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How to create successful marketing campaigns

How to create successful marketing campaigns

2021 was by no means an easy year. However, many brands still found a way to forge ahead, pulling off successful marketing campaigns that really made an impact. How? By making clever use of the consumer intelligence they had to hand. Here’s how you can learn from them, and your customers, to add more buzz to your campaigns in 2022.

How to easily measure marketing campaign effectiveness

We’ve already revealed some of the best campaigns of 2021. Why were they so successful? Because they were consumer intelligent. They understood what customers say about their brand, checked where and how much their logo was appearing online, and measured how viral their content was to optimize their message even further.

They listened to what their customers wanted, and delivered it to them, wrapped up with a creative bow.

Now you know what amazing campaigns other brands are creating, here's how to do it yourself.

I’ll discuss relevant examples too, so you’re not left in the dark about which marketing strategies to learn from.

Fit your campaign around customers’ conversations

Consumers don’t want interruptions. They want to carry on with life, without brands shouting at them all the time.

So how do you get them to engage, share, and even enjoy your brand message? By being a part of the conversations they’re already having.

Every day your consumers are having thousands of conversations around your brands. Maybe not directly, but they’ll be chatting about the pain points you fix, inspiration for their next purchases, reviewing their latest buy, etc.

All you need to do is understand those conversations, and you can join them seamlessly. So consumers will see you less as an interruption, and more as a voice that is understanding of their needs.

How Talkwalker helps

Conversation Clusters help you take a step back to see a wider view of the conversations your consumers have online. These data visualizations of an entire conversation’s range of topics is a great way to discover trending subtopics or points of interest happening within your target audience. By understanding what your consumers are discussing, you can shape your campaigns to fit, allowing you to naturally be a part of relevant conversations.

Success marketing in action - John Lewis

Christmas is a key sales period. And in the UK, there’s always a battle to be the most successful Christmas ad 2020 was no different.

Among the conversations relating to Christmas ads, we saw John Lewis repeating its 2020 strategy, and taking the largest share of voice by being one of the first adverts to launch in November 2021. Later in the month, Aldi and Tesco grew in mentions as their adverts were published and shared across social media. Even though supermarkets Aldi and Tesco received a good amount of the share of voice, consumers were more engaged with John Lewis, as a place where they can buy their holiday gifts.

How to create successful marketing campaigns - John Lewis Conversation Clusters

Consumers and media outlets used social media to share and comment on the surprising aspects of each of their favorite adverts this Christmas season.

The most successful campaigns worked for several reasons. Having topical celebrities and influencers, like Tom Holland and Marcus Rashford, as part of different campaigns brought a lot of attention to the brands, and it’s easy to find the celebs that your consumers connect with most.

Aldi also sparked an online debate among consumers as to which character was best, 2020’s star Kevin the Carrot, or this year’s grumpy fruit, Ebanana Scrooge.

With 52.6% of the share of voice, this year’s character slightly tipped the scales his way. These campaigns have shown that even though the message is important, audiences will respond better to ads that are especially creative, and capture their imagination.

The best campaigns are those that understand and tap into the topics that consumers are invested in. Conversation Clusters offer a unique view of what people care about and talk about in online conversations.

Cover the topics that make consumers tick

At the heart of conversations, are the topics that matter most to your consumers. They could be the big topics, like social equality or tackling environmental issues. Or simple things, like the latest fashion trends or favorite flavors.

Knowing what those topics are allows you to get closer to your consumers, and tackle the subjects that are most relevant to them.

How Talkwalker helps

Word Clouds are a straightforward visualization of the top and trending words within a conversation, trend, or topic. It offers brands a way to see how certain keywords are prioritized, and which are discussed the most online. Enabling you to see what matters most to your consumers, and allowing you to adjust your campaigns to match their language.

Success marketing in action - Spotify

For the sixth year in a row, Spotify released its Wrapped campaign, which gives artists, podcasters, and users a summary of what they’ve experienced through the platform in 2021. Through this campaign, the brand took the data of 365 million active users to create stories and connect with people. With 3.7M mentions in the first few days of December, the campaign already has 61.1% more mentions than this time last year.

How to create successful marketing campaigns - Spotify word clouds

There was a high variety of genres present among the most-discussed artists and podcasts in social media, with respect to #SpotifyWrapped results.

