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We’re widening our net and bringing you access to the data you need to inform strategies that impact. We’re building on our proprietary Blue Silk™ AI analytical capabilities to rapidly reduce time to actionable insights, and we’re making lots of improvements across the Talkwalker platform that will help teams across your business make better, faster decisions. 

Key release highlights

  • Supercharge your understanding of customer feedback with analysis of CSAT surveys & support emails
  • Instant AI-generated Insights on all of your customer data and reviews
  • Enhanced visual insights on social channels, now including Instagram Reels data
  • Save time with superior social data segmentation and classification  

Achieve visibility of the end-to-end buyer journey

In addition to product, location or app reviews, the voice of your customer can be heard through customer satisfaction surveys or emails into your support team. Tapping into this wealth of customer feedback data can help provide a much better understanding of customer perception around your brand, services or products. 

That’s why with Talkwalker you can now instantly and seamlessly import customer support emails and tickets from your Salesforce Service Cloud, as well as CSAT surveys from Qualtrics and Medallia into our platform. Use our out-of-the-box connecters for speedy integration, and leverage our predefined dashboards and AI-enabled analytical capabilities to help monitor the voice of your customer in real time, right from day one. 

Why it matters

Voice of the customer data analysis enables you to gain a unified view of the customer journey, identify risks early and manage issues related to your product, billing or service more effectively. Understand the reasons for high or low customer satisfaction to prevent churn and discover product related opportunities and share them with your product team.  

See how you can benefit from a holistic view of consumer and customer data, together in one platform

Get instant, automated insights on your customer data

Imagine how many analysts you’d need in your business to read through all, not just a sample, ALL of your reviews, CSAT surveys or customer support emails related to just one product, as they happen. And then asking them to provide a deep analysis which answers questions like, why do women of a certain age in the UK like this product, why don’t they, how does it compare to what they think about my competitors’ similar product? 

Ten? Twenty? A hundred? A hundred thousand? Hard to say, right? And, let's be frank about it, probably even harder asking for the budget to hire them. Well, what if you didn’t need to dream or blow your department's bank balance?    

Talkwalker users can now get access to Blue Silk™ Insight. It uses state-of-the-art deep learning AI to auto-generate succinct sentences from a nuanced and context-rich understanding of a large volume of your review, survey or email data. 

It’s super flexible. It can be run on different subsets of your data set, working hand in hand with however you want to segment your data by filters or sentiment to help quickly answer specific business questions you may have. And it takes only a matter of seconds to do.

Why it matters

Blue Silk™ Insight saves hours of manual effort spent in going through 1000s of solicited surveys and unsolicited reviews or emails to get to the gist of the data and understand the deeper why. 

It serves to validate business hypotheses quickly, informing smarter product innovation, and bubbles up insights to help develop personalized engagement strategies to enhance customer experience or inform targeted campaigns. 

Reviews and surveys with Talkwalker's Blue Silk Insight AI-enabled feature. Reviews show people are generally happy with the iPhone12, but poor battery life and screen quality. Surveys shows people sharing mixed reviews. Some love design and color, while others don't like the camera arrangement.

Save time on manual analysis with AI-generated insights from your customer data.

Sounds impressive, can I see it in action?

Capture more critical conversations and hidden brand mentions across your visual social data

Talkwalker now includes voice of the consumer data captured from Instagram Reels.

In Talkwalker's last release we announced that we’d added the ability for Talkwalker users to add their own predefined lists of public Instagram accounts, pages or hashtags into Talkwalker, or leverage our own curated lists covering industries, regions and more. This provides a quick and easy way to uplift the amount of key brand or industry topic mentions and gives you the most comprehensive view of consumers active on the world’s largest image and video sharing platform.     

This November, we go one better. We’re now ingesting Instagram Reels data into Talkwalker to be analyzed by our proprietary Blue Silk™ AI technology in order to quickly surface relevant and meaningful insights. 

Instagram Reels promotional image

Include Instagram Reels in social listening and analytics.

Why it matters

Instagram Reels are short-form videos lasting up to 60 seconds long and accounting for over 20% of the time users spend on Instagram as a whole. 

By including this data into Talkwalker we’re now enabling our users to further discover and understand what consumers are saying about their brand, products, campaigns and those of their competitors. Surfacing insights that help create better products, customer experiences and marketing efforts. 

Find and leverage key influencers and opinion leaders to help amplify product launches. Further safeguard brand reputation by being alerted to potentially damaging comments, images or videos posted about your brand. Analyze key talking points around products or your industry and detect category trends that help to inspire product innovation and improve market share. Measure the impact and performance of your owned channel activity, revealing key insights that help to expand share of voice.  

The popularity of Instagram Reels correlates with an emerging shift in user behavior on social media driven mostly by Gen Z consumers; image and video is fast becoming the most popular format of social content. There are over 3.2 billion images posted on social media every day and 2 billion videos shared daily on Twitter alone, a 62% increase over the last year

Which is why… 

We’re improving our Visual Insights suite by using the latest developments in AI to now identify text written in any image across any social channel as well as viewing what people say on videos posted on Twitter. 

