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<b>Protect your online reputation globally</b> and manage risks in real-time

Protect your online reputation globally and manage risks in real-time

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. It is critically impacted by the conversations in the online and social space, but incredibly difficult to stay on top of manually. Talkwalker gives you a comprehensive brand protection and reputation framework so you never miss a beat - across social, online and print media, TV and radio.

Mitigate reputational risk through an early warning system and predictive alerts. Analyze key stakeholder attitudes with our exclusive Reputation Score. Find out how your messages resonate. Monitor potential issues with instant and predictive alerting and unique AI-Powered Sentiment.

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Move the conversation with the <b>right influencers</b>

Move the conversation with the right influencers

Access the power of social influencers through the influencer table. With our unique Virality Map feature, you can easily identify the people that have the reach, relevance and resonance to amplify your message.

Influencer Network gives you an instant view on communities for any topic. Or use our unique virality map to see how your messages spread and replicate viral success.

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360° view on earned and owned media lets you measure how PR drives traffic and brand impact

Talkwalker covers social networks, online, print, broadcast and TV sources so you can eliminate siloed views of PR and social. Get a 360° view on earned and owned media with a solution that unifies all your social, digital and traditional channels. Trace your efforts back to the bottom line, so you can prove exactly what comms brings to the table and move communications and PR from a cost to a profit center.

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<b>Agile reporting</b> that’s ready in minutes, if not seconds

Agile reporting that’s ready in minutes, if not seconds

When an exec wants a report, they don't have time to waste. Talkwalker lets you pull together, annotate and send a full campaign or event report in minutes. No stress.

Our intuitive interface lets you choose the widgets you need, annotate them to explain what's behind the data and export them in the format you're used to. 

Easy to use and incredibly powerful. 

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<br/><b>Single source of truth</b> for your global team

Single source of truth for your global team

Comparing apples to oranges won't cut it when you work across multiple teams and regions. Everyone needs to look at the same meaningful figures.

Talkwalker covers your international team. Across millions of social, online, print, broadcast, TV and image sources. You'll never miss a beat.

Learn more from our PR measurement guide!

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