The Talkwalker AI Engine

Automated human intelligence. For faster, more accurate brand insights.

Leverage AI
for marketing

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99.5% data accuracy in just 30 minutes

Discover revolutionary data quality in just one click. With the power of AI in your hands, you will spend less time analyzing, and more time putting insights to action. The Talkwalker AI Engine combines:

Custom models: To organize complex big data sets with the power of automation. Upto 99.5% accuracy in just 30 minutes.
Image recognition: Detects visual mentions of your brand from over 30,000 pre-trained models.
Sentiment analysis: Interprets human emotions, irony and sarcasm, into tangible, measurable metrics. With an average 90% accuracy.

Spend less time analyzing, and more time putting insights into action.

<strong>Artificial intelligence<br/>driven</strong>
Artificial intelligence
Brings the power of machine-learning and AI to big data analysis.
<strong>Easy to use</strong>
Easy to use

Anyone can achieve quality data analysis, without prior technical knowledge.
<strong>Quick automation</strong>
Quick automation

Projects can be trained in near real-time, with automated analysis available within minutes.
<strong>Faster insights</strong>
Faster insights

Spend less time analysing and more time on applying actionable insights.