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Brand reputation dashboard template

on 14/05/2021

A positive brand reputation means consumers trust a brand. They’re happy to spend their money. They’ll return. They’re happy to recommend.

A negative brand reputation means… well, you know.

In our digital world, having the ability to promote our brand online is a double-edged sword. It’s free. You can target the entire world. You’re vulnerable to negative comments, trademark infringement, counterfeit products, fake news… the list goes on.

Our brand reputation dashboard helps you identify and analyze consumer behavior, perceptions, and grievances, so you can manage, improve, and protect your most valuable asset. Your reputation.

  • A snapshot of KPIs for a given time period - compared with the previous one - tracked across different types of media
  • Understand how consumers feel about your brand with AI-powered sentiment analysis
  • Compare posts from multiple sources where consumers interact, to find the best channels for your marketing communication

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