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What is AI?

Before we go into more depth, let’s look at what artificial intelligence actually is.

It’s pretty much what it says. It’s a combination of human-like intelligence, but with the processing power of an artificial machine.

The artificial intelligence market in the PR & comms industry is growing. The CIPR discussion paper, Humans still needed, characterized more than 120 AI tools in the PR industry at present. Artificial intelligence is already being used throughout the industry, with a significant growth of tech companies in the field. The PR, Digital marketing, and advertising sectors are in the midst of an AI revolution.

Talkwalker is the pioneer AI company in social listening. Bringing to PR and Comms professionals more relevant results, with faster set-up, and no technical know-how needed.

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The AI revolution

Introducing the Talkwalker AI Engine. A powerful automation engine set to transform the social listening industry. It combines world-leading data coverage with the latest deep learning methods, enabling you to find more high-quality insights in less time.

But advancements like this don’t just happen overnight…

AI Marketing Talkwalker AI History Timeline

The journey of Talkwalker's AI - Startup to global business.


Talkwalker has been making advancements in AI research since our beginnings. Social listening often relies on the analysis of big data, and AI-powered marketing automation makes handling that data significantly easier.

The Talkwalker AI Engine brings together these advancements, such as…

Web crawling based on machine-learning algorithms to bring the best quality data

Social media analytics is only as valuable as the data behind it. Cutting corners on data can come back to bite you fast, especially when you’re missing an important source that may post critical information about your brand.

By adding the power of AI to our web crawling bots, they can automatically identify the structure of websites to identify vital data.

Image recognition to capture your visual brand mentions

Our proprietary AI-powered image recognition technology searches social images against the most extensive brand, location, and scene database on the market, with over 30,000 logos. Allowing you to detect all visual mentions of your brand, on social networks, blogs, and news sites.

Image recognition is an essential AI marketing tool for viewing your brand's positioning.

Research has shown that up to 80% of pictures detected don’t reference brands in the accompanying text. Making image recognition essential so you don’t miss a brand mention.

AI-powered sentiment analysis for a top-notch reputation management

This isn’t old school keyword based sentiment analysis, but analyzes in context using natural language processing. It interprets human emotions, as well as types of irony and sarcasm, into tangible, measurable metrics. With an outstanding 90% accuracy, this measures your brand sentiment, and detects the themes that are positively or negatively impacting your business.

AI and machine learning ensures the accuracy of our sentiment analysis.

Accurate sentiment analysis is essential for understanding how your target audience perceives your brand in real time, and helps you detect issues before they impact your company.

AI-powered custom models provide you with more accurate data, even faster.

Our custom models are a great example of how AI works. With AI-powered automation, there's no need for complicated Booleans. Meaning you save time, while boosting accuracy, and reducing human error.

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Talkwalker - The leaders of AI in social analytics

That’s the thing with AI investment. You can’t stop.

That’s why the Talkwalker AI Engine will continue to drive all that Talkwalker does. Making us one of the industry’s leading artificial intelligence companies. Quality analytics should be accessible to everyone, and AI will empower that accessibility.

With more investment in our machine learning & deep learning methodology, the future of social listening will be simpler, faster, and with more relevant analytics. With more opportunity for brands to drive impact.

But then, that’s the future. And this is now.

Make the most of the Talkwalker AI Engine today. Request a free demo here.

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