Smith @izzysmithh (18.3k followers)

  7. Michelle @allthingsbeautymichelles (12.6k followers)

  8. Sarah Jane @faceofsjw (11.9k followers)

  9. Danielle @danielle_vella (11k followers)

Food Instagram Influencers in Australia

  1. Georgia Mcdermott @georgeats (157k followers)

  2. Sabrina @rawspirations (108k followers)

  3. Delphine & John @gastrology.co (44.8k followers)

  4. Simon Leong @simonfoodfavourites (31.6k followers)

  5. Lindsey Hoad @thegourmetguerrilla (27.3k followers)

  6. Adam Pinzone @foodieadam (26.6k followers)

  7. Jennifer Lam @iatemywaythrough (24.8k followers)

  8. Dan @sydneyfooddude (17.8k followers)

  9. Amy Darcy @eatprayworkout (16.3k followers)

  10. Jason King @spooningaust (14.8k followers)

Travel Instagram Influencers in Australia

  1. Angela @thesundaychapter (398k followers)

  2. Elise Cook @elisecook (322k followers)

  3. Kadek Arini @kadekarini (128k followers)

  4. Annie Nguyen @anniesbucketlist (103k followers)

  5. Emily Collie @melbournegirl (102k followers)

  6. Alesha & Jarryd @nomadasaurus (95.1k followers)

  7. Laura McWhinnie @thisislandlife (54.7k followers)

  8. Georgia @georgiakelleher (48k followers)

  9. Anna @annasherchand (46k followers)

  10. Marc B. @theonehitwander (30.2k followers)

  11. Elle Burne @wwellend (18k followers)

  12. Ben Farrell @roadlesstravelled.me (13.5k followers)

Lifestyle Instagram Influencers in Australia

  1. Alex Hayes @alexhayes (639k followers)

  2. Stephanie Smith & Laura Henshaw @keepitcleaner (215k followers)

  3. Tully Smyth @tee_smyth (212k followers)

  4. Rosie Luik @rosie_luik (199k followers)

  5. Helen Chik @helenchikx (154k followers)

  6. Yan Yan Chan @_yanyanchan (142k followers)

  7. Barbara Bryan @letsgomum (123k followers)

  8. Teresa Vu @teresa_vu (72.8k followers)

  9. Meghan & Dominic Loneragan @citizensoftheworld (59.4k followers)

  10. Jake Bley @jakebley (49.1k followers)

  11. Cassie @chic_mama (11.1k followers)

Download Instagram Marketing Checklist

Photography Instagram Influencers in Australia

  1. Gab Scanu @gabscanu (355k followers)

  2. Lauren Bath @laurenepbath (449k followers)

  3. Kurt Tilse @kjtilse (139k followers)

  4. Benjamin Lee @itchban (109k followers)

  5. Alex Kydd @alexkyddphoto (79.8k followers)

  6. Anton Gorlin @antongorlin (52.7k followers)

  7. Tom Noske @_tomnoske (35.3k followers)

  8. Leon @leontydelighet (34.9k followers)

  9. Ben Sowry @bensowryphoto (29.5k followers)

  10. Conor Moore @conormoorephotography (29.1k followers)

  11. Jun Gu @jungu_sydney (21.9k followers)

  12. Sam Ison @sam.ison.photos (17.5k followers)

  13. David Rogers @davey_rogers (10.1k followers)



The ultimate list of Instagram influencers in Australia


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