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Make better business decisions with social media intelligence

Empower every department with centralized social media intelligence

Big data analysis of social media and online content holds insights that are valuable beyond just marketing and PR teams. Customer service teams can address customer problems faster before it becomes critical. Product teams can uncover customer needs in social data to develop products that people want.

Talkwalker social media intelligence allows you to create a data intelligence hub that allows every department to get the information they need to improve performance and decision-making at every level. Easily share data across departments and benefit from data-driven insights throughout the enterprise.

Key features for your data intelligence hub

  • Simple, intuitive report/dashboard sharing
  • Command center capability for round-the-clock monitoring
  • Unlimited users
  • Smart project access controls
  • Pre-defined data dashboards for a variety of use cases

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Accelerate time to market with Social R&D

Social media is now the world’s biggest focus group with millions voicing their opinion about new products, breaking news and the latest trends. Use Talkwalker social media intelligence as a cost-effective research and development platform.

Listen to social media based conversations, feedback, comments and complaints to gather customer insights in real-time.  Gather intelligence about your company, product/service, competitors or industry. Uncover authentic feedback about new products using giant samples sizes almost immediately, and feed results into further quantitative research.

Key Features for Research

  • 50+ Boolean Operators  for better accuracy
  • 2 years of historic data
  • Easy data export into Excel, JSON, Word and more
  • Sentiment analysis in 92 languages
  • Access to offline print and broadcast data
  • Coverage of 10+social networks and 150 million websites

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Drive sales with CRM and BI integrations

Empower your CRM, engagement or BI solution by directly integrating social media  intelligence from Talkwalker platform. Create a real-time social prospecting dashboard to optimize sales efforts.

Shorten your sales lifecycles by incorporating relevant insights about prospects and engaging in a way that buyers actually like. By seamlessly integrating these insights into your existing CRM tool, our clients report a gain of productivity of 15% to 30%.

Key features for integrations

  • Partnerships with Tableau, Hootsuite and other major software providers
  • Flexible platform to integrate with technology of your choice
  • Intuitive dashboard creation
  • Real-time data collection
  • Easy “plug in” integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Insights

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Glimpse the future with AI-powered technology

With online data volumes ever increasing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find actionable insights in their data. Talkwalker’s AI-powered analytics capabilities are now taking social media intelligence to a new frontier.

Use computer vision technology to go beyond text-based social listening and analyze the content of images. Use data to predict the next big trend and unearth the big stories of tomorrow using our trend identification engine, Quick Search.

Key AI- powered features within Talkwalker

  • Proprietary image recognition technology based on computer vision
  • Smart topic-based trend identification
  • Intelligent alerts for crisis prevention
  • Enhanced sentiment analysis

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Expand the potential of data with integrations that add value
Hootsuite Integration
Hootsuite Integration

Boost your engagement efforts on social networks by seamlessly combining real-time social insights from Talkwalker with Hootsuite's intuitive social media management. 

Integration to CRM/BI
Integration to CRM/BI

Empower your CRM, engagement or BI solution by incorporating social data intelligence from Talkwalker into sales, customer relations and overall business strategy. Analyze vast amounts of data side by side from multiple sources to make the best decisions.

Add Your Own Data
Add Your Own Data

Combine social data with lead gen figures, sales data, weather data and more to find correlations that affect key business indicators.

Easy Graph Export
Easy Graph Export

Seamlessly integrate any Talkwalker graph in JSON format into a company dashboard or website, allowing up-to-date graphs, insights and data to be viewed anywhere by your colleagues and clients.

Data from Print, TV, Online and Social
Data from Print, TV, Online and Social

Benefit from proprietary crawling technology indexing more than 150 million local and international websites, 10+ social networks and running on 1500 servers. Access an extensive archive of major global TV, radio, print media and newswires from LexisNexis® to get a 360-degree view of your brand's performance and reputation on all media channels.

Intuitive IQ Apps
Intuitive IQ Apps

Use our pre-set dashboards for crisis management, competitive intelligence, campaign monitoring and more to uncover data-based insights for a variety of business needs in a matter of seconds.

Robust Platform
Robust Platform

Be equipped to deal with increasing data volumes generated by social networks. Talkwalker’s 1500 servers process posts from 150 million websites every day making sure that your social media data is comprehensive and relevant.

Data Integrity
Data Integrity

Combine state of the art enterprise listening technology with a powerful social media analytics engine in one centralized platform that can be easily adapted to different organizational structures. Ensure that people within your organization use the same database and compare apples with apples.