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Ultimate list of Instagram influencers in Singapore per industry


Singaporeans are some of the most social media active users with an average of 9 social media accounts per user. Whether you are handling a B2B or B2C business, your brand must have a social media presence.

Singapore 2021 social media behavior Digital 2021

Source: Digital 2021 


And Instagram is right up there in the top social media platforms that Singaporeans love. If you’re considering or in the process of collaborating with influencers for your marketing campaigns, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out my list of must-follow Instagram influencers in Singapore.

●     Fashion Influencers

●     Beauty Influencers

●     Travel Influencers

●     Food Influencers

●     Fitness Influencers

●     Influencer-Entrepreneurs

Need more convincing as to how you should approach your influencer marketing strategy? First, you must dive deeper into 'who', 'what', and 'how':

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the message you're trying to communicate to them?
  • How are you communicating this message?

Your target audience

If you want to reach a specific demographic or market a specific type of product, then this is going to shape your influencer marketing efforts, particularly which influencers you should collaborate with. It's absolutely essential to narrow down the segment of the audience you want to reach.

“The best way is for brands to source out influencers who can be aligned to what the brand stands for and has their own personal branding and aesthetic, before building a long term relationship with them. With long term relationships, I am generally happy to provide more endorsements for the brand in my own voice, which would appear a lot more genuine to my audience as well.” - Vera Mao @kisses.vera

Your brand's message

Your brand is so much more than just a name. It is a concept that represents a story. Ninety-five percent of purchasing decisions are driven by some form of emotion. Consumers want to hear stories and your brand needs to partner with influencers that can help you tell that story. Make sure what the influencer stands for aligns with your brand messaging. After all, working with influencers also means you are letting them represent your brand, so find the right partners.

“Being selective with brand campaigns and clients help ensure that we stay authentic to our personal brand and this way, we don't alienate our audience as well. When a campaign is organic and true, it becomes successful.” - Willabelle Ong @willamazing

Your channel for communication

Once you have solidified the message you want to communicate, then choosing your medium or channel for delivering this message is next in your to-do list. Think back to who you're trying to communicate with ⁠— where can you reach them? How can you transform your brand story into an experiential experience to create memorable moments for your audience? Given that Singaporeans spend over 2 hours per day on social media, this is a clear avenue you shouldn't be missing out on.

The good news is you can approach influencer marketing in different ways. From partnering with celebrity-level influencers to micro & nano influencers. As long as your 'who', 'what', and 'how' are clear. Check out this in-depth guide on finding Instagram influencers to promote your brand.

Without further ado, here are some must-follow Instagram influencers in Singapore (with <1 million and >4k followers) for every industry. Perhaps you can find some ideas or potential influencers to collaborate with for your next campaign. Follow and DM away!

Fashion & Lifestyle Instagram influencers in Singapore

Yoyo Cao @yoyokulala (367k followers) 

Andrea Chong @dreachong (309k followers)

Eunice Annabel Lim @euniceannabel (198k followers)

Willabelle Ong @willamazing (154k followers) 

Zoe Raymond @zoeraymondtan(64.9k followers)

Grace @gracelsyy (61.7k followers)

Si Pei @ohhdivine (39.8k followers)

Japneet Kaur @jagronjapneet (29.1k followers)

Hannah Chia @mshannahchia (21k followers)

Daniel Boey @danielboey (11.2k followers)

Rachel Su-En @rachsuen (6.7k followers)

Eugene Lim @geniemule (5.9k followers)

Beauty Instagram influencers in Singapore

Lindy Tsang @itsbubz (760k followers)

Soh Pei Shi @speishi (322k followers)

QiuTing @bongqiuqiu (292k followers)

Aylna Neo @aylna (131k followers)

Leanne Ho @loveforskincare (64.7k followers)

Nicole Chang Min @nicolechangmin (53.1k followers)

Jamie Tan @jamietyj (45.7k followers)

Cheryl @beautifulbuns_sg (36.5k followers)

Shub @shub_sg (33.3k followers)

Celine Chiam @chiamhuiy (32.4k followers)

Roanna T. @paradeoflove (19.5k followers)