The campaign was a success, as it had the listeners at its heart. It also revealed vital insights that Spotify, or savvy brands, could tap into…

  • Apart from top artists, consumers are interested in new audio content across platforms, as shown by the presence of Bo Burnham’s comedy special, Inside. Spotify has already taken this a step further, by creating a hub with all the music from Netflix’s shows and movies.
  • In terms of podcasts, Spotify is succeeding with exclusive content like The Joe Rogan Experience and Call Her Daddy, and with original content, especially if it’s related to crime, the paranormal, and horror stories. This demonstrates the importance that the entertainment industry is giving to the production of original content.

Word Clouds like the one above for Spotify can be a quick way to measure results and discover what’s working and what’s not. It’s also a great tool for discovering new trends and details that were not previously known. As with most of Talkwalker’s features, the value from insights will make all the difference.

Give people what they’ll love

If you want people to engage with your message, make sure they love it. Sounds tricky, but if you create your successful campaigns around the things you know people will love, you’re already one step ahead.

By understanding the sentiment around your brand, your products, and even around the topics your consumers engage with, you can understand just what makes your consumers tick. Allowing you to create campaigns that are hyper-relevant, engaging, and overall, more successful.

How Talkwalker helps

What’s the best way to accomplish that? With sentiment analysis of course.

Talkwalker’s AI-enabled sentiment analysis helps you quickly understand the sentiment around any brand mention. Our powerful AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand the context of every mention, and can even detect sarcasm.

This gives you an overview of exactly how consumers see your brand online, with real-time updates, allowing you to optimize campaigns when they’re live.

Success marketing in action - Block vs Meta

Meta recently kicked off their first consumer brand marketing campaign, using a creative take on Henri Rousseau’s painting, ‘Fight Between a Tiger and Buffalo’. The commercial ran both off and on the metaverse platform, as well as on television channels across the U.S., for about one month to kick-off and raise awareness of the company’s corporate rebranding from Facebook.

How to create successful marketing campaigns - Meta sentiment analysis

Consumers have a lot to say about Square, Inc. and Facebook’s recent changes, and are evenly split between positive and negative reactions.

The commercial left an impression, to say the least, and so did Square’s rebranding as ‘Block’, a new strategy for Jack Dorsey’s company to expand into blockchain. But it looks like Meta could take a leaf from Block’s book. Without taking neutral conversations into account, consumer sentiment around the brands’ rebranding shows that Block was better received.

Meta’s rebranding example proves how much a product or services can be affected by sentiment analysis. Tracking online mentions doesn’t give you a complete understanding of how well received a campaign is, but tracking online sentiment does. Not only measuring how your brand is perceived online, but also how popular a specific post, campaign, or product under your brand is.

See your product in action

A brand isn’t just a name. It often comes with a tangible product that can be used, shared, snapped, filmed, and interacted with.

And if consumers can, consumers will.

To create more successful campaigns, you need to understand how your products are used when they’re released into the real world. Find out exactly what your consumers do with them, and then shape your campaigns to match.

How Talkwalker helps

Image recognition allows you to see how consumers are, well, consuming your products in the real world. Find your logos in online images or videos, to understand when, how, and where your customers are sharing your products. If you’re promoting a drink, you can instantly see if it’s more popular in a bar, at the beach, or at home, and adapt your campaign tone to fit.

Success marketing in action - Dr. Oetker

To promote the uptake of vaccines in Germany, brands changed their advertising slogans to include terms like vaccines, or vaccination, (impfen or impfung in German) generating more than 45.6K mentions. Dr. Oetker, the food manufacturer, led the charge, receiving over 15.9K engagements on its new slogan on Twitter, “vaccination is the best recipe”. The brand’s tweet received engagement mostly from within Germany, but consumers in other countries also showed their support.

How to create successful marketing campaigns - Dr Oetker image recognition

Brands across industries have taken part in the campaign, sharing a wide array of creative slogans, and raising awareness.

Now you’re ready for 2022

Being aware of what consumers are saying about your brand and everything else they’re sharing online is the difference between making it and breaking it next year.

Check out Talkwalker’s cutting-edge Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform to leverage detailed features for a complete picture of your consumer. By being customer intelligent, you’ll utilize real-time insights to decide how best to market your brand. Put your best foot forward by employing consumer intelligence and incorporating data with your content, strategies, and marketing campaigns.

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