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Ultimate list of Instagram influencers in Malaysia per industry

Ultimate list of Instagram influencers in Malaysia per industry

The reality today is that social media is an inseparable part of all our lives. In Malaysia alone, 81% of the total population are active social media users, with the use of Instagram rising significantly as a highly-visual channel. This is great news for brands. With such a high penetration rate, it is no wonder that brands are increasingly looking to social media to strengthen their marketing efforts. In particular, influencer marketing has been gaining traction over the past few years as a powerful tool for brands to put their names out there. This article lists the must-follow Instagram influencers in Malaysia that brands can engage with to boost their influencer marketing strategy.

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Now, why has influencer marketing taken the world by storm? It all boils down to trust. Consumers today are wise, and they no longer trust what companies claim, without first hearing from fellow consumers. This makes influencer marketing a great way for brands to establish trust with their target audience. Furthermore, working with the right influencers ensures that brands’ content reaches consumers who are already interested in the type of service or product offered. That said, if you are planning to embark on your influencer marketing strategy, or if you need some quick tips and tricks to elevate your influencer marketing tactics, read on. In this article, I will share with you some important pointers to always consider, as well as a list of must-follow Instagram influencers in Malaysia today.

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Be clear of your objective

Firstly, it is important to set your goals and objectives before engaging an Instagram influencer. Are you aiming to generate brand awareness? Drive leads? Launch a new product? Knowing your brand, your main objective and the message you wish to send across will ensure that you work with the right influencers and produce content that is aligned with your brand identity.

I try my best to ensure that my content is true, spreads awareness, social well being & hopefully sustainability as well. Besides just being a source of self-expression & monetary gain. For example, I try to collaborate with brands that I actually consume & believe in. This is to also ensure that your opinions are true to your followers who trust in your opinion. That way there will always be continuity in your content. – Luna Tasha @iappleme

Recognize your target audience

On top of reach and exposure, you should also look into the target audiences of the influencers you wish to work with and ensure that they are aligned with your target consumers. Even within an industry, different influencers would appeal to different types of consumers. Hence, always remember to observe and study the demographics and interest areas of the influencers’ following.

I am a fashion personality, with a content niche for luxury and premium men’s fashion and beauty/grooming. I have worked with major brands like Omega, Dior, Gucci, Coach, Longchamp, Suria KLCC Mall, BMW, Mercedes-Benz just to name a few, premium fashion brands and various beauty brands. I have built a strong brand for myself, and the audience recognizes me for that. So when it comes to accepting a campaign, I must believe in the brand or the product I’m representing. I must try if it’s a new product. Or I’ll do a posting because it is informative and beneficial to my audience. – Andre Amir @andreamir

Allow creative freedom

When working with influencers, always remember that they know their audience best. So, while you work closely with them, give them the space and flexibility to ideate and produce the best content possible for their followers.

With regards to collaborating with brands, my take on it is to make sure that the collaboration meets both your interests and the said brands. It should be mutual, drawing from components of your audience and theirs! If you're not comfortable with a concept, speak up, throw out suggestions and most importantly, get creative! – Reshma Martin @reshmamartin

Establish a partnership

Instead of looking at it as a once-off engagement with an influencer, work towards building a sustainable partnership once you’ve identified the right influencers to grow alongside your brand. By building a relationship with the influencers, you can rest assured that they will produce quality content that is representative of your brand identity and messaging.

One of my experiences of working with brands is that as a blogger, we can be sharing the stories through our social media platforms in our creative way and through our own style. From planning the mood board, to the storyboard, I love the feeling of creating something from scratch. It’s good to see that all this content can have a good impact on branding. – Chan Won @chanwon92

Check out this in-depth guide on finding the best instagram influencers for your brand to help you get started with your influencer marketing strategy. Once you’re ready to start looking for influencers to reach out to, check out my lists below. These are the must-follow influencers in Malaysia who are only an email/DM away!

