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Ultimate list of Instagram influencers in the UK

Ultimate list of Instagram influencers in the UK

Instagram puts the ‘I’ in influencer, and has rapidly become the go to tool for influencer marketing. With the highest engagement of all social networks, its integration into marketing strategies has become essential. In this article, I've collated a comprehensive list of the top 40 Instagram influencers in the UK. Let's take a look see...


UK Instagram influencers per industry

Despite the fact that the social platform has become far more than simply an influencer hub, influencer marketing is still on the rise and therefore mustn't be ignored.

Our recent Global State of Influencer Marketing Survey, revealed that more than two-thirds of marketers consider influencer marketing a strategic priority - with a similar proportion increasing their annual spend.

It’s not as simple as picking a social celebrity at random, however. As with all marketing strategies, the success and failure of influencer marketing rests in the details.

So, how do you go about identifying the right influencer?

Firstly, the influencers you work with have to be relevant to your brand and audience. Sure, you can pick someone famous with a giant following, splash the cash, and watch the traffic roll in, but this would be incredibly short-termist.

The influencers that you select to represent your brand need to integrate into your story and not merely be considered as a paid boost to your reach.

Follow these 3 steps to identify the best influencer for your brand:

STEP 1: Define your target personas

Before starting your influencer marketing campaign, it is crucial to understand who you're targeting from your demographic.

Is your campaign broad and general, with the goal of spreading the net far and wide to capture everyone in your audience? Or, is it niche and focused on a specific demographic?

It’s important when selecting an influencer to work with that your target personas align with their audience. There’s a reason brands increasingly see benefit in working with smaller influencers - they are able to better tap into a specific target demographic.

STEP 2: Ascertain engagement levels

It goes without saying that your Instagram influencers should have a certain number of followers, but it’s not always a case of “the more the merrier”.

Not only is there an ongoing concern about fake followers, an audience is nothing without engagement.

The end goal of any influencer marketing strategy should be to:

  • Reach a new audience
  • Bring in more qualified leads, and
  • Change/improve the perception of your brand

Basic numbers and shallow KPIs can look great on your quarterly review, but they will always remain nothing more than vanity metrics if you don’t go beyond that.

By studying the amount and type of engagement that your potential influencers have, you're able to better ascertain how much impact your campaigns will have.

What you are looking for is “engagement per mention” - and sentiment (you probably want to avoid an influencer who engages an audience in a negative way). Fortunately, this can be monitored easily on the Talkwalker platform.

Instagram influencers UK- engagement per mention

Top influencer research conducted using Quick Search.

STEP 3: Set specific goals and measure your success

As touched upon in the first 2 steps, it’s important to ensure that your influencer marketing strategy is just that - a strategy. To this end, you should have KPIs cemented from the get-go.

There's little point in having KPIs, if you’re not going to measure them. One of the biggest pain points faced by marketers when it comes to working with influencers is how to measure the success of their campaigns.

And this is where Talkwalker’s industry-leading Instagram Analytics comes in. You're able to monitor the metrics of your influencer’s Instagram accounts in a similar way to how you can monitor your brand accounts. This enables you to better understand the impact of your campaigns.


60 of the best Instagram influencers in the UK per industry

Although the perfect influencer will vary from brand to brand, what better way to get you started than giving you a list of the 60 best Instagram influencers in the UK per industry. Take a look...

Scroll down to browse through all sections or follow the links below to navigate to the industry of your choice:

Fashion Influencers

Beauty Influencers

Food Influencers

Travel Influencers

Fashion Instagram influencers in the UK

  1. Freddie Harrel @freddieharrel (182k followers)

  2. Amira Khan, @modestmira_ (65.2k followers)

  3. Alex Stedman @thefrugality (239k followers)

  4. Lizzy Hadfield @shotfromthestreet (438k followers)

  5. Monikh Dale @monikh (130k followers)

  6. Lucy Willian @lucywilliams02 (446k followers)

  7. Natasha Todd @natashattodd (14.4k followers)

  8. Becca @i_ambecca (14.9k followers)

  9. Nataly Elbaz Björklund @natalyelbaz (47.1k followers)

  10. Laura @lesswastelaura (33.6k followers)


Beauty Instagram influencers in the UK

  1. Cher Webb @cherwebbmakeup (231k followers)

  2. Dr Anjali Mahto BSc MBBCh FRCP @anjalimahto (61.7k followers)

  3. Patricia Bright @thepatriciabright (1.1m followers)

  4. Anne Sophie Costa @annesophiecosta (33.9k followers)

  5. Adrienne @thesundaygirluk (27.6k)

  6. Jane @britbeautyblog (39k)

  7. Ree @reallyree (34.2k followers)

  8. Hayley Hall @hayleyhall_uk (27k followers)

  9. Sarah @iamfabulicious (11.1k folowers)

  10. Fleur De Force @fleurdeforce (783k followers)


Food Instagram influencers in the UK

  1. Kishani @tinietempeh (6.7k followers)

  2. Leyla Kazim @thecutlerychronicles (105k followers)

  3. Lucy Parker @lucy_and_lentils (144k followers)

  4. KS @ks_ate_here (110k followers)

  5. Paulina Nienartowicz @artrawpauline (75.3k followers)

  6. Rosie Birkett @rosiefoodie (82.1k followers)

  7. Raneem @saudi_in_london (48.3k followers)

  8. Felicity Spector @felicityspector (78.7k followers)

  9. Milly @millykr (33k followers)

  10. Laura Strange @myglutenfreeguide (52.4k followers)


Travel Instagram influencers in the UK

  1. Victoria @bridgesandballoons (10.6k followers)

  2. Rosie @rosielondoner (337k followers)

  3. Steffi @steffi_daydreamer (75.2k followers)

  4. Jess @coppergarden (77.4k followers)

  5. Louis Cole @funforlouis (1.2m followers)

  6. Becky @globalgrasshopr (13.5k followers)

  7. Antonia and Peter @compasschasers (1k followers)

  8. Emily Luxton @em_luxton (15.7k followers)

  9. Monica @thetravelhack (22.6k followers)

  10. Paul steele @baldhiker (22.1k followers)

Your next steps to a successful influencer marketing strategy

I know this article and list of great influencers will give you a solid foundations from which to build your strategy. We've also created a UK influencers directory, to help you start identifying the influencers that are relevant for your brand. This comes complete with links to social media handles (including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok), audience base size, topics they relate to and contact emails, if available in the public domain.

It's worth keeping your own list of potential influencers as a spreadsheet, with information about their activity, audience, sector etc., as well as updates regarding your relationship together.

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