Marketing with Quora: 5 tips for marketers

See Quora data in action

In this blog, we will explore how marketers can take advantage of this platform to:

●    Discover consumer insights about their industry

●    Monitor conversation about their brand & products

●    Identify new influencers

●    Reach new audiences

●    Identify long-tail keywords

Talkwalker is the only listening tool on the market able to monitor & analyze Quora data to surface consumer and industry insights that will inform your brand and content strategy.

What is Quora?

Quora is a platform where users go to ask and answer questions on virtually any topic on the planet, from relationship advice to the best car to buy, or work from home strategies. Even the name of the platform itself is a clear reminder of its vocation.

What does Quora mean?

Very much like other platforms, you have the option to upvote or downvote answers, as well as to add comments and suggest edits, so as to promote the highest quality of answers. The best Quora answers often get shared on other social media platforms, as is the case with the tweet below.

Quora answers contain insights that sometimes become the topic of news articles, such as this ScoopWhoop article about what makes the Indian city of Bangalore so unique - which garnered over 24k engagements.

One of the main differences between Quora and other social networks is that authors tend to have a detailed bio, and are much less anonymous than other question and answer platforms. The most followed authors are often specifically asked to answer questions linked to their field of expertise. In this sense, Quora is maybe closer to a search engine, where people go and look for information, than a traditional social network like Facebook or Twitter.

Top writers also have the option to create Quora Spaces, which are meant to be communities centered on specific interests, such as technology or politics.

Quora analytics social media

Top themes in conversations mentioning Quora
over the last 13 months (source: Talkwalker)

Quora by the numbers: statistics

●     300 million unique visitors per month

●     20.1% of Quora’s audience lives in the United States (Alexa)

●     Over 52.1% of visitors come from (Alexa)

●     88.7M answers published on Quora between January 1st and December 31st, 2019 (source: Talkwalker)

●     Quora has been mentioned over 823k times over the last 13 months.

●     The company has been valued at $2 billion (Vox)

Quora analytics

Number of mentions & engagements garnered
by the term “Quora” between April 2019 and May 2020

Top Quora use cases for marketers

 How can you use Quora as a marketing tool? Here are five possible ways Quora can add to your toolbox.

#1Consumer insights: leverage answers & questions linked to your industry

With over 89 million questions and answers published on Quora in 2019, you know that at least part of your target audience is on Quora asking questions about your products, your brands, or your industry as a whole.

Questions coming up on Quora are also directly influenced by developments such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the month of March, topics such as videoconference etiquette, work from home best practices and sourdough bread saw a sharp increase in mentions and engagement on Quora.

Find out what consumers say about your brand

Action point: listen to what your consumers are saying on Quora so as to identify new trends

#2 Brand reputation: how are you being talked about on Quora?

Popular Quora answers are sometimes the first result that comes up when a consumer types a question in Google. It is important for you to know in which context your brand, products or services are mentioned on this platform, as they may influence many more people than the share of your audience that actively uses Quora.

Action point: monitor the use of your brand and product names on Quora to make sure negative results are not the first thing potential consumers see on Google.

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#3 Influencer marketing: discover a new category of opinion leaders for your sector

In 2019, 69% of marketing & PR professionals ranked influencer marketing as a top priority for 2020, with micro influencers emerging as a category of interest for many brands. With that in mind, Quora is a great platform to identify new micro influencers for very niche topics, such as life and travel in Japan.

Top overall influencers on Quora

Who were the top contributors on Quora in 2019, in terms of average number of interactions per post? Many are just regular Quora users, but there are also some online celebrities, such as the famous entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck.

20 answers minimum in 2019, ranked by engagement rate

  • Siddhartha Pattisapu (3.5k average engagement per publication - specialty: inspirational content) - his top answer was viewed over 1.5 million times!

siddhartha Pattipasu Top Quora Answer

  • Ashok Choudhary (2.2k average engagement per publication - specialty: technology)
  • Michael Aumok (1.8k average engagement per publication - specialty: lifestyle, technology & personal finance)

Michael Aumock Quora

  • Nilesh Keshri (1.5k average engagement per publication - specialty: lifestyle)
  • Kat Marasigan (1.5k average engagement per publication - specialty: business & HR)
  • Ninad Mundhe (1.5k average engagement per publication - specialty: politics)
  • Robert R. Gray (1.2k average engagement per publication - specialty: life in Japan)

Robert R Gray Quora answer

  • Heranraj Devaki (1k average engagement per publication - specialty: business & technology)
  • Gary Vaynerchuk (1k average engagement per publication - specialty: entrepreneurship & social media)
  • Agam Jain (902 average engagement per publication - specialty: education & lifestyle)

Action point: identify the top Quora influencers for your industry, and start interacting with them. They might prove valuable contacts to help you gain visibility on this platform and beyond.

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#4 Thought leadership & brand visibility: reach new audiences through Google, Quora Digest and Quora Ads

Quora is a great tool to gain visibility for your corporate or personal brand, whether it’s through answers ranking high on Google because of their Quora popularity, your best post being featured in Quora Digest (a newsletter blast sent to hundreds of thousands of users), or pushing your content through Quora Ads.

Action point: Build  your expertise on Quora by regularly answering specific questions on relevant topics for your brand. If you work in the SaaS sector, specialize in tech-related answers, so as to be asked to answer more questions from fellow users.

The rule here is the same as on other social media platforms you will benefit from focusing on a specific niche or range of expertise, as you will be considered a reference on the topic for Quora’s audience.

And make sure to (sometimes) add links to your relevant own content at the end of your questions, in order to drive traffic to your site.

#5 Content marketing: find inspiration and identify new long-tail keywords

Quora data can be a great source of inspiration if you’re trying to understand the questions your community is asking about a specific topic. Let’s take an example close to our hearts: marketing!

Learn more about Quora data

Marketing: Most popular questions on Quora

Top hashtags linked to Quora in social media conversations

Analysis of the top hashtags mentioned in Quora questions
that have the term marketing in their title (source: Talkwalker)

 What do people want to know about marketing? Here are the top 8 questions that included the word marketing in their title, with the most engagement on Quora.

  1. What marketing tricks do people fall for every day?
  2. What are some examples of great marketing?
  3. What are some of the greatest marketing disasters in history?
  4. What is the difference between content strategy and content marketing?
  5. What are the best brand marketing schemes in history?
  6. What are some of the greatest marketing disasters in US history?
  7. Does affiliate marketing work for SaaS?
  8. How do I start affiliate marketing from scratch in 2019?

 Action point: before starting to write your next piece of content, run a search on Quora data to identify often asked questions & long-tail keywords you should be targeting in your piece.

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