Michael Kors Leading the Way for Luxury Ahead of Valentine's Day - 1 Minute Insight

Michael Kors Leading the Way for Luxury Ahead of Valentine's Day - 1 Minute Insight

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and luxury brands are taking to social media to make the most out of the holiday. Using social listening, we’ve taken a quick snapshot of who’s leading the way so far.

With 3.5m results over the past seven days, Valentine’s Day has already captured the hearts of many social media users. From February 7 to 8, the number of mentions increased by 50 %, and has gone up steadily ever since.

Social discussion results centred around Valentines Day

In the week before February 14, Valentine's Day is getting more and more mentions on social networks. The busiest day so far has been February 11, with over 750,00 mentions.

Looking at the top luxury brands associated with the holiday, the clear winner with more than 2,000 results is Michael Kors.

Smart Theme Cloud Valentines Day Brands

Among top luxury brands, Michael Kors, Coach and Chanel drove the discussion around Valentine's Day.

For luxury brands like Michael Kors, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to engage with their audience. According to a 2014 study performed by the Blackstone Digital Agency, 75% of all luxury goods buyers use social media. It is the online content they select themselves that will sway their buying decisions.

Michael Kors has clearly capitalized on this – their whimsical video that tells the love story of two bags has all the right elements of a successful social campaign.

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