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Most popular Malaysian brands on social

Most popular Malaysian brands on social

Malaysian businesses today, from micro businesses to large corporations, understand that social media marketing is no longer just an option, but a necessity for them to get their brand names out there. This article shares some of the most popular Malaysian brands on social, and what they’ve done to achieve a successful online presence. These brands have truly encapsulated the essence of what it takes to be successful on social media.

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With 26 million active social media users in the country, there is no better way for brands to reach their consumers than to get on social media. It is also insufficient to just be present on social. With so many businesses vying for consumers’ attention, brands need to constantly up their game in order to stand out.

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Oh! Media

Oh! Media is a Malaysian social media and advertising company that was established in 2008. The brand is also known for their online publication that regularly shares the latest trending news, celebrity updates, as well as regional and international happenings. Oh! Media has successfully garnered a huge following that has made them one of the most popular Malaysian brands on social, with 284k followers on Instagram and 3,587,528 likes on Facebook.

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Different content across social media platforms

The brand’s success in social media can be attributed to the different content that they put out on their social media platforms. While they share regular daily updates on Facebook regarding the latest national and international news, Oh! Media’s Instagram page contains a completely different type of content. On Instagram, Oh! Media shares product and food reviews, as well as informal sharings of the day-to-day experiences of Khai Hassan, the founder of the brand. By doing this, Oh! Media strengthens their relationship with their audience by including a personal touch in their Instagram content.


Digi is a leading telecommunication provider in Malaysia that has achieved a significant social media following by putting out content that Malaysian consumers can relate to. With 103k followers on Instagram and 2,397,202 likes on their Facebook page, it is worth looking into the strategies Digi has adopted that contribute to its popularity on social media.

Strong brand identity

When looking at Digi’s Facebook and Instagram pages, it is clear that the brand has a clear style guide. Across all of their social media posts, Digi uses striking yellow and blue colors that are consistent with its logo. This not only establishes a strong brand identity, but ensures that their content is retained in the minds of consumers.

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Lighthearted content

Digi regularly puts out engaging social media content, which explains the brand’s social media following. An example of this can be seen in their recent Father’s Day campaign, where Digi posted a series of Facebook and Instagram posts that were centred around the idea of “dad jokes”, which many people would appreciate due to its light-hearted and comical nature. This shows that despite the technical nature of the service offered by Digi, the brand is still able to push out fun content to appeal to consumers. (marketplace) is an online marketplace that provides Malaysians with a platform to easily sell and buy items across many categories. The e-commerce platform is one of the most popular Malaysian brands on social, with 2,394,432 likes on Facebook and 212k followers on Instagram. theme cloud

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Interactive content’s popularity on social media can be attributed to the interactive content that the brand regularly puts out. On top of just featuring items that are for sale, the brand posts content that are not meant to simply drive sales, but to engage their followers. An example of this can be seen in the crossword puzzle that is a part of their trivia series, to get their followers to count the number of “P”s in the image. Such content makes their followers look forward to’s social media posts and also helps the brand retain their social media following.

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FashionValet is one of the pioneers in the market when it comes to online retail for modest wear in Malaysia. Established in 2010 by husband and wife duo, Vivy Yusof and Fadza Anuar, FashionValet has garnered a following of 715k followers on Instagram and 266,364 likes on Facebook. Today, the brand is not only known for their curated selection of fashion and beauty products, but also for their strong social media presence and influence.

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Local flavor

Apart from regularly working with top influencers and crafting catchy Instagram captions, what makes FashionValet stand out is the local flair that the brand constantly adds to their campaigns. As part of Malaysia National Day in 2019, FashionValet released the Merdeka dUCk scarves, a line of shawls printed with designs of the Hibiscus, which is the Malaysian national flower. To further evoke feelings of patriotism and nostalgia in the hearts of consumers, FashionValet gave a classic Malay name to each scarf in the line. A traditional P.Ramlee song also accompanied the Instagram video that featured the scarves, along with a rustic visual background.


Malaysian telecommunications provider, Maxis Berhad, is one of the most popular Malaysian brands on social, with an Instagram following of 54.1k and 1,288,796 likes on Facebook. One of the factors that explains the brand’s strong social media presence is their use of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing

For their recent #kitasapotkita campaign, Maxis engaged celebrities, influencers and entrepreneurs to help Malaysians cope during the Movement Control Order amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The campaign consisted of entertainment videos by celebrities, Instagram livestream sessions by influencers, and tip-sharing by business leaders on how fellow business owners can cope with the challenging economic times. On top of that, the campaign also encouraged user-generated content, as Maxis encouraged Malaysians to upload their own entertainment videos online with the hashtag #kitasapotkita.

Family Mart Malaysia

Even though Family Mart originated in Japan, the brand has grown in Malaysia to become a favorite go-to convenient store for locals to get their daily fix of Japanese food and snacks. The brand has also developed a unique local identity, as reflected on their social pages. Family Mart Malaysia currently has 83.7k followers on Instagram and 309,611 likes on Facebook.

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Keep up with the latest trends

On top of localizing their social media content, Family Mart ensures it keeps up with the latest online and offline trends. Recently, amidst the coronavirus lockdown, when many people stayed home and started trying out new recipes like the Dalgona Coffee, Family Mart took the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon. Family Mart Malaysia gave the drink their own unique take by upgrading it to Dalgona Pudding, and shared a video on how it can be made using ingredients found at Family Mart.


Marrybrown is a fast-food chain that originated in Malaysia and currently has more than 138 outlets in the country. As one of the most popular Malaysian brands on social, Marrybrown currently has 50k followers on Instagram and 572,179 likes on Facebook.

Video content on Instagram

In a 2018 State of Social Video survey, respondents indicated that video was their favorite form of branded content on social media. This increasing prominence of video content can be seen in Marrybrown’s social media pages. Amidst the coronavirus situation in Malaysia, the brand released a series of short, themed Instagram videos to ensure that their customers are able to enjoy their food while staying safe.

The brands listed above serve as great examples of social media done right. Many of the strategies employed can be replicated by other businesses in order to boost their social media popularity. Especially in today’s volatile business climate, social media is a great way for brands to reach out to new customers, as well as strengthen their relationship with current customers.

Other than continuously improving their social media tactics, it is also important for brands to regularly track and monitor their performance. A robust monitoring system will help identify potential challenges and opportunities in a brand’s social strategy, as well as the effectiveness of their social media initiatives.

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