40 amazing Twitter stats to inspire your social strategy

40 amazing Twitter stats to inspire your social strategy

With 500 million Tweets posted every single day, it’s a struggle to get the visibility and engagement on Twitter that you want. We’ve gathered 40 thought-provoking and powerful Twitter stats. They’ll help you improve the way you reach and communicate with your audience.

For skeptics, these Twitter stats show the value of using Twitter to target your customers and increase brand awareness.

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We've got a cracking infographic with a selection of our favorite Twitter statistics. Or you can scoot on down the page to see the full list.

Added bonus when you get to the bottom of the list - if you're a crazy for stats kind of person - there're 90 more at the bottom.

Grab a coffee and be amazed!

Twitter stats 2017 - infographic

General Twitter Stats

  • The most tweeted emoji is “Tears of Joy”, by March 2016 it had been used 14.5 billion times

User Twitter Stats

Marketing Best Practice

Engagement That Works

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