Free Social Search and Analytics with Talkwalker

    Marketers, rejoice: Talkwalker is taking the lid off of a powerful new social search engine!

      Today, we are excited to introduce you to our new, powerful and yes, you heard us right – free, social media search and analytics engine which allows users to search for their brand, product or competitors in real-time and instantly view mentions from the last 7 days.

    Talkwalker’s powerful, enterprise social media monitoring and analytics have been around for quite some time, but we understand that if you are a social media rookie or a small business marketer, then jumping in head-first with an enterprise-level tool might not be 100% right for you. Bearing this in mind - we have decided to create a powerful yet simple, social media search engine which shares a glimpse of the kind of game-changing insights that social media monitoring and analytics can really offer!

    Talkwalker Social Search is designed especially to mine key information from the social web in real-time and helps users to discover unexpected ways that their audience is talking about their brand, products and relevant topics across blogs, forums, online news, Twitter, Facebook and other major social networks.

    With Talkwalker Social Search, our users will also have access to free, top-line social media analytics - arming them with another level of meaningful insight and enabling them to identify influencers, visualize their performance metrics for socially shared content, track and measure the effectiveness of recent social media campaigns, benchmark their performance against the competition and even discover emerging topics in social media conversations from the last 7 days.  

    What are the advantages of Talkwalker Social Media Search?

      • Beginning today, you’ll be able to use Talkwalker Social Search to search in real-time for mentions of your brand, products, competitors or topics from the last 7 days and instantly receive results from online news sources, blogs, forums and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

      • Keep track of your performance with interesting KPIs/metrics like: Total Views, Reach, Engagement Rate, Engagement type, Pageviews, Sentiment and much more.

      • Break down your results with intuitive filters and analyse your performance by media type, country or language.

      • Measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns in real-time and compare your performance metrics against those of your closest competitors!

    Curious to know more? Discover Talkwalker’s free social search engine today!

    If you are already a Talkwalker alerts user – why not give yourself a peek at the bigger picture by trying Talkwalker’s free social media search engine?