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8 Experts reveal why they use Talkwalker Alerts to track social and web mentions


Our Panel features

Karen Freberg Adel de Meyer

Martin Shervington Ian Cleary

Ian Anderson Gray Joanne Sweeney-Burke

Jillian Ney Kane Miller


Without further ado, check out these tips from our expert panel on how they track social and web mentions using Talkwalker Alerts.

How does Talkwalker Alerts work?

Karen Freberg: Social Media Professor

“I have had a chance to set up search queries and settings for my name, and I have been impressed with the results. You are able to search for your name across Twitter, blogs, and the news and tailor this according to the frequency you want the reports to come back to you. Another very cool thing is you are able to export the alerts and import from Google Alerts as well. It’s a one stop shop! If you have not had a chance to check it out, you should!” @kfreberg

Pro Tip: Our systems are constantly crawling the internet for mentions of your brand and keywords, so it’s important to ensure that you select the frequency of your alerts carefully. We wouldn’t want your inbox to be flooded with messages from Alerts any more than you would!

You can choose to receive Alerts “As it happens”, “Once a day” or “Once a week” as shown in the screenshot.

How has your experience been with Talkwalker Alerts as compared to Google Alerts?

Adel de Meyer Bio

“Been using these alerts for years, much better than Google alerts. The new Twitter added alerts are useful, I get a daily summary of my most important mentions which is nice. Talkwalker Alerts is great for a free service, highly recommend you use it for your brand or business.” @AdeldMeyer

Is the addition of Twitter mentions really useful?

Martin Shervington Bio

"I've been using Talkwalker Alerts specifically to surface AI content and have been pleasantly surprised by many stories I'd missed. The addition of Twitter mentions is a great new feature." @MartinSherv

Ian Cleary Bio

"I've used Talkwalker Alerts for a long time. Great to see tracking for Twitter included!" @IanCleary

Ian Anderson Gray Bio

"I've always recommended Talkwalker Alerts over Google Alerts, and the addition of Twitter makes it so much more powerful." @iagdotme


How do you find emerging content trends using Talkwalker Alerts?

Joanne Sweeny-Burke Bio


"I’ve been using Talkwalker Alerts for the past month and it’s proving a very valuable tool. I’m writing a book so I’ve been monitoring keywords to find case studies and trends!" @tweetsbyJSB

How extensive is the coverage for Talkwalker Alerts...for real?

Dr. Jillian Ney: Social Media

"I was a bit sceptical about the quality of content that would be pulled from social media but after testing Talkwalker Alerts, I'm now sold.  The content shown is relevant and actually gives me more than what I would usually see in my social feeds." @DrJillianNey

Kane Miller:Entrepreneur

“Talkwalker rocks! I like how easy it is setup and how well it can track brand mentions on everything from blogs, to forums, to social media, even video sharing sites.” @IM_Kane

So that’s how the experts use Talkwalker Alerts! Here are some additional (insider!) hacks for you to make the most of Talkwalker Alerts...

Alerts for SEO: Apart from tracking Social and Web mentions, we use Talkwalker Alerts for SEO purposes. It’s a pretty useful tool if you’re looking at scaling outreach efforts. You’ll have the most important posts delivered to your inbox every day from Talkwalker Alerts and this will tell you at a glance which posts you can reach out to for a backlink or two ;).

Alerts for competitive intelligence: It’s not enough to look at what’s being written about your competitors. What’s important is to know what’s being said about them. And the best place for this is Twitter. Talkwalker Alerts delivers the most significant conversations on Twitter to your inbox and this means you can keep a close eye on your competition.

Alerts for crisis management: We actually wrote a whole post on this. Check out How to avoid a social media crisis with Talkwalker Alerts.

What are you waiting for? Set up your first Talkwalker Alert now!

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