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44 best US Instagram Influencers

44 best US Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers have taken over the US! Scrolling through Instagram can feel like flipping through a magazine and all your friends are modeling pretty outfits and preaching the benefits of the latest fizzy water.

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This list is divided up into categories, but just because you don’t see your industry reflected here doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Within each of these categories there are dozens or hundreds of wide ranging sub-niches. With the right amount of Instagram hashtag research you will find the right influencer for YOUR target audience.

list of us instagram influencers

Influencers are busy on Instagram.

Top US Instagram influencers


The beauty sector is influencer-gold. People want real reviews of make-up products from people with similar hair or skin types as them.

1 - @hearditfromheather
2 - @jessicacarrielee
3 - @fatimacaser
4 - @toobad_itsrad
5 - @maryshimkus

“I'm a storyteller whose mission is to connect via authenticity and exciting imagery, and both brands and followers love the content I produce. I only post about things that interest me and products that are tried-and-true! This helps my audience stay engaged and keeps my account personal.” @Jessicacarrielee


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To be clear, I’m not a super huge sports fan...I love fitness but I’ve never have been much of a spectator. *BUT* I got the opportunity to go to the US Open courtesy of my friends at @evianwater and I left feeling so damn inspired. - Sweat pouring off the bodies of some of the best athletes in the world, me getting to be with them in the culminating moment of years of hard work. I couldn’t help but get emotional about the amount of difficulty, work, and pressure that this must be for them. - We all have something we’re working towards. A dream, a passion, a purpose...and witnessing it on that court was nothing short of pure admiration. - Special thanks to my fave water ever @evianwater for allowing me to experience this after 12 years of living in NYC and for changing my mind about the appreciation you can have on the sidelines. Staying super hydrated and learning things about myself. Success! - What’s the best sport in your opinion to watch in person? I think I need some more experiences! - #usopen #evianpartner #evian

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Hang with friends, take pics, eat brunch, post to Instagram. It’s a lifestyle thing.

1 - @chinaealexander
2 - @loladoeswhat
3 - @margoshry
4 - @taylorstrecker
5 - @chaydreaminstyle
6 - @chrissygleason_


Doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy restaurant or just a beautiful meal - a well-plated dish is the type of content that makes for a winning post on Instagram.

1 - @amyshealthybaking
2 - @ifoodreal
3 - @whiteglovedvegan
4 - @homechefseattle

“Once I started sharing my dishes on Instagram it really inspired me to get better. I enjoy the creative process and I’m always thinking about the next dish. I’m very inspired by the work of so many amazing chefs on Instagram. The fact that what I do can inspire others as well is very gratifying.” - @HomeChefSeattle


Inspiring photos that make you want to book a flight.

1 - @timtalkthai
2 -
3 - @msashleydevonna
4 - @dadvntures
5 - @thehonestshruth

“I write about topics I'm passionate about and I think that translates to my followers. It takes time - I respond to every comment and try to respond to all Dm's - but it helps followers feel and know that they are valued. I want brands to know that when I partner with them, I will do everything I can for a successful campaign. I don't look at brands as just a business but rather someone who I believe in and want my followers to truly understand! My followers would know in an instant if a partnership didn't seem like a good fit. I don't want to be disingenuous to my brand! I've turned down partnerships for plastic surgery, skinny milkshakes, skinny coffee, sex toys, lingerie, and children's things.” - @thehonestshruth


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It’s always shoe o’clock somewhere 👠 #sponsored These ‘Cassandra’ pointed toe low heel pumps from @_jonjosef are a must-have when comfort and style come into play. They are too irresistible with that golden heel detail! ⚡️ They produce the same classy and elegant as a stiletto would, but they are more practical and comfortable with the lower heel 💃 I just love the look and how these heels can level up a simple outfit. Siempre es shoe o’clock en algún lugar 💥 Estos zapatos de tacón bajo con punta llamados "Cassandra" de @_jonjosef son imprescindibles cuando la comodidad y el estilo entran en juego. Son demasiado irresistibles con ese detalle de tacón dorado! ✨ Producen la misma clase y elegancia que un stiletto, pero son más prácticos y cómodos con el tacón pequeño 😉 Me encanta el aspecto y cómo estos tacones pueden nivelar un atuendo súper sencillo. #jonjosefshoes #jonjosefstyle #jonjosefonmyfeet #madeinspain #whatiwore #ootd #look #atlantablogger #atlblogger #latinablogger #latinainfluencer #streetstyle #styleblogger #styleoftheday #styleinspo #fashionpost

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Fashion on Instagram allows people to envision a piece or look on themselves. No wonder it’s a hit.

