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Video Recognition
Life is in motion. So is your brand. Capture the impact

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150 million images and videos analyzed every day.

The only social listening tool that enables brands and agencies to analyze their brand exposure in video, with AI-powered scaling and accuracy.

Get 10x more campaign shares using video content.
92% of people will share a video that’s critical of your brand. Protect your reputation.
96% of marketers aren’t completely satisfied with their ability to measure sponsorship ROI.

AI-driven video recognition detects 300% more brand mentions than text monitoring alone.

<strong>1st and only video recognition in social listening</strong>
1st and only video recognition in social listening
Enables brands and agencies to assess brand exposure in videos.
<strong>360° view of your brand impact</strong>
360° view of your brand impact
Without video recognition, you miss half your brand story. Combining video, image and text analytics, you get the full brand picture.
With the power of our machine learning, our proprietary technology finds all your brand logos in a matter of seconds.
<strong>30,000+ logo database</strong>
30,000+ logo database
Detect brand logos, scenes, and objects from the largest industry database .