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Find the other half of conversations your brand has been missing!

Tired of getting only half the story? Our video recognition will reveal the most complete brand story to date. There’s nothing else out there like it, with 3x more brand mentions detected than traditional textual monitoring.

To help you detect your brand logos like never before:

  • Find consumer insights to create campaigns with impact.
  • Protect your brand from a crisis - in text, image and video.
  • Measure the true ROI of your sponsorships.



By 2021, 80% of all Internet content is forecast to be video.

Mankind loves stories. They define us. They reflect our role in history. And communicate our dreams for the future. No wonder social media took off. It lets everyone share their stories on a global level.

And it’s evolving. Status updates and quick snaps don’t accurately portray the fast-moving world around us.
We need more. People want videos. And lots of them. Equipped with film studios packed inside their smartphones, social media users are the directors of their own tales - with Instagram Stories, Facebook Watch, YouTube, TikTok, etc, etc.

And what do those videos contain? Your brand. If you want to keep up, you have to evolve too.


Life is more than just moments; it's in motion.

Here’s the thing. If you're using social media listening, you can’t just rely on textual analysis. Or even image recognition. You have to include video recognition in your marketing toolbox to get a 360° view of your brand. If you don't, you're missing half the story people around the world are telling about your brand.

Let’s compare. We looked at one example, to see how the brand mentions are split.

To keep up with tomorrow’s internet, you need to upgrade to video analysis today.

I want 3x more brand mentions

Putting our video recognition technology through its paces, we looked at 5 big name brands and put them head to head to head to head to head - Video analytics - What 5 of the biggest global brands missed without it. Pop over and take a look!

Get 250% more results with video recognition technology than with competitors’ obsolete tools.

Our video analysis is powered by the Talkwalker AI Engine. It’s proprietary technology (that means, made by us and owned by us), that uses the power of machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks to analyze data en masse.

There’s plenty of other ways it powers AI marketing, but for video recognition, it analyzes videos and images from the most extensive brand, location, and scene database in the industry. For the first time ever, you can detect your brand logo in motion, along with the situation or location people share it in.

Here are the facts:

  • Talkwalker analyzes 150 million videos and images each day. That’s up to 2,000 per second.
  • With image comparison to the largest industry database of over 30,000 brand logos, scenes, and objects.
  • With immediate customization (if your logo isn’t in our database, we can add it!).

Up to 98% of videos where logos appear, don’t mention the brand at all

You’ve been missing a lot of brand mentions. But, with video recognition, you will fill that gap and immediately access double the brand opportunities with actionable insights.

Video data can instantly be built into your usual projects. With more consumer insights, you can see a complete picture of your audience.

This ground-breaking technology really shines in 3 specific use cases.

1 - Find consumer insights to create campaigns with impact

Get 10x more campaign shares using video content.

How do you find all the videos with your brand, that people across the world are creating?

With video recognition.

For the first time in history, you can identify the videos that contain your brand, that are the most engaging, and shared the most.

It’s easy brand engagement, requiring minimal-effort and giving you maximum return.


KitKat understands how shareable products create great UGC

The scene and object detection is also essential to understand how your consumers interact with your brand, and find your marketing gaps. Are there new trends rising, like an increase of people drinking wine at the beach? Are there specific brands that appear regularly alongside yours, that would make the perfect partnership? These are the key insights that can only be revealed with our AI-powered video recognition technology.

2 - Protect your brand from a crisis - in text, image, and video.

92% of people will share a video that’s critical of your brand

Whether those videos are good for your brand. Or highly damaging. Video recognition monitors the dangerous brand mentions, helping you shape the dialogue and protect your brand image.

It also detects inappropriate use of your brand, and finds when people share forgeries of your products. If your name is connected to a fake or faulty product, it can seriously damage your reputation.

You’ll know right away. Full integration of video recognition with all your other analytics, allows you to create real time alerts when damaging images or videos are detected. In a crisis, every second counts.

3 - Measure the true ROI of your sponsorships

96% of marketers aren’t completely satisfied with their ability to measure sponsorship ROI. Here’s the solution.

We all know that brand sponsorship is a valuable way of getting your brand in front of consumers, as demonstrated in our World Cup Sponsorship report. But how do you value the ROI of those sponsorships?

Video and image recognition helps you accurately measure the full impact of your investment and helps you prove your sponsorship value. Combine that with other analytics, such as sentiment analysis or trending score, and you get a perfect overview of how each event impacts your audience, and exactly which demographics you’re engaging with.

Your brand is in motion - Capture it with video recognition!

That's not even half of what you can do with video recognition. There's more inspiration in our social listening guide.

The world keeps on turning. People move with it and so does your brand. Without video recognition, you will miss half the stories people share that involve you. At Talkwalker, we’re proud to revolutionize the industry yet again with this first of its kind technology. The next generation of AI-powered social listening. Don’t miss your chance to step into the future of marketing with video recognition.

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