Cinddie @cinddie (14.8k followers)

Ju Ann @ngjuann (10.9k followers)

Juliana C Stryker @ilovebunnynet (10k followers)

Clara Song @dblchin (7.2k followers)

Sarah @beautybyrah (4.3k followers)

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Travel Instagram influencers in Singapore

Christabel Chua @bellywellyjelly (245k followers)

XinLin Khaw @xinlinnn (114k followers)

Charlotte Z @charlottezanzi (102k followers)

Rosalyn Lee @heyrozz (99.2k followers)

Sophie Willocq @sophiewillocq (87.1k followers)

Nellie Lim @nellielim (63.2k followers)

Yina Goh @yinagoh (63.2k followers)

Audrey @tippytoess (60.4k followers)

Lindsay @lindsayvoitton (55.5k followers)

Elaine Heng @mselaineheng (31.5k followers)

Vera Mao @kisses.vera (31.1k followers)

Emily Loke @paper_tigress (26.5k followers)

Daniel and Gina @sunriseodyssey (5.7k followers)

Food Instagram influencers in Singapore

Brad Lau @ladyironchef (606k followers)

Daniel Ang @danielfooddiary (229k followers)

Leslie Tay @ieatishootipost (121k followers)

Seth Lui @sethluicious (100k followers)

Clara Bean @explodingbelly (35.6k followers)

Singapore Foodie @singaporefoodie (22.8k followers)

Singapore SG Influencer @sgfoodlifestyle (19.5k followers)

Diana Tan @dianaaatan (9.8k followers)

Felicia @fellldown (4.3k followers)

SG Foodie @sgfoodie (4.3k followers)

Fitness Instagram influencers in Singapore

Georgina Poh @sugarrandspice (132k followers)

Tiong Jia En @iamjiaen (100k followers)

Denise Keller @denisekellerofficial (41.3k followers)

Cheryl Tay @cheryltaysg (34.7k followers)

Benedict Koh @benthegymrat (28.7k followers)

Natalie @nattylifts (26.2k followers)

Fay Hokulani @fayhokulani (23.3k followers)

Jasmine Danker @jasminedanker (23.2k followers)

Kirstie Gannaway @kirstiegannaway (18.5k followers)

Hana @hanadoesyoga (15.1k followers)

Joel Tan @joeeetan (9.7k followers)

Marie Choo @mariechoo (5.2k followers)

Influencer-Entrepreneurs in Singapore

Melissa Celestine Koh @melissackoh (267k followers)

Velda Tan @belluspuera (154k followers)

Sophia Chong @sophiachong (128k followers)

Rachel Lim @ms_rach (106k followers)

Beatrice Tan @beatricesays (78.7k followers)

Viola Tan @violaerin (52.6k followers)

Karen Ashley Ng @renzze (31.1k followers)

Joyce Ng @joycesayshello (30k followers)

Bertilla Wong @bertillawong (28.3k followers)

Brianna Wong @briannawonggg (28.2k followers)

Finally, let me close with a couple of tips from the influencers themselves:

"It’s important to enjoy what you do and lucky for me, that’s trying new things, creating new content and collaborating with brands I love. I started sharing as a hobby and I still try to keep it that way. That being said, these days, a lot more work goes behind the scenes to create good content." - Karen Ashley Ng @renzze

"Keep it real and people will relate to it more is my experience as an Influencer in a nutshell. I have always shared my real life experiences of raising kids, bonding with hubby and my beauty experiments on Instagram. I am unabashedly imperfect and that's what makes life beautiful in my opinion. At the same time, as a hardworking and effective Multitasker, I can touch a chord with my Instafamily. As an Influencer, it's always an opportunity to help others and learn from them." - Shub @shub_sg

"Passion is what drives my content, and I always believe that if you sincerely love what you put out there, people can feel it! This applies to the brands I collaborate with as well. It's important to resonate with the brands' beliefs in order to tell a sincere story together in any collaboration. That's also how @paradeoflove came about - it's a parade of all the things I love!" - Roanna Tan @paradeoflove

The ultimate list of Instagram influencers in Singapore


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