1 - @marnidanielle
2 - @maxeygreene
3 - @alex.calame
4 - @queencitytrends
5 - @sobretacos
6 - @hollyhpan

“This is real work that requires dedication. I put a lot of effort in my work, just like brands! I love to create great content for brands. Inspiring content and beautiful pictures help both sides of this industry grow. I turn down brands that I don't feel are a good fit for my work and my personal brand and I keep doing it. It is important for me to be consistent and share real content that reflects me.” @SobreTacos

Fitness / Health / Wellness

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HAPPY SEPTEMBER ✨ How is it already September?! August FLEW by! My goals for this month include— getting @beckys_bowls up and running! Last month it officially became a LLC 👏🏻 Also, now that I’m back from vacation, it’s time to focus back on running and increase my weekly mileage 🏃🏻‍♀️ For this half marathon, it’s about building up the miles instead of focusing on speed. I just want to finish this race feeling good instead of worrying about my time. Lastly, this goal is a little vague, but I want to focus on what’s on front of me. I tend to worry about the future and it’s uncertainty, which causes more anxiety and stress. My goal is to focus on what’s in front of me at the present moment and go from there. What are some of your goals for this month?!💓 #becksliveshealthy 📷: @jessrochowphoto

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Inspiring people to get up, get out, and get moving.

1 - @zeropointsgiven
2 - @everythingerica
3 - @stellaisstriving
4 - @doctoranddancer
5 - @becksliveshealthy
6 - @thenoglutengirl

“I think authenticity has been the key to both creating and maintaining my engaged community. I strive to bring realness to the Instagram platform, which can often be a highlight reel. By sharing my everyday thoughts and experiences on my stories/feed and actively commenting and replying, this fosters a genuine sense of connection and community through which I can relate to others and they can relate to me.” - @TheNoGlutenGirl


Babies are cute. Their little baby clothes are cute. Instagram loves it.

1 - @claireeburgdorf
2 - @daddy_papa_and_me_make3
3 - @taylordini
4 - @familyloveandstyle
5 - @caramurtaugh
6 - @nerysdelcarmen

“I try every day to engage with my community and create content that I think they would like to see and read. Summer was a perfect time to talk a bit about some family friendly beaches in Los Angeles. Fall is coming and I am already looking for pumpkin patches, apple picking places, and forests in the area to make some posts about them. When I choose to promote a brand, I do it with love and care, in both languages, on my blog and my Instagram.” - @NerysDelCarmen


Ahh, photos. For photos sake. The original purpose of Instagram, and these influencers have an eye for it.

1 - @karl_shakur
2 - @m_bautista330
3 - @mikebeachphoto
4 - @chreezy31
5 -
6 - @benjhicks
7 - @klaude_g

“I spent a lot of time and effort reaching out to a multitude of people and establishing meaningful connections. I maintain engagement by staying active - I post every single day, I reach out to new people and that same action is frequently reciprocated, I am introduced to new people often and I also introduce myself to new people.” @VisualsByJack

Get the Top 44 US Instagram Influencers List

Influencer marketing is the reality on Instagram

And for good reason! It works.

Ads on Instagram can feel chaotic, creepy, and like they are stalking the user.

As a society, algorithms influence our decisions every day. As marketers, we feel this influence acutely.

How easy is it to spend $50,000 in a week on Instagram ads?

It’s actually scary. You optimized correctly and your metrics tell you that $50,000 delivered 10-15 million impressions to Instagram users, so you should be happy, right?

