Talkwalker Consumer Intelligence Acceleration

We accelerate your brand's journey to actionable consumer intelligence

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Supercharge your business strategies with Blue Silk™ AI.

At Talkwalker, we believe in the power of connections. Our proprietary Blue Silk™ AI makes it easier and faster to find data-driven insights. Turning external and internal data sets, from consumers and customers alike, into deliver valuable strategic insights for your brand.

Make your team smarter.

From Conversation Clusters to Smart Themes, Talkwalker’s customer intelligence platform takes billions of daily signals and visualizes them in a simple user interface to allow any team member to quickly understand customer behaviors and adapt accordingly.


Take advantage of our award-winning AI Engine.

Save time with our Blue Silk™ AI-powered insights and automation engine that can ingest and sort custom categories into billions of consumer or customer data points (text, images, videos, audio) across 187 languages.

Benefit from analysis of thousands of customer interactions including buying lifecycle, issue categories, products or services, customer profiles, and more. Take back control of your data with the option to create your own custom training sets.

Unleash the potential of consumer and customer data.

Easily integrate external and internal customer data sources, such as social media, ratings & reviews, customer experience emails, surveys, and contact center channels directly into our platform.

More than just a tech platform.

You’re not alone. Get started immediately, with our global Talkwalker Activate consultants, on hand to accelerate your consumer intelligence capabilities. From onboarding to continued strategic and user support and training, our team will help increase your ROI from the platform.