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Best online reputation management tools Free & low-cost , Talkwalker


Check your brand's online performance now!

BTW - This ORM tools guide has been updated and republished. If you'd like to read the updated version - Best online reputation management tools & guide - scoot on over there now. It includes 9 of my fave free and low-cost ORM tools.

Here's what I'm asking you to do...

Listen to what consumers are saying about your brand, your products, your industry. Monitor your competitors and check out their marketing campaigns. Visualize where your industry is heading. 

What do you reckon? Up to the challenge?

You're gonna need online reputation managment tools. With the best tools, you'll quickly find every single online mention of your brand in text, images, video.

Yes, I said video. Ready to go?

Table of contents

Why you need an online reputation management plan

Your brand has a great reputation. You'd like to maintain that reputation. How? Online reputation management

I'm not going to lie to you. It's not easy. But... if your brand's reputation takes a hit, it could damage your busienss. Destroy your bottom line.

You've followed all the SEO rules. Your website is responsive and easy to navigate. But, if a potential customer finds a negative review of your product...

90% of consumers say that user-generated content influences their purchasing

Get what I'm saying?

Amazon customer review - UGC - ORM tools

Social proof - Amazon customers posting reviews influences other users.

Implementing an online reputation management strategy is not about employing cover-up tactics. It's about encouraging customers to write awesome reviews. Sharing user-generated content with your audience. Highlighting the postive to such an extent, that the negative is irrelevant.

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever...

Too much?

Onine reputation management - ORM - when you monitor the reputation  of your brand. Finding and addressing potentially damaging content. Using feedback to solve problems before they destroy your brand’s reputation.

There's a heap of ways to manage your online reputation, and a bigger heap of tools that you can use to monitor and protect. Ranging from setting up alerts and monitoring your brand, product, C-Level execs, etc., to working with a PR specialist to minimize the effect of negative stories.

This post concentrates on what you as a brand, can do for yourself. Using online reputation management tools.

How to measure your social media reputation

I won't go too deep into how to measure your online reputation, because there's a detailed explanation in our Best online reputation management tools & guide. Worth a read if you care about your brand.

The most important thing to understand is how consumers currently see you. What they think of you. What they feel. For that, you'll need detailed social media analysis. There are ten steps...

  • What to track
  • Past performance
  • Real-time monitoring with Talkwalker Alerts
  • Data relevancy with filters and Boolean operators
  • Themes and influencers monitoring
  • Metrics collated on a single dashboard
  • New data compared with goals
  • Industry trends and competitor behavior monitoring
  • Shared results

Check out the ORM guide for a heap more information.

Let's get onto the ORM tools... 

Best online reputation management tools

Your brand deserves the best ORM tools. Here are my favorites...

Talkwalker | Free Social Search & Talkwalker Alerts


Use Free Social Search to track your social media presence in real-time. Monitor what's being said about your brand over a 7 day period, across all major social media channels, blogs, forums, reviews. 


Talkwalker Free Social Search - ORM tools

Talkwalker's free online management reputation tool - Free Social Search.

Talkwalker's Free Social Search let you dig deeper into your online reputation management.

  • Identify sentiment towards your brand, products or services for the last 7 days
  • Understand which posts, tweets and articles are driving conversation about your brand
  • Data coverage spans both social networks and 150M+ websites, for a complete view of your brand's reputation across social, online news, blogs, forums and more
  • Unlimited searches with results back in seconds - meaning you can monitor your online reputation in real-time 


Free Social Search - free brand monitoring tool

Talkwalker Alerts is an easy way to stay on top of your online reputation. Alerts do the hard work for you. Notifying you whenever one of your keywords is used on the internet. It's a simple - yeah, better -  alternative to Google Alerts.

Creating an alert couldn't be easier. Enter the keywords you want to monitor - your brand name, product, CEO - refine by media type, language and frequency. Add your email address - done! 

Told you it was easy.

Oh, and you can also monitor Twitter!!!


Talkwalker Alerts - ORM tools

Create an alert in 10 seconds - enter your keyword, language, frequency, and result type.

“Talkwalker Alerts have been very useful for me to track mentions and publications of our brand in the media. Every day I get an email with new findings that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. This makes the tracking activity of my PR job easier.”
Giovanna Sánchez, Associate Communications Manager at BlaBlaCar Mexico

Talkwalker | Video analytics tool

"Today's brand captures, Tomorrow's business insights."

Talkwalker recently introduced video analytics to its image recognition feature. This means that we can give you 100% control of brand mentions in text, images, and... video. This technology, unique to social listening, will allow you to find up to 3x the number of brand mentions. 

That's epic, I have to say.

How's it going to help you with online reputation management?

Improve campaign engagement by 50%

Remember what I said about posting positive content, so the negative loses its impact? The solution is user-generated content. UGC can boost campaign engagement by 50%, increase email click-through by 73%, and conversons by 10%.

Crisis management

Brand protection is right up there in your ORM plan. Your logo is unique to your brand, and you hav to keep it that way. If others abuse it, your reputation will be damaged.

Prove the value of sponsorship

Tracking and measuring the ROI of sponsorships is notoriously hard. 40% of sponsorship professionals think that evaluating sponsorship campaigns is one of the top challenges

Seriously, it can't be ignored. Sponsorship spending amounts to over $50 billion per year

If you can't prove that money spend is bringing in results, why are you bothering. You could be losing big bucks.

Every capture of your logo on video will be found by video analytics, without or without a mention in the comments. 

You shoot. You score!

