Top Tweets of 2017

It may come as a surprise that Donald Trump doesn't have even one of the most popular tweets of the year. And while President Barack Obama had more than one of tweet that could have appeared on this list, we included only his most popular tweet. Here are Talkwalker’s top 10 tweets of 2017!

10. Bernie Sanders' tweet following the Women's March

9. Malala's tweet marking the beginning of her time at Oxford, five years after her attack

8. Tweet from J.K. Rowling on the 20th anniversary of the publishing of the first Harry Potter novel

7. Michelle Obama's tweet celebrating 25 years of marriage

6. Blake Lively's joke tweet saying happy birthday to her husband, Ryan Reynolds, with a photo of Ryan Gosling

5. Tweet from LeBron James reacting to a controversy created by Donald Trump

4. Tweet from Linkin Park following the death of their singer, Chester Bennington

3. Tweet from Ariana Grande following the attack at her concert in Manchester, England

2. A Wendy's Twitter bet to see if a fan could win a lifetime supply of chicken nuggets

1. Tweet from Barack Obama following the white supremacist rally and violence in Charlottesville, VA

The top tweets of the year were evenly split between political statements and more light-hearted matters, such as the Wendy's chicken nugget push.

In addition, while the activity of President Trump on Twitter often prevails in the news, there is clearly more going on in this platform beyond the President’s tweets. It is also interesting to note that Trump's followers don't engage with him to the same degree that President Obama’s followers do.

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