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Quick Search is an easy to use & incredibly powerful social search engine for boosting your brand impact, instantly finding content ideas, detecting influencers, understanding audiences, and spotting trends.

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Just type your topic into the search bar and let our social searcher find what you need.

Take a look at the top 5 things that Quick Search can do for you:

1. Quick brand overviews

Need to know what’s being said about your brand online right now?

You can. In seconds.

It’s important to have an idea of where your brand sits at all times. Whether you want to see how your brand’s perceived by the public, how engaging your latest campaign was, or which sectors of the market are (or aren’t) sharing your communications. A Quick Search will show you straight away.

Look at the relaunch of Diet Coke in the US. They recently revitalized the brand for a new generation, with reshaped, colorful cans, and a variety of new flavors.

Following the relaunch announcement in early January, there was a significant rise in mentions of Diet Coke, alongside a correlating boost in sentiment. The campaign made an impact: more people are talking about Diet Coke, and in a positive way.

Diet Coke Growth

Quick Search gives you the tools to instantly see how consumers are engaging with your communications, with real-time sentiment results. Giving you the ability to monitor your campaign day to day, and alter your message dependent on how it’s perceived.

A quick look at the emoji cloud following the release shows the positive reaction Diet Coke received.

Diet Coke Emoji Cloud

2. Real-time trend research

What matters to your consumers?

When it comes to marketing a product, you need to create content that resonates with your audience. By jumping on a trend that already engages them, you can craft impactful messages.

Consumer insights could be gathered from long-term consumer surveys. But they take time.

When you need results as they happen, Quick Search can search social media to reveal the trends in your industry (or product, or topic) without the wait.

Starbucks is masterful at engaging with trends to gain consumer traction. When looking to promote breakfast products, their social searching would have revealed people talking about National Croissant Day.

National Croissant Day Word Cloud

It incorporates a hashtag that engages with a wide demographic of people (#NationalCroissantDay).

They saw an opportunity to jump on this trend to promote, especially since coffee is such a major topic related to the trend.

So they use that trend every January in their marketing.



And it engages with Starbucks’ consumers.

Starbucks Instagram Engagement

3. Instant content ideation

What about being a social searcher for article ideas?

Coming up with great ideas for content is hard, but Quick Search has the tools to help you do it.

You can dig deeper into the trends and topics with easy to use filters, to see what’s made an impact over the last day, last week, or even over the last 13 months. And, narrow your results by selecting specific countries, social networks, and demographics.

For example, if you need to create a new article about the recent Super Bowl in the US, just look at the key trends about the topic from the last 13 months.

Superbowl Word Cloud

There’s instantly a choice of topics to cover that you know are already engaging with consumers, like including major teams (New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars), players (Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger), and more.

Each topic will take you deeper into the news sources you could use for your article. And give you real-time social conversation around the topic…

Superbowl Instagram Engagement

Perfect if you want to get more social media engagement from kick-ass content.

4. Easy competitive analysis

So where does your brand stand in your industry?

To understand your digital footprint, you need to know how your industry looks as a whole. And that means competitive analysis.

You’ve guessed it, Quick Search is a great competitive analysis social searcher too.

Just enter the brands you want to compare and get instant insights into your market.

Top tip: Include your industry as one of the comparatives. That way you can see if a peak or dip in conversation correlates with the voice of your industry, or is a significant gain/loss.

Look at the Auto Industry in the US.

Auto Industry 13 Month Mentions

Honda clearly dominates the social conversation, with Chevrolet, Kia, and Mazda following behind. However, when the industry began to peak around June 27, Honda’s conversation dipped, while Kia’s rose.

With Quick Search, Kia could look at the major posts from this conversation, to see why this happened, and how to repeat it for future social growth. In this case, it was Kia’s sponsorship of the NBA Most Valuable Player, and the following social chatter, that drove that peak.



5. One-click influencer detection

Who’s sharing your communications?

Influencer marketing is vital in today’s savvy consumer market (we have an influencer marketing guide if you’d like to know more). Quick Search can find the people who diffuse content in your industry. The people who you need to engage as influencers.

Last year, craft beer was mentioned over 1.3 million times. If you wanted to launch a product into that buoyant market, the social searcher ingenuity of Quick Search finds the top influencers in that conversation. Here are the 3 with the most engagement:

Top Craft Beer Influencers

These are the people that craft beer consumers engage with. Just what you need to drive sales.

Craft Beer Influencer 1

Craft Beer Influencer 2

Craft Beer Influencer 3

Again, you can filter by engagement, reach, or number of posts. And focus just on bloggers, Twitter, or whichever network you prefer.

Top tip: To find exactly the right influencer for your brand, our 3 step process for finding the perfect influencer post gives advice on how to find someone on all social networks.

Be a savvy social searcher

There you have it, whatever area of PR or marketing you’re in, Quick Search really can save you time, effort, and money. The only thing it can’t do is make you a coffee while you discover which brand is trending.

All that, and it’s simple to use. In a matter of minutes, you’ll get the insights and communication ideas you want. We didn’t call it Quick Search for nothing.

Give it a go. Request a free demo to try it yourself by clicking below. And let us know what other amazing time-saving techniques you find!


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