Best Chinese New Year marketing campaigns

Following the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year 2022 falls on February 1 and signals the start of a new animal’s zodiac year — the Year of the Tiger.

CNY is hugely celebrated all over the world. Just in January 2022 alone, the topic has been featured in 866K mentions across social media, in the news, blogs, forums, and more.

CNY2022 world map distribution

Distribution of mentions about Chinese New Year 2022 across the globe.

By looking at this emoji cloud from those mentions, we can see the key themes and emotions that are most associated with Chinese New Year - gifts, celebrations, and lots of love.


chinese new year 2022 emoji cloud

Emoji cloud related to Chinese New Year 2022 across the globe.

With all these engagements and feels, Chinese New Year is proving to be a very important time of the year for brands to go all out with memorable marketing campaigns a la Super Bowl.

Check out some of the best Chinese New Year marketing campaigns we’ve seen so far from these 6 brands:

1. A Spark Of Change by RHB Group

Based on true events, this short story by RHB Group shows us how one person with the determination to make the world a better place, is all it takes to create change. This story effectively encapsulates RHB Group's brand promise, #TogetherWeProgress by conveying the themes of change, community and the environment.

2. Family by MR.DIY

Celebrating the beauty of diversity, this campaign by MR.DIY shows us what it means to be a family. In this short story, we see the magic that is created when friends of various ethnicities come together to create beautiful memories over the holidays.

In the spirit of Chinese New Year, MR.DIY Malaysia extended this campaign to include a CSR initiative, “You Share, We Donate”, where the company donates 1RM each time the short story is being shared on Facebook.

3.The Hunt for the Lucky Tiger by Singtel

In this festive film, we are brought along on an adventure as we discover the most valuable gift one could possibly have during the holidays. This story might also inspire your next staycation!

To further celebrate the Year of the Tiger, Singtel collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to launch the Ar-mazing Tiger Trail - a gamified augmented reality (AR) trail for the public to participate in during the upcoming holidays, while learning more about tiger conservation.

Singtel CNY2022 tiger trail instagram

4. #WatsonsGrandestHBY by Watsons Malaysia

With a myriad of vibrant colours, catchy tunes and kung fu moves, this year’s Chinese New Year advertisement by Watsons Malaysia is bound to get you in the festive mood. Watsons Malaysia is also ushering in the Year of the Tiger with a series of deals and giveaways worth RM2,888,888.

5. WonderFu Fortune by Tenaga

This latest short story by Tenaga Nasional effectively sends the message that the valuable company of family is what makes the holidays a truly special occasion.

6. Ah Ma Knows Best by GRAB

What makes the best Yee Sang? This video by GRAB showcases a wide range of mouth-watering Yee Sang dishes, and might just give you ideas for your own Reunion Dinner.

Hope you enjoyed watching and that you picked up some ideas for your own marketing campaigns this year!

If you’re interested in joining the growing Chinese New Year chatter, you still can with these hashtags:

Chinese new year 2022 hashtag cloud

Hashtag cloud related to Chinese New Year 2022 across the globe.


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