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Talkwalker - G2 Crowd social media monitoring software leader; summer 2019

See why Forrester rates Talkwalker as a Strong Performer

Rated by the users that matter

G2 Crowd is powered by user reviews. People like you, offering their insights on the tools they use. When it comes to choosing your martech stack, it helps businesses identify the tools they need to drive results. Scoring brands on the features that consumers need, and providing a benchmark for what you should expect from a tool.

“Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real users. We are excited to share the achievements of the products ranked on our site because they represent the voice of the user and offer terrific insights to potential buyers around the world.”
Michael Fauscette, Chief Research Officer, G2

Only the very best are defined as leaders. And Talkwalker is proud to be one of those.

Why Talkwalker is so successful

How do we win over clients time and again? It comes down to three things:


Social media is a fast-paced industry. What matters today, could be outdated tomorrow. To ensure your social media monitoring is cutting edge, your platform should be too.

That’s why innovation is at the heart of Talkwalker. We are pioneers when it comes to technology and artificial intelligence. Everything we do is proprietary, which means we can adapt to industry changes quickly, and provide new capabilities faster than our competitors.

Take our new video analytics. We’re the only social listening platform to offer video recognition, to help brands identify their logos in social, and ensure they don’t miss out on any mentions.

When the Instagram API changed, we were able to evolve, offering the most complete Instagram analytics on the market.

social media monitoring software leader gif

Only Talkwalker’s video analytics has the capabilities to find your brand logos in social media videos


How do you create a platform that clients love?

You ask the clients what they need.

We constantly review our tools, and incorporate feedback from clients, employees and industry experts to ensure we exceed expectations.

You can’t create an award-winning product in a closed loop, so this feedback is vital.

One major factor our clients requested, is improved reporting features. Reporting back on your results is a crucial aspect of your role, and it should be intuitive and quick.

So that’s what we now provide. An easy to use, drag-and-drop reporting feature, that means you can create reports in a matter of minutes. You can download some social media report examples to see how good they look.

social media monitoring software leader report example

An example of what you can achieve with Talkwalker’s easy-to-use reporting

Industry cultivation

Talkwalker doesn’t just want to grow as a business. We want the industry to grow with us. In the recent State of Social Intelligence report that we sponsored, 80% of industry professionals said that social intelligence provides unique insights that cannot be obtained from other data or research sources.

Social listening is opening up new intelligence for businesses all across the world.

And our mission is to help those businesses make the most of that intelligence. We’re specifically focused on data maturity - helping businesses improve data monitoring and usage across their company, to improve insights and understanding. 

We also introduced our Digital Excellence Center last year, to improve our clients’ knowledge levels, to help them get more actionable insights from social listening

Onwards and upwards

Having been announced as a G2 Crowd social media monitoring software leader yet again, it doesn’t mean we’ll stop pushing. We’ll continue striving to lead in our industry leaders, acknowledged by the people that matter, whether that’s G2 Crowd, Forrester or more. The social listening industry keeps  moving and so will we.

To understand our complete position in the industry, you can download the Forrester Wave™ Report, and see why Talkwalker was named a Strong Performer.

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