"With Talkwalker's new video recognition capabilities, brands are able to open a new door of mention possibilities. Not only can they see what is said about them, they can also see where there brand is present and acknowledged within context. Perfect for PR and customer service opportunities, this new service will see brands fully embracing their logo and its importance in online conversations."
Christina Garnett | Marketing Media Maven

Okay, moving onto my other favorite online reputation management tools...

IFTTT | If This, Then That

IFTTT - ORM tools

Connect the app and devices you love.

IFTTT is an awesome app that can do everything. From texting you when it's raining, to turning on your porch lights at home when your pizza delivery arrives.

IFTTT - ORM tools

Extra cheese?

It can be used with hundreds of apps and devices - Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, Fitbit, Amazon, Alexa, Gmail... 

The basic principle is simple. Choose a channel that triggers an action in another channel. For example, if you like a picture on Facebook - trigger, the picture will be sent to your Dropbox - action. 

  • Combine any of the 300+ channels they support to keep track of your online reputation. 
  • If your brand is mentioned on Reddit, you can get a direct message in your team's Slack channel
  • You could get a text message every time there's a new item in your Talkwalker Alerts RSS feed 

Go Fish Digital | Complaint search tool

Go Fish Digital helps with SEO, online reputation managmenet,. content marketing, website design and development, and paid ads. 

Go Fish - ORM tool

Online reputation management tools - build trust in your organization.

The Go Fish Digital complaint search box lets you perform a Google search of more than 40 websites for negative reviews. All at the same time! Protect your brand's reputation by making the positive information easier to find. While diminishing the visibility of negative user comments. 

"The complaint site search tool is one of the handiest tools we have. We created it to help develop a holistic picture of a brand's online reputation.Many brands come to us to fix one specific issue, and that is fine, but having a deeper picture of how people are complaining online can be very helpful in developing a comprehensive strategy."
Brian Patterson, Partner at Go Fish Digital 

Go Fish - ORM tool

Ensure you rsite is fully optimized for Google.

ReviewTrackers | Review management tool

ReviewTrackers - ORM tools

Online reputation management tool - automate reviews and respond quickly to minimize customer churn.

ReviewTrackers is an ORM tool to keep track of your customers' reviews across 100+ sites and sources.

  • Collect all your reviews in one dashboard and receive email reports
  • Reporting functions help you track the performance of multiple locations
  • Find patterns in customer feedback to see which topics your customers talk about the most
  • Ask customers for reviews to increase ratings and reputation
  • Identify trends in your reputation at national, regional, and local level.

"Our clients are able to unlock actionable customer intelligence that helps them manage their online reviews, improve their brand reputation and make data-driven decisions that can result in increased profitability."
Chris Campbell, CEO of ReviewTrackers 

KnowEm | Brand protection tool

KnowEm - ORM tools

Secure your brand reputation on the internet.

KnowEm will help you secure your brand name across social media. A pioner of social media brand protection, KnowEm tracks hundreds of social media networks. These networks are filled with user-generated content.

  • Check for use of your brand, product, username on 500+ social media sites
  • Get an instant overview of your accounts and find which are missing or have been joined under your brand name
  • Enterprise dashboard for resellers and agencies 

KnowEm - ORM tools

Online reputation managment tool - trademark and brand protection.

"KnowEm’s services seem to fulfill a genuine need for enterprises, brands and even celebs looking to play in the social media world. As we’ve seen from Twitter username-squatting, this can be a problem for brands and celebs."
Leena Rao, TechCrunch 

Yotpro | Improve brand reputation

"Accelerate growth with a full suite of solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, and referrals."

Yotpo - ORM tools

User-generated content marketing, referrals, loyalty programs.

While most of the online reputation management tools here focus on brand monitoring, Yotpo is a service that helps you improve your brand's reputation. Encouraging customers to write positive reviews.

Features include...

  • Visual marketing - user-generated visual content
  • Reviews and ratings - collect UGC reviews
  • Loyalty and referrals - incentivize repeat purchase, referrals, social engagement

Yotpo - ORM tools

Visual user-generated content to enhance your brand reputation.

There is a free plan, but the features are limited...

Free version

  • 50 monthly orders
  • Review request emails
  • On-site widgets
  • Basic customization
  • Content management and moderation

Paid version

  • Custom monthly orders
  • Multi-channel content generation
  • On-site widgets and galleries
  • Google and Facebook integration
  • Advanced content management
  • Widgets and email customizing
  • Multiple domain support

ReviewPush | Online review management tool

Review Push - ORM tool

Automatic reporting of your review activity.

ReviewPush offers all-in-one online review management. 

Features include...

  • Hunts down new reviews of your brand or service across Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, and more
  • Sends an email when a new review is posted
  • Manages online reviews on customizable dashboard
  • Provides you with automated email notifications
  • Ranks different store locations against each other
  • Emails alerts that allow users to directly respond to customer feedback picked up by the tool
  • Generates positive reviews
  • Provides dashboard access to your team at corporate, regional, district, or store level
  • Sends automated reports

ReviewPush even provides some basic analytics to understand whether your reviews are positive or negative. 

That's all folks...

What do you think? See anything you fancy?

I'm taken with video analytics, but I guess I'm biased.

Use online reputation management tools to protect your brand, your business, your bottom line. 

  • Find and encourage positive customer reiews
  • Identify user-generated content and use to enhance your brand's image
  • Protect your logo against trademark infrinement

If you'd like to try our video analytics, Free Social Search, or Talkwalker Alerts, one of our experts would be happy to give you a free demo.


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