But sales only limped upwards slightly, the click-through rate was lower than the interest rate on your savings account, and you can’t help but notice a popular Instagram influencer promoted one of your competitor’s products.

The grass is always greener on the other side, but this time, you might be onto something.

What you’re noticing is a shift to influencer marketing, and the transformation of a space that used to be reserved for friends and acquaintances - it's becoming branded.

Why does Instagram influence work?

"Over the last 6 years, I've spent countless hours engaging and being vulnerable with my audience. I've taken them through my entire journey and have constantly given back to them through self-sponsored giveaways and more. Above all, every time I post something, I make sure I'm providing value to them. I understand that a community doesn't necessarily care about you, they care about what they can get from you. My goal is to always be of service and to be as open as possible to help change peoples lives." - Erica Eckman @EverythingErica

Consumers don’t know where to turn for reliable information. A pushy sale is just a turn-off. Plus they don’t want to waste their money. They want to purchase products that provide value and benefits.

Nowadays, every single company across any industry promises those things.

Consumers look to reviews on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google. Those reviews help them understand the aggregate opinion of the public. That’s helpful!

But everyone is an individual, which means what works for the crowd may not work for them.

So, because every brand can’t offer the ‘best’, consumers ask their friends, or look to influencers.

Instead of 4 stars from Greg L. why not look at Instagram influencer posts?

So the thinking goes: They have similar hobbies to me, not like this Greg L. character! They look like me, or at least how I want to look! Sure, their picture was better, but they went to that same restaurant I ate at a few weeks ago! Oh look, here’s a 3 paragraph caption on how this product works day, nights, and weekends.

It feels like a recommendation from a close friend.

Now, was that an organic review that the Instagram influencer just felt would provide value to their followers because it’s interesting to them personally? It’s possible.

Much more likely is that the brand being reviewed paid them as an Instagram influencer to give their honest thoughts.

Instead of spending money to take shots in the dark with an algorithm that’s constantly being tweaked brands can use Instagram influencers to reach the audience they want to target. The algorithm already favors their accounts, because they continue to deliver interesting and valuable content to their followers.

Forget setting up look-a-like audiences and then creating the content.

Instagram influencers have cultivated like-to-look followings

They handle the creative. Structure the contract right, and the influencer is as incentivized as you are to make sure their work is a success.

What can go wrong with Instagram influencer marketing?

Just because someone has a large following on Instagram doesn’t mean you are all set to hire them for your next campaign. With bots, fakes, #F4F and other ways to goose Instagram numbers there’s only one thing for a brand to do: due diligence! Build in some protection for yourself.

There’s the viral story of the influencer who couldn’t sell 36 shirts to her 2 million followers. Lost in all the noise about that story is the fact that the company she partnered with didn’t print up those shirts, because they structured their contract well and were protected from her failure.

Is this the right Instagram influencer to raise awareness for your brand?

Make sure their style, messaging, and interests align with what your brand wants to portray.

Is this the kind of person who would use your product if you weren’t paying them? That’s the kind of person you want.

In fact many of the influencers on this list are not afraid to reject brands they feel aren’t a good fit. So if you are contacting influencers and getting declined, they’re doing part of your due diligence for you.

Be skeptical if someone says yes without further questions.

Are the conversations on their account genuine? Do they ask thought provoking questions and receive well-considered and engaging answers from their followers?

Some notes:

*Okay fine, this is not a list of the biggest US influencers on Instagram. That list would be Selena Gomez, 6 guys with more than 8 abs each, Taylor Swift and however many Kardashian/Jenners you felt like including.

That’s not the info you need to become a better marketer.

A note on size: you shouldn’t judge people based on their size! And the same goes for Instagram follower count. Number of followers is the ultimate vanity metric, plain and simple.

The influencers listed above may not have a million Instagram followers, in fact only a few have over 250k.

Are they micro-influencers then? Nano-influencers? Does it matter?

What you want is engagement, at a rate to make a Kardashian blush.

You have to decide if you want hundreds of thousands of people to scroll right past a post you’ve put money behind, or if you’d prefer thousands reading it, liking it, and asking questions about it.

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