Six super social media templates for Q4

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The best social media templates

Who doesn’t love a good template?

Let’s be honest, in the speedy world of social media, there’s barely enough time to grab a coffee or discuss the latest Netflix hit. So we rely on social media templates to make our working lives more organized, and more efficient.

In this post, we’ve collected our most popular ones into one easy-to-download bundle. With some available for the first time in downloadable PDF, so you can have them on hand even when the internet isn’t.

Before you create a social media calendar or strategy for Q4 (the busiest time of year in social), make sure you download our bundle now. Consider it an early Christmas present.

Check out below for a brief overview of what’s included.

Social media glossary

Social media glossary gif

Let’s start off with the essentials. Our popular glossary of social media terms is now available in downloadable form. Save it to your desktop. Take it on the road with you. Print it out and post it on your door.

There’s nothing worse than seeing people misuse common social media terms in their blog posts, so make sure you have a copy on hand whenever you write.

First steps to social media monitoring

First steps to social media monitoring

Great. Now you’re up to scratch on social media terms, let’s get onto social media monitoring.

This is essential for you to track the impact of your social media marketing campaigns (and will be needed for your share of voice report below).

This best practice guide covers your first steps into monitoring social data, including the 5 major steps:

  • 1. What terms to search for
  • 2. How to monitor your queries
  • 3. How to filter out the noise
  • 4. What to analyze from your results
  • 5. And how you can report your insights to your C-Suite and team

Best social posting times guide

Best posting times image

What day is best for posting to Instagram?

Will you get a better response on Facebook if you post at 5pm or 11am?

Can’t you just post on all social channels at the same, and hope for the best?

We’ve collated the best social media strategy into one easy-to-understand diagram. Helping you to find the best times and days to post on the most popular social networks.

Ultimate influencer marketing guide

Influencer Guide

Available for the first time in PDF, this influencer marketing guide covers all you need to know about social media influencers.

If you’re looking for someone to promote your next social media campaign, there’s an almost limitless number of influencers to choose from.

But should you choose the million follower celebrity, or choose to engage with your micro influencer?

My guide covers the influencer industry from top to bottom and helps you weave your way through the intricacies of:

  • finding the right influencer for your brand
  • how to engage them with your brand
  • what rules you should follow to ensure your campaigns remain legal

Trending hashtags tracker

Trending hashtags image

Hashtags are awesome for boosting the views of your social media posts. But only if you use the right ones.

The trick is to not focus on the hashtags with the most mentions, but the ones that are most relevant to your brand. And this tracker shows you exactly how to find the hashtags most relevant to your brand.

And with the spreadsheet, you can organize your favorite hashtags, so you have them on hand ready for your next social media post. Easy.

Social media report - share of voice

Tesla report image

We all know social media, and marketing as a whole, is about setting benchmarks and then working hard to beat them.

But how do you set a benchmark for your social media, when you have nothing to compare it to?

A share of voice report helps you compare the impact of your social media marketing strategy against that of your competitors. Giving you insight into how your marketing plan is impacting your industry. And providing you with a vital overview of what your potential consumers are engaging with.

In this example, we’ve simulated what you should include in an SOV report, using one of the most creative motor brands on the market (Hint: It’s Tesla). Inspiring you on what you should include, and what analysis you can gain from it.

Grab your social media templates bundle

That’s a pretty cool social media template collection. If you’ve got all the way down here, and not downloaded them yet (seriously? They’re completely free!), then you can click below and grab yours. Or if you’ve got a favorite Q4 tip or template you’d like to share, drop me a comment.

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