8 brilliant online reputation management tools

8 brilliant online reputation management tools

If your brand is active on social media, it's likely you've had to deal with online reputation management. 86% of people will hesitate to purchase products or services from a business that has negative online reviews, so the impact of what your consumers are saying about you online couldn't be bigger.

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What is online reputation management?

Reputation management or ORM (online reputation management) in the digital sphere refers to the monitoring of the reputation of an individual or brand and addressing damaging content. Using feedback to solve problems before they damage an individual or brand’s reputation.

There are of course many ways and many tools that companies can use to do this, ranging from setting up alerts and monitoring around brand names, or enlisting the help of a PR specialist to help combat the effect of negative stories.

Here I'm focusing on what can be done by businesses and individuals acting on their own using online tools.

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Below, I've compiled a list of free and low-cost online reputation management tools that'll help you protect your business more effectively every day. If you want to get the full picture of what's being said about your brand on social networks and online, try Talkwalker's powerful social media analytics platform today.

8 Best Reputation Management Tools

1. Talkwalker Free Social Search and Talkwalker Alerts

Use Free Social Search to track your social media presence in real-time. Monitor what's being said about your brand over a 7 day period, across all major social media channels, blogs, forums, reviews.

talkwalker free social search is a free social media tracker for upto 7 days data

Talkwalker's free online management reputation tool.

Talkwalker's Free Social Search let you dig deeper into your online reputation management.

  • Identify sentiment towards your brand, products or services for the last 7 days

  • Understand what posts, tweets and articles are driving social discussion about your brand

  • Data coverage spans both social networks and 150M+ websites, for a full view of brand reputation across social, online news, blogs, forums and more

  • No limit to the number of searches you conduct - results back in seconds - meaning you can monitor your online reputation in real-time

Take a look at this short video of the key features:

Talkwalker Alerts is an easy way to stay on top of your online reputation. As the basic building block of your reputation management strategy, your alerts do the hard work for you. Notifying you whenever your keyword pops up on the internet. It's a simple - yeah, better - alternative to Google Alerts.

Creating an alert couldn't be easier: enter the keyword you want to monitor - e.g. your brand name - refine by media type, language and frequency. Add your email address - done!

Oh, and you can also monitor Twitter!!

Talkwalker Alerts to avoid a social media crisis

Create an alert in 10 seconds - enter your keyboard, language, frequency, and result type.

“Talkwalker Alerts have been very useful for me to track mentions and publications of our brand in the media. Every day I get an email with new findings that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. This makes the tracking activity of my PR job easier.”
Giovanna Sánchez, Associate Communications Manager at BlaBlaCar Mexico

Pro tip: use up to ten Boolean operators to refine your alert or search from the get-go
Price: forever free

2. IFTTT - If this, then that

recipes on ifttt

Connect the apps and devices you love.

IFTTT is a nifty app that can do everything from texting you when it's raining, to turning on your smart lights at home when your car approaches the house (unless you still have regular lights like the rest of us).

The basic principle is as simple as it is versatile: you choose a channel that triggers an action in another channel. For example, if you like a picture on Facebook (trigger), the picture will be sent to your Dropbox (action).

  • Combine any of the 300+ channels they support to keep track of your online reputation.
  • If your brand is mentioned on Reddit, you can get a direct message in your team's Slack channel
  • You could get a text message every time there's a new item in your Talkwalker Alerts RSS feed

Price: free. Also available as iOS and Android apps

3. Go Fish Digital Complaint Search

go fish digital website

Listen to conversations about your brand.

The Go Fish Digital complaint search box lets you perform a Google search for negative reviews on over 40 websites at once. You can check out what's being said about your brand and find reviews easily. Be sure to check it out from time to time to make sure nothing new has come up.

"The complaint site search tool is one of the handiest tools we have. We created it to help develop a holistic pictures of a brand's online reputation.Many brands come to us to fix one specific issue, and that is fine, but having a deeper picture of how people are complaining online can be very helpful in developing a comprehensive strategy."
Brian Patterson, Partner at Go Fish Digital

Price: Go Fish Digital also offers paid services to improve your online reputation

4. ReviewTrackers

review trackers website

Review monitoring in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Review Trackers is a great paid tool to keep track of your customers' reviews across 80+ sites and sources.

  • Collects all your reviews in one dashboard and sends email reports to keep you up to date.
  • Reporting functions help you track the performance of multiple locations
  • Feature that detects patterns in customer feedback so you can easily see which topics your customers talk about the most.

"Our clients are able to unlock actionable customer intelligence that helps them manage their online reviews, improve their brand reputation and make data-driven decisions that can result in increased profitability."
Chris Campbell, CEO of ReviewTrackers

Pricing starts at $49 per month for a single location

5. KnowEm

knowem website

Secure your brand reputation on the internet.

KnowEm has been around since 2009 but it’s still relevant today. The free service lets you...

  • Check for availability of your brand or product name on 330+ social media and news sites.
  • Get an instant overview of your accounts and find which are missing or have been joined under your brand name.

"KnowEm’s services seem to fulfill a genuine need for enterprises, brands and even celebs looking to play in the social media world. As we’ve seen from Twitter username-squatting, this can be a problem for brands and celebs."
Leena Rao, TechCrunch

They also offer a paid service where they sign you up for up to 300 social media websites so you can be absolutely sure to secure your brand on as many networks and sites as possible. Prices start from $84.95 for a personal plan or $249 for a business starter package.

6. Image Raider

Image raider website

Receive alerts whenever your brand images are used.

Image Raider is a relatively straightforward online reputation management tool that is focused on tracking misuse of your images. You simply upload an image into the tool and then Image Raider will look for all uses of this image across Google, Bing and Yandex to recover image use. Key users of the service are listed above.

A quick an easy option for your reputation management toolbox.

7. Yotpo

reputation management yotpo

Encourage customers to write reviews about your products and services.

While most of the other tools here focus on brand monitoring Yotpo is a service that focuses on something that can help improve your reputation – encouraging customers to write positive reviews.

It has both a paid version and a free version.

  • Free version - Yotpo lite - allows you to generate review request emails, automatically send out review requests after a purchase and create a customizable product review widget on your website.
  • Paid version offers many more options depending on the package but includes options to help showcase reviews through social media campaigns, creation of rich snippets for featuring in search results and social curation for Instagram.

Price: Free version + a variety of advanced paid options upon request

8. ReviewPush

reputation management tool reviewpush

Automatic reporting of your review activity.

ReviewPush is a paid review site monitoring service that offers a free trial.

  • Looks for new reviews of your company or service across Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yellow Pages and more.
  • Provides you with automated email notifications.
  • Rank different store locations against each other.
  • Email alerts that allow users to directly respond to customer feedback picked up by the tool.

ReviewPush even provides some basic analytics to understand whether your reviews are mostly positive or negative.

Price: ReviewPush offers a 30 day free trial with prices going up to $49/month for a single location. Prices for multiple locations are available upon request.

Which online reputation management tools or services are you using to protect your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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