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The knowledge base you asked for…

Based on customer feedback, it’s your all-singing, all-dancing solution to help you onboard with Talkwalker even faster. And available 24/7, helping you get the answers to your questions even faster.

Introducing the Talkwalker Digital Excellence Center - your centralized hub for information to continue to become experts on the Talkwalker platform, social listening, and analytics.

So what does the DEC include?

In addition to your Customer Success Manager and support team, the DEC gives you access to an online resources hub that provides you with a website that you can use at your own pace. The goal of this tool is to further the development of your Talkwalker knowledge, our tools, and the social media analytics industry.

And it’s completely free for all Talkwalker customers, packed full of helpful information and step by step guides, including:

Talkwalker products

We’re constantly increasing our portfolio of tools. Only this year, we introduced Quick Search, the Talkwalker AI Engine, and Influencer One.

This section is packed full of guides and information about all our different products. If you've never had the chance to try our Command Center for yourself, or you want to dig a bit deeper into what can be achieved with our API, this is the place.

You can use the guides to quickly set up a project and to get your questions answered without having to send a ticket.

DEC Knowledge Base product topics

An overview of some of the topics covered for Quick Search.

Use cases

The DEC is also a great opportunity for clients to expand their usage of our tools. We’ve found that many clients tend to focus their efforts on only a few particular use cases, when there are still so many more available.

In this part, we’ve got inspiration for you to improve your usage around our Protect, Measure and Promote use cases. Whether that’s issue tracking, social measuring, or competitive intelligence, we’ve included some great dashboard examples to show you what else you can do with our tools.

We’ve also included our latest client case studies, to demonstrate the impact you can achieve with Talkwalker.

DEC Knowledge Base case study

The DEC includes a variety of useful case studies.

Releases & news

Talkwalker is an innovation company. That means, we’re constantly updating our tools and software to meet your needs.

It used to be tricky to stay ahead of all our latest releases, but not anymore. The DEC ensures you keep track of our product launches, along with the latest industry news from the major social networks that will have an impact on your social listening capabilities.

Boolean Syntax & data

One of the most complicated things people find when they first enter the world of social media listening, is Boolean Syntax. It’s used to improve your queries, and optimize the quality of your search results.

We’ve covered it before on our blog, showing you how Boolean search operators are a piece of cake. But if you want to dig deeper, and take a bite of the whole Boolean gateau, this section has complete guides to build a project based on Boolean Operators and other query syntax.

DEC Knowledge Base Booleans

Don’t know the difference between author and authorshort Booleans? The DEC does.

Tip of the week

Do you love our ‘Tip of the Week’ emails?

These are our regular series of tips and tricks we send to all clients to help them discover some of our hidden gems.

They help you optimize your project and introduce you to specific tool features and ideas.

For the first time, the DEC offers you a complete library of tips, so you can read over them at your own pace, and discover new ideas to boost your projects.

How-to videos

And if all that isn’t enough, we’ve recorded some exclusive how-to videos, that expand on our knowledge base articles, and guide you around our tools and features.

Forget a boring commute. These bitesize lessons are a great way to improve your product knowledge on the go.



Just a taste of one of our helpful DEC how-to videos.

What’s next for the DEC knowledge base?

Phew. That’s a lot. As you can see, the Digital Excellence Center, does a great job of training and updating you on social media analytics. Whether a social listening expert, or someone being onboarded for the first time, it’s your first stop to find answers and improve your knowledge.

But our improved customer experience doesn’t end there. We’ve even more planned for next year, with new videos, guides and structured learning.

The DEC will be the ultimate destination for everything related to social analytics.

And it will always be free for Talkwalker clients.

If you want to find out more about how the Digital Excellence Center, and Talkwalker, will help you increase your listening and analytics knowledge, you can request a full demo below.



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