We launched Talkwalker Alerts today – a free and easy alternative to Google Alerts

We launched Talkwalker Alerts today – a free and easy alternative to Google Alerts

Had some concerns about Google products lately? We did too.

Lately, we saw Google shutting down free services one after another, especially at its most recent Spring Cleaning with the much talked-about Google Reader’s end. But even more worrying are the concerns about Google Alert’s quality and number of results declining, casting doubt on Google’s commitment to support Google Alerts in the long run.

Some of the posts we read:

Talkwalker Alerts is an easy and free alerting service that provides email updates of the latest relevant mentions on the Web directlusy to your email box or RSS feed reader.
It offers a great backup alternative the day Google Alerts closes down. This replacement finds the relevant results related to any search query, and delivers more results than Google Alerts currently do!

Please help yourself, play around and try it out at by creating new alerts, or by importing your existing Google Alerts into Talkwalker Alerts.This is done in two steps: Go to the "Manage your Alerts" page of your current Google Alerts account, and click on 'Export Alerts'. Then, to import them to Talkwalker Alerts, simply click on the 'Import' button and select the CSV file containing the alerts.

You can sign up for unlimited results and loads of alerts, all for free. So don’t be shy.

Another good news is, as Google Alerts have also been intensively used in feed readers, all results are available via RSS! So feel free to directly integrate your alerts into feed reader applications, e.g. Feedly.

If you LOVE our product, please tell it to the world. But if you hate it, shout it even louder. We will try to fix anything we might have missed (?) the fastest possible.

With love,
The Talkwalker team.