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Forbes 400 - Gates Is America's Richest But He's Second On Social

Forbes 400 - Gates Is America's Richest But He's Second On Social

We've previously used social listening to look at the social and online mentions of the top members of the Forbes Billionaire list and the Forbes Most Powerful Women list to see which of the world's richest and most influential people are the hottest topics of discussion for the online public.

With the 2015 Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans having been announced on September 29th, we decided to use Talkwalker social media analytics to see whether the richest of the rich were also the most discussed on social media.

Forbes 400 social media ranking_2

Looking at numbers over the last 30 days, there was a big gap between the levels of discussion surrounding the 10 richest Americans, with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on top, ahead of Microsoft's Bill Gates in second.

foprbes social sidsuccion comp

The rest are some way behind showing the impact that these two giants of tech have on the online world. And although the data here only looks at the last month, it is no coincidence that Gates and Zuckerberg were also top of the list of most discussed billionaires earlier this year. Mentions for top performer Zuckerberg peaked on September 16th, when he invited wrongly accused Ahmed Mohamed to visit Facebook's offices.

results over time zuck peak

(Graph showing online mention spikes for the top 10 of the Forbes 400)

In fact, of the ten wealthiest Americans, the top 4 most discussed all had strong tech connections with only Warren Buffet in the top 5. Around 83% of online mentions of the 10 came from Twitter, 8.2% from news websites and just over 4% from blogs.

sahre of media types incl rt

(Share of media channels used to discussed the top 10 of the Forbes 400)

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