Powered by our proprietary Blue Silk™ AI, we leverage optical character recognition technology that enables us to recognize the elements and characters included in an image and analyze the content to detect additional brand mentions that went unnoticed until now. Whilst in-house speech to text AI technology can show a transcript of what people are saying when mentioning your brand, products, competitors or industry topic in videos shared via Twitter. 

Why it matters 

Consumers write text in images to express their thoughts, desires, pains regarding pretty much anything. An image can also be a useful way to workaround character limitations on Twitter, if you’re a celebrity or influencer and want to announce something to your followers without creating a long thread. Whereas consumers may use videos for multiple reasons such as recommending to buy or avoid new products or brands as a whole. 

The ability to see how consumers write and speak about your brand in images and videos can help you better safeguard your brand reputation by alerting you to visual content that is creating a lot of heat around your brand. You can also more easily discover insights that help you innovate to improve your products, design better customer experiences, and more targeted social campaigns.

Optical character recognition enables Talkwalker to recognize text in images to find brand mentions.

Optical character recognition - OCR - technology enables us to capture thousands more brand mentions.

I want to improve understanding of consumer behavior with more comprehensive social data coverage

Reduce time to relevant insights with state-of-the-art AI data classification

With increasing access to unstructured social data it becomes even more important for brands to be able to structure it by organizing and segmenting it accordingly, at scale and in real time. 

That’s why we’re introducing 1-Click AI Classifier.  Leveraging exciting new developments in natural language processing, you can now set up short one-sentence descriptions that guide our Blue Silk™ AI to segment your unstructured social data instantly, as soon as it’s posted.

Why it matters

Data segmentation helps to isolate and analyze the conversations that are most relevant to help answer key business questions, so that decisions influencing marketing, brand, communication and product strategies can be made more confidently, and in a more timely manner. Some examples of common ways in which data can be classified is by stage of customer journey, product performance, price, type or even issues.

Today, most users of a consumer intelligence platform manually tag posts to predefined classifications, do rule-based tagging, build complicated booleans to filter out irrelevant conversations or utilize out-of-the-box filters provided by the platform itself. But these methods can have their drawbacks such as low accuracy and lack of scalability. The most powerful platforms offer the chance to train your own AI models to be able to overcome this, but whilst the results are certainly more robust, this can be a time-consuming or resource-heavy activity.   

1-Click AI Classifier now reduces, or eliminates altogether, the need for rules, and further AI customization to classify large volumes of online consumer data depending on business needs whilst providing superior levels of accuracy. It’s a silver bullet for data segmentation. This helps brands save huge amounts of time in surfacing accurate insights from what can be an overwhelming amount of data, whilst lowering costs by optimizing resources. 

Preview model: Porsche Taycan. Categories defined with 1-Click AI Classifier. Three posts shown with positive and neutral sentiment. Classifiers include performance, design, environmental impact, price, and comfort.

Improved time-to-insight on social data classification.

We’re also improving our market-leading sentiment analysis, to be more accurate and contextually aware when analyzing social posts, articles, blogs, and websites that mention brands, competitors, celebrities or influencers. 

Sentiment analysis is one of the most common and important ways in which brands need to classify their data. It can help to show what and why consumers think a certain way about your brand or key industry topic. 

We’re now able to classify not only a post, blog or article's overall sentiment, but how specific brands or celebrities may be perceived within the content.

Why it matters 

This new level of granularity saves the time it would take for a team to go through conversations individually to see how their brand is being perceived in the context of the piece. 

Let's take the news of a global retail company dropping a key celebrity ambassador over politically incorrect statements. There might be an article eulogizing the company for dropping the celebrity. But the same article may also speak to the celebrity’s recent remarks and judge them poorly for it. With our new entity-based sentiment analysis, the sentiment towards the company will be deemed positive and that towards the celebrity negative. Seeing this sentiment assignment upfront will now help save time by removing the need for you to read through hundreds of individual articles to understand whether your brand is portrayed positively or negatively.  

You can now better understand your brand’s own marketing efforts, and those of your competitors, including how products, promotional campaigns or PR initiatives are truly being perceived in the eyes of the media, and more significantly, your own customers and consumers.

Post shared by Jonathan Vanian titled, Facebook scrambles to escape stock's death spriral as users flee, sales drop. Sentiment is shown to be negative.

Run entity-based sentiment analysis for a more granular view of sentiment.

See how you can save time and optimize resource with AI data classification

And if that wasn’t already enough… there’s even more… 

  • Go deeper into Conversation Clusters to better understand the why behind the conversations
  • Gain a contextual understanding of long-term trends, how they start and how they change over time with the Trend Analytics IQ App
  • Measure past campaign performances with Facebook historical data
  • Help to quickly identify key drivers behind sudden spikes in conversations with our Peak Detection enhancements. 

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