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A quick aside… we all have to present results. Comprehensive results that have to be understood across the board. Check out three simulated reports from the Talkwalker platform. Best in the business, guys. No question.

Use Talkwalker as a social media listening and analytics tool only, and you’re missing out. Did you know that you can use it for SEO keyword research? What about content ideation? Would you like to find out how our platform will help you avoid a devastating PR crisis?

I’m going to show you what makes Talkwalker so different from all the other tools on the market. What makes it unique. Key features that make it a platform that your brand can’t survive without. Features that will protect, measure, and promote your brand.

Let’s take a look…

Quick Search word cloud - social listening 

Talkwalker’s social media search engine - Quick Search.

Extensive data coverage

Way, way more than just social media.

Wherever your audience is - social, digital, traditional channels - that’s where you’ll find us. With the largest collection of data sources, we listen to social media, blogs, forums, newspapers, journals, magazines, newswires, broadcast, and TV. In 187 languages! All from a single platform.

Combine this with our cutting-edge, speech-to-text analytics of 2,500 TV and radio stations, and our proprietary image recognition software, and you’ll have 360-degree multimedia coverage of brand mentions.

Have the recent changes to the Instagram API caused you problems? We can help you focus on your Instagram analytics. Here are the metrics you can find...

  • Owned insights - key metrics related to how your business account is performing
  • Competitor monitoring - for content ideation, inspiration, missed markets, followers
  • Influencer monitoring - find them and track their audience engagement and growth
  • Hashtag tracking - monitor campaign messaging success - distribution and engagement


Exceptional data coverage - 187 languages

Extensive data coverage in 187 languages.

AI-powered sentiment analysis

Our sentiment analysis understands sarcasm and irony. No way!


When customers comment online, they leave business insights everywhere. Finding and understanding this valuable social data, is where our sentiment analysis - opinion mining - comes in. Detect changes in public opinion, a negative reaction towards a new product, a positive response to your latest promo.

Customer pain points can be solved, attitudes can be changed. If you understand how consumers feel at every stage of their journey. Pain points they encountered, bugs in your order process. Tracking sentiment will highlight these issues and give your CX team a heads up.

Wondering how you compare in your industry? Wonder no more. Monitor sentiment around your marketing campaigns and compare to your competitors. Tweak what’s not working, and steer unhappy competitor customers towards your brand.

92 languages, with 90% accuracy - best in the market - you can understand how your audience feels about your brand, in seconds. It doesn’t stop there. You can also check out how your competitors are perceived.

Sentiment analysis tool with 90% accuracy 

90% accuracy in 92 languages.

AI-powered image recognition technology

80% of images online that feature a brand logo, don’t mention the brand name in the text! How on earth are you supposed to find it?

Big boast here… we’re the only platform on the market with in-house, proprietary image recognition across channels. You’ll be able to find your logo - objects, scenes, and 30,000+ brands - in news outlets, social media, blog posts, TV - without a mention.

Image recognition - database with 30,000+ logos

Database of objects, scenes, & 30,000+ brands.

The brains behind Talkwalker’s tool, along with our IT experts, is our AI Engine. It powers our platform, bringing 99.5% data accuracy in just 30 minutes.

AI Engine - powering sentiment analysis, image recognition, custom models.

Just, WOW!

Automated reporting

Never assume that your manager understands social media, or what your job involves. It’s your job to show them. To prove your team’s value. To prove you know what you’re doing.

To justify your budget, and your salary, you’ll need to show your targets and the results you achieved. This will also help with future campaigns, knowing what works and what doesn’t.

Generate accurate social media reports from the Talkwalker platform. Fully-customizable - brand them, add images, videos, and comments, download in the format that suits, and share across your company. Us humans, we understand and remember visuals, so take advantage of the graphics we offer.

Selection of graphics for social media report

Use a mix of graphics to illustrate your results.

Virality map

This is one-of-a-kind. Unique. Our virality map demonstrates how your content has been shared around the world.

How is this helpful?

How many people are your influencers reaching? How much engagement are they driving? With our virality map, you can pinpoint where and when your content was shared. Which blogs, websites, news channels, social channels.

Identifying which source is generating more shares, you can jump in and give it a push. Promote yourself, or ask your influencer to push some more. You’ll also find potential influencers for your next marketing campaign.

Track the journey of your content

Watch your content spread as it happens!

Gotta say, this is my favorite toy. Look at it go...

Digital Excellence Center

Google has a Knowledge Graph. It gives users enhanced search engine results by collecting information from various sources.

Big deal!

We give you a Digital Excellence Center. Our constantly updated DEC - catchy name, no? - helps you make the most of your communication activities. A centralized hub that gives you access to online resources that include:

  • Products - an ever growing list of tools with detailed guides, videos, how tos, blog posts
  • Use cases - capitalize on our tools with inspiration from our team of experts and our customers
  • Industry news - all the latest from the major social media networks
  • Boolean Syntax - learn how to refine your queries and optimize the quality of your search results

Find answers to all your questions and boost your knowledge, 24/7/365.

Feeling the love for Talkwalker

Hey, I’m not the only Talkwalker groupie.

Last year, first time we took part, and up against a 40-strong criteria and the top 10 leading social listening tools in the world, we were recognized as a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave™ Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018 report. Receiving the highest score in current offering, data quality, reporting, and customer growth.

Forrester said that our “road map aligns with its vision to create a highly technical and flexible product with broad data access, a sophisticated data engine, and advanced analytics for its Quick Search feature and core social listening platform.”

Yep, we won a heap of other social listening industry awards, but I think I’ve bragged enough. For now...

Best social listening tool on the market

Not wanting to take up too much of your precious time, I’ve pulled out my favorite things from the Talkwalker platform. I think it's the best social listening tool on the market, and I don't want you to miss out. There are heaps of other awesome features and tools, but I figure you’re eager to explore and play with some of these new toys. Go for it!

Give us a shout-out if you’d like more detailed information.

To see how great your social media reports can look, download three simulated Talkwalker reporting templates. I have to say, they're awesome!

CTA social media report examples


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