Fashion Instagram influencers in Malaysia

Yvonne Chua @yvonnechua (441k)

Nurin Afiqah @nurinafiqaaah (329k)

Jasmine @jasmine.y____ (277k)

Fyza Kadir @fyzakadir30 (153k)

Jazel Lim @jazelxlim (125k)

Brian See @mrbriansee (121k)

Andre Amir @andreamir (75.2k)

Lucas Lau @lucaseelau (69.7k)

Abby Asmaa @abbyasmaa (46.5k)

Harmini Asokumar @harminiasokumar (25.1k)

Stephanie Lim @stephiielim (24.3k)

Farah Dinana @farahdinana (13.7k)

Dhan @dhanilliani (12.3k)

Beauty Instagram influencers in Malaysia

Syafiqah Aina @syafiqahaina (948k)

Syasya Rushdiena @syasyarushdiena (921k)

Elcah @elcah (439k)

Tyra Kamaruzzaman @tyrakmrzmn (431k)

Johanis Sani (389k)

Aisha Liyana @aishaliyana (201k)

Faa Firds @faafirds (172k)

Tashy @beautywithtashy (132k)

Luna Tasha @iappleme (127k)

Cherrie Liong @cherriemun_ (92k)

Noriana @norianathefacedesigner (69.1k)

Reshma Martin @reshmamartin (26.6k)

Emily Quak @emilyquak (21.5k)

Pearl Tan @pearltji (12.5k)

Food Instagram influencers in Malaysia

Samantha Lee @leesamantha (621k)

Maimona Jamal @dreamy_touch (421k)

Syaf Kun @syafkun (363k)

Kevin Ong @kevinong__ (127k)

Bee @rasamalaysia (123k)

Brendon Ma @brandonma1212 (77.1k)

Jamie Lee @sxnflxwer_ (75.7k)

Carol @carol.eats (60.6k)

Ryan @squarepad (57.2k)

Eunice Martin Lim @euniceeunny (49.3k)

Samantha @foodievstheworld (39.2k)

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Travel Instagram influencers in Malaysia

Tasnim Shah @tasnimshah_ (588k)

Neollene Ain @neollene (154k)

Nabila Asyiqin @nabila_asyiqin (147k)

Jo & U Mei @ccfoodtravel (100k)

Chan Won @chanwon92 (99.8k)

Allison Wong @allison_wongsw (84.2k)

Azfaris @throughmywickedlenses (76.7k)

Jessica Chaw @jessicachaw (70.1k)

Tey Cindy @teycindy (56.3k)

Joanne Ng @joannejojobi (52.2k)

Shini @shinilola (51.6k)

Fadli @mytravellicious (27.3k)

Pojie @pojiegraphy (17.8k)

Faizal Fredley @faizalfredley (16.6k)

Wern Ling @mistanizzy (11.5k)

Michelle @alxndrluella (2.2k)

Lifestyle Instagram influencers in Malaysia

Jane Chuck @janechuck (535k)

Aireen Natasya @theaireennatasya (349k)

Aida Azira @aidaazkssm (282k)

Mia Chai @miamnmmm (242k)

Nana Alhaleq @nanaalhaleq (201k)

Syafiqah Zambry @syafiqahzambry (177k)

Saidatul Amin @saidatulamin (102k)

Andrew @andrewltz (74.2k)

Here are more inspiring quotes from our influencers:

Once you find your voice, you'll know what kinds of brands and products you want to work with, and these are the kinds of brands that will identify with you and want to work together with you. – Emily Quak @emilyquak

With so many brands and influencers nowadays, Influencers shall produce content that is focused and genuine. Imagine an influencer just working with several brands on recommending similar products, not only will the audience be confused, the brand would also fail to reach out to the market. Number of followers doesn't count, the effort put in the content matters. – Brendon Ma @brandonma1212

I think it’s important for both sides to come to an understanding in terms of style of content as each influencer has a different vibe and storytelling style. - Harmini Asokumar @harminiasokumar

I believe that as long as I create content with passion, clients will be able to feel the effort which I have put in and as long as they are relatable, audiences will be able to get the message and be attracted to my work. At the end of the day, I just find joy in sharing my work with the public and the positive responses and compliments received are a bonus! - Jamie Lee @sxnflxwer_

The list of must-follow Instagram influencers for your next marketing campaign is just a click away!

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