Meet Our New Tech Partner: Klipfolio

Meet Our New Tech Partner: Klipfolio

We’ve recently started an exciting partnership with data dashboard specialists Klipfolio and in this guest blog we’re going to hand them the reins. They’ll explain exactly how you can use Klipfolio to integrate Talkwalker data and other data sources like sales data and the benefits of seeing all this on one dashboard. It’s something that we think takes social media analytics to the next level and is useful for companies working in almost every sector. Using the two platforms together, Talkwalker and Klipfolio users can discover and act upon more accurate, more relevant insights than ever before.

Learn more about Talkwalker data integration using the Talkwalker API

Why we think you need a (Klipfolio) dashboard

by Chris Wolski

If you’re a Talkwalker user, you appreciate the power of analytics, the value of actionable insights, and the importance of measuring your marketing performance against KPIs. In short, you’re data driven. At Klipfolio, we’re working to support data driven professionals, by giving them fast, easy, and affordable ways to monitor all the data they care about in one place, in real­time. We call this magical place a Klipfolio dashboard.

Here’s a sample dashboard that should resonate ­ I built this in about 15 minutes, pulling in data from our social media platforms, Google Analytics, and Talkwalker:

social listening klipfolio screenshot

(View The Live Dashboard)

But I’m getting ahead of myself, please allow me to introduce Klipfolio.


Klipfolio is a cloud based app for building business dashboards, and monitoring them in real time. Klipfolio customers build ‘Klips’ (our term for data visualizations), which pull data from one or multiple data sources dynamically (ie. real­time auto retrieval), and assemble Klips on their dashboards to suit their business needs and preferences. Dashboards can then be shared with colleagues within and across business units, to keep teams on the same page and working toward common goals. Learn more about Klipfolio business dashboards.

What kind of data can you use to build Klips?

Virtually any data source that matters to your business can be integrated into Klips. Klipfolio customers are currently connecting to over 400 web based data sources with our pre­built connectors or our open Web Accessible Resource connector. You can also build Klips with your own data sources, connecting to your internal spreadsheets or databases, for example. Find out what services Klipfolio integrates with.

dashboard integrations

Why business dashboards?

Good business dashboards save you time and money, and help you identify opportunities. Time is saved when you don’t have to search through databases, files or web sources to get the information you’re looking for. Money is saved when you can spot negative business trends and challenges as they develop, and act to reverse or resolve them. Opportunities are highlighted as data sets interact on your dashboard in real­time ensuring your business never misses a beat, and you never drop the ball when it’s passed to you.

Why Klipfolio dashboards?

Klipfolio isn’t your run-­of-­the-­mill dashboard solution -- ­­it combines power and ease-­of-­use to give analysts and line of business users more control over their data. In Klipfolio, the act of building a dashboard could be as simple as utilizing the pre­built ‘Klips’ from our Klip Gallery, or developing custom metrics that combine data from multiple services. We view dashboarding as a journey, and do our best to provide the tools you need to progressively evolve your dashboards. New business questions invariably require new dashboards. We provide you the tools to answer questions quickly.

Here’s the lowdown on what you’re getting with Klipfolio:

● Access to 400+ data sources: C onnectivity to over 400+ data sources with our pre­built connectors or our open Web Accessible Resource connector. Learn more

● Mashups: Ability to combine data from multiple data­sources into a single visualization.

● Math: Dozens of functions and calculations to use on your data ­ from simple math to statistical functions.

● Easy Sharing: Share single visualizations or complete dashboards via PDFs, scheduled emails or private dashboard links. Learn more

● Affordable Solution: K lipfolio is an affordable alternative to high priced BI tools. You won’t believe what you can build for just $20/user/month. Learn more

● 100+ pre­built visualizations: Get started in minutes by using our gallery of 100+ pre­built visualizations for 30+ cloud applications. Learn more

● TV Mode: Rotate one or more dashboards on office TVs to keep your team on the same page.

● Freedom to Customize: A dd your own logo; Customize the look, feel and functionality of visualizations and dashboards.

● Themes: Switch easily from white to black backgrounds, or create your own custom theme to suit your needs, preferences and brand.

Klipfolio & Talkwalker

Klipfolio’s Talkwalker integration makes it quick and easy to add valuable social intelligence to your dashboard, and view it alongside other important business data and KPIs. Watch me build a Talkwalker Klip that monitors brand mentions and social sentiment over time, and add it to my dashboard in 45 seconds:

Talkwalker users appreciate the power of analytics and the value of constantly monitoring business performance against KPIs. If you weren’t already convinced of the power and potential ofa dashboard solution to help you capture this value, I hope this guest blog post nudged the needle to the right.