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Best Chinese New Year marketing campaigns

Best Chinese New Year marketing campaigns

While New Year celebrations are officially over, those of us in Asia are still relishing the holiday vibes with Chinese New Year (CNY) just around the corner. This could mean a shopping spree thanks to the CNY sale or perhaps a week-long holiday with family back home. For marketers, it is also that time of the year to get creative on social media and showcase our brands with top-notch Chinese New Year marketing campaigns.


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Following the lunar calendar, Chinese New Year 2019 falls on February 5 and signals the start of a new animal’s zodiac year — the Year of the Pig. 🐷

CNY is hugely celebrated all over the world. Just in January 2019 alone, the topic has been featured in close to 300K mentions across Twitter, in the news, blogs, forums, and more.

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By looking at this emoji cloud from those mentions, we can see that people are excited to see their favorite brands ‘pig out’ with stylish Year of Pig prints everywhere from the new Starbucks mugs, to make-up products, to luxury bags from Gucci, LV, and LongChamp.

Chinese New Year 2019 Emoji Cloud Talkwalker Analytics

With all these engagements and feels, Chinese New Year is proving to be a very important time of the year for brands to go all out with memorable marketing campaigns a la Super Bowl.

Check out some of the best Chinese New Year marketing campaigns we’ve seen so far from these 8 brands:

1. The Bucket by Apple

For 2019, Apple produced a film that it claimed was shot using just an iPhone XS. The seven-minute film attempts to remind us how times have changed and sometimes, all we need is a taste of home.

2. Happy Beautiful Year by Watsons

Watsons Malaysia wishes us all a #HappyBeautifulYear together with entertaining dialogue and performances to celebrate “the biggest day upon us” for the whole family to put away the differences this CNY.

3. Belief by RHB Group

Inspired by true events, this story from RHB celebrates the dreams one can achieve in life not only by believing in oneself but also because of the support from loved ones. #TogetherWeProgress

4. The Spirit of Hospitality by Malaysia Airlines

A short but sweet reminder from Malaysia Airlines that Chinese New Year is all about spreading the love and reuniting with family.

5. “From Ma, With Love” by Singtel

This CNY short-film takes us to an adventure of re-discovering family traditions that we grew up with and how a simple call is all it takes to feel a connection with our loved ones.

The video, published on Singtel’s YouTube page in early January, now has over 5M views and some people crying in the comment section.

6. HEART by Petronas

Petronas did it again with their tear-jerking short film, reminding us of the greatest blessings we have. Go ahead, watch and try not to cry.

7. Chinese New Year by Panadol Extra

GSK Asia pays a tribute to family and most especially to all the mama’s out there who are always going the extra mile to make family reunions extra special.

8. What’s wrong with Ma-ma? by Samsung

A feel-good and entertaining CNY special from Samsung Malaysia as Grandma learns to take a selfie! Another great reminder that as we grow older, we can always keep in touch with family — thanks to technology.

Hope you enjoyed watching and that you picked up some ideas for your own marketing campaigns this year!

If you’re interested in joining the growing Chinese New Year chatter, you still can with these hashtags:

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