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Monitor your brand name, competitors, events or any other topic across the web!

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Track your brand mentions in one place

Talkwalker Alerts monitors every single mention of your brand, products, and keywords across the internet - including news platforms, blogs, forums, websites, and even Twitter (X).

Quickly follow conversations, with all your social mentions sent directly to your inbox.

It's your free (and better) alternative to Google Alerts!

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Talkwalker Alerts helps you cut the clutter by delivering the top results and tweets that define your digital footprint. Our advanced social media analytics technology finds the most important online conversations and tweets that have the maximum engagement – so you only receive alerts that matter.

Listen to your target audience and customize your marketing strategy with the only free marketing tool that includes results from social media. Unlike Google Alerts.

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Why is Talkwalker Alerts better than Google Alerts?



Google Alerts alternative


Coverage Blogs, Forums, websites and social Blogs, Forums and websites
Filter Want blog results only? Your choice with easy filter options for types of result sources No option to filter result source
Customizability High, using Boolean operators.
Integrates with Slack.
Lacks options for customization and precision


Eliminate the noise. Why work harder, when you can work smarter?

Use our Boolean operators to narrow down your searches and receive results that matter the most to you. Customize your alerts so you receive only the most relevant mentions of your brand.

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Alerts from multiple channels

Go beyond tracking mentions with alerts…

Alerts can be used for more than just tracking mentions. You can up your SEO game, identify influencers, and enhance your content marketing strategy…. All for free!

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