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Sainsbury's Christmas Ad: Is this war?

Sainsbury's Christmas Ad: Is this war?

In recent years, the airing of the first Christmas adverts by major retailers has become as much a sign of the holiday season as Christmas lights, Christmas trees and mince pies. Last week saw Sainsbury's broadcast their 2014 Christmas Ad based on the 1914 Christmas Truce during World War I. The advert drew a vast response with people around the world reacting both positively and negatively to the ad. The following is an analysis that Talkwalker conducted based on a variety of search terms to gauge the extent and the type of responses that the ad generated.

Overall mentions in the UK in one week: 17,000

worldmap Sainsbury's ad

Within one short week, the ad had gathered more than 17,000 mentions in the UK and close to 44,000 mentions worldwide. The first peak in the UK happened right after the launch on November 12th, with almost 2,000 mentions in the hour following the ad’s premiere.

Positive sentiment towards Sainsbury’s

Compared to other retailers, the Sainsbury’s ad created a lot of conversation. A look at just the brand name reveals almost 29,000 mentions for Sainsbury’s for the November 12-18 period. In contrast, Tesco received 20,800 over the same period.

Sentiment for UK retailers

The buzz for Sainbury's World Wa