Top 100 TikTok influencers in UAE and KSA

The platform’s ability to attract and retain users during months of lockdown has given it the agility to create an immersive digital experience based not only on dances, memes, and snackable content but also on long-term value.

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Consumers of ‘now’ are setting the rules

Today’s Gen Z consumers are pragmatic and have a different understanding of consumption, where value trumps the idea of ownership. They are extremely vocal about their needs and expectations, and through the sheer volume of content they post, they steer brands towards their needs.

It’s simple, TikTok’s recommendation algorithm is a fast learner, which means that users engage only with hyper-personalized content that matches their interests. This new dynamic has created a new digital ecosystem that embraces diversity and individuality - though, with an unspoken sense of urgency and immediacy. Consumers of today want their demands met ‘now’.

While TikTok has been gaining traction since 2017, it wasn’t until brands jumped on board during COVID that it became a must-have for every marketer. Customer-centric brands realized that the offline relationships they’d built with their customers were being transformed in the digital world.

Gen Z TikTok creators embrace diversity and celebrate differences through dialogue.

Gen Z TikTok creators embrace diversity and celebrate differences through dialogue.

TikTok data to further understand consumer behavior

To capture those moments taking place in real time, brands need to leverage sophisticated social media listening tools. Talkwalker has recently announced that it will now offer a wide range of tools that enable marketers to better understand their TikTok user base and develop strategic relationships with creators. By leveraging Talkwalker’s proprietary image recognition technology, brands can now monitor how their logos are performing on TikTok. This will allow brands to collaborate with relevant influencers, protect their brand from a PR crisis, and keep an eye on the competition.

However, a TikTok account is not simply a new channel for brands to push out content and links - it’s reimagining the relationship with customers. Through user-generated content on TikTok, marketing becomes a two-way conversation that is driven by value and shaped by data. TikTok creators are not afraid to ask ‘what’s in it for me?’

Major brands that were previously removed from their fan base are now embracing a more approachable and relatable online persona. For example, Majid Al Futtaim, a UAE-based holding group that owns and operates shopping malls, retail, and leisure establishments in the MENA region, has leveraged its long-established motto of ‘Great Moments’ to appeal to Gen Z consumers, who are the main force behind the experience economy.

Below is an example of how Majid Al Futtaim collaborated with TikTok creators ArissBrothers to promote the athletic apparel brand Lululemon in a fun and simple way. The 20-second video got over one million views in a matter of days, and the audience reacted positively.


The next time you're in the @malloftheemirates, stop by @lululemon and say hi!Content Creators @arissbrothers

♬ original sound - Majid Al Futtaim

TikTok understands that its core value proposition is the community of creators it’s managed to attract. To retain this community they’ve developed a new monetization model that streamlines the process of brand collaborations while maintaining the integrity of the content. Beyond the traditional means for influencers to monetize through organic product linking and sponsorship, TikTok also recently announced the ‘TikTok Creator Fund’, a support framework from the company to encourage creators to embrace their passion for content creation as a career choice. While the fund is still limited to a number of countries, it solidifies the company’s commitment and vision for its community of users.

Shant Oknayan, GM of Business Solutions at TikTok MEA, Turkey, and Pakistan shared his insights in our latest Social Media Trends 2022 report.

Shant Oknayan, GM of Business Solutions at TikTok MEA, Turkey, and Pakistan shared his insights in our latest Social Media Trends 2022 report.

In the Middle East, TikTok creators have become a force to be reckoned with. Not only did MENA TikTok influencers create relatable content that matches local nuances, but they also leveraged the platform to shift the narrative around the region. Through dance, memes, and brand collaborations, MENA influencers made the space their own by telling the stories they wanted to share.

By leveraging humor and comedy as a gateway to people’s hearts, MENA TikTok creators established a direct relationship with their fanbase, one that is built on transparency, trust, and openness.

With that in mind, I’ve collated a list of the top 100 TikTok influencers from the UAE and KSA which you can use as a starting point for your TikTok journey. Brands can use the list to approach the influencers for any collaboration opportunities.

MENA TikTok influencers you have to follow

Below I will list 10 of the influencers from the list and why I think their content clicks with the audience.



ايش رأيكم ف البنت الي تغني راب؟##ليسا ##foryou ##tiktok ##dance

♬ original sound - Itsyoussra

This Saudi rapper is turning heads and changing perceptions. With more than 1.4 million followers, Leesa uses TikTok to share snippets of her lifestyle while promoting her music and work.



لما تهايط وتندم في اقل من دقيقه

♬ original sound - ميتو الشامسي

Meeto’s TikTok is all about humor and memes related to the daily life of a modern Saudi guy.



منشنوا اخوياكم وقولوا لهم الضب اشتهر خلاص يلا وروني دعمكم على هالمقطع وتفاعلكم احبكم .. ##tiktok ##foryou ##foryoupage ##duet ##Featureme

♬ الصوت الأصلي - حمدوكا الحربي

If you’d like to see more from our furry, feathery, or cold-blooded friends, then Hamadokka’s TikTok account is the place for you. A veterinarian by training, Hamadokka often portrays the animals he takes care of in silly scenarios, however, his main goal is to promote animal wellness and the importance of protecting them.

Model Roz


Rain on me @katjaglieson @paulbutcher ##rainonme ##fyp ##foryourpage ##tiktok ##modelroz

♬ Rain On Me - Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

Her bio says it all: The first female model from Saudi Arabia. Although based in the US, Model Roz has a large MENA fanbase who actively engage with her content that mostly revolves around the latest fashion and dance trends.



لما اقرر انام بدون عشاء

♬ Isii Nafta (Love You More Than My Life) - Nimco Happy

If you’re on TikTok, then you have probably already seen a Zozobakrtv skit or two. Zozobakrtv’s rise to stardom happened because of his ability to find the funny in the mundane. Check out his timeline (I promise you won’t regret it).



No gold diggin here #cryptocurrencytrading #ethereum #bitcoinz

♬ original sound - Mai

Curls, memes, and funny #ArabMomThings. Mai is Egyptian-American who uses TikTok to tell her life story while also entertaining her 1.5 million followers from around the world.



##duet with @charlidamelio

♬ Sweet and Salty - goalsounds

If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like if you had an identical twin, then you’re in luck. Twinshadban are Emirati twin brothers who are rising stars in the TikTok space. They mostly create funny and relatable content that’s unique.



Khalid woke up and chose violence, Salama woke up and chose positivity❤️ ##marriedlife ##couplecomedy ##marriagehumor

♬ original sound - Mary Nixon

Their lovey-dovey stories are something that many married couples relate to. Khaled Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed are an Emirati couple who share everyday stories in a fun and engaging way.

Walid Yari


Reply to @sx_shj اكتب التحدي الجديد

♬ Remember the Name (feat. Styles of Beyond) - Fort Minor

If you’re seeking inspiration to become more fit and healthy, then Walid Yari’s TikTok is where you should be looking. Known for accepting daring athletic challenges from his audience, Walid has become hugely popular among gym-goers and adrenaline enthusiasts in MENA.



James Bond car in No Time To Die ##jamesbond ##astonmartin ##valhalla ##supercarblondie ##fyp

♬ 007 - James Bond - Trombonisti Italiani

It won’t be a complete TikTok influencer listicle without Dubai’s most famous car reviewer: SuperCarBlondie. As you might have guessed, her TikTok is all about supercars and the latest trends in the automotive industry.

The list contains far more names, some of which I’m sure you will recognize. I highly encourage you to download the free list now.

Download the list of top 100 Tiktok influencers in UAE and KSA


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