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Talkwalker summer release: Reduce your time to actionable insights

1. Benefit from even more Facebook data

Our mission has always been to give you visibility over a wide array of conversations across media types. For this release, Facebook was our top priority, so you could leverage the large volume of conversations that occur in this channel.

In order to protect the privacy of its users, Facebook sets certain parameters for how third-party platforms, like Talkwalker, can access its API. With the use of an authorized token, our users give Talkwalker permission to link social media accounts like Facebook to their project.

With the creation of Data Collection on Facebook Channels, you’re able to access data from more pages than before. By aggregating Facebook pages of multiple topics and industries into pools of data, there are now external repositories available to you whenever you need them. 

In addition, there are new predefined industry panels. Aggregating data from different Facebook pages has led to the creation of a new way in which you can gain insights on consumer behavior and competitive intelligence across various industries. This is where our Guide to Competitive Intelligence very helpful.

Actionable insights - new Facebook channels analytics

It’s now possible to monitor multiple Facebook pages as a separate pool of data.

2. Get insights faster

With so much data to analyze and so little time, we wanted to find ways to make dashboards and insights more accessible through Talkwalker.

Save time building dashboards & reports

Being able to tailor your results into dashboards and reports for specific users is crucial, which is why now you can customize and edit dashboards more easily.

By allowing you to add new widgets directly to the dashboard you are creating or editing, you no longer have to toggle back and forth between Analytics and your dashboards, saving crucial time for that upcoming monthly KPI meeting. 

3. Reap the rewards of enhanced data quality (automated accounts, AI bias, & more languages)

Being part of the tech industry means staying at the cutting edge of social listening. Giving good-quality data to our users is an important part of this, as it’s the foundation of effective business decisions.

Measure conversations led by automated accounts

Automated accounts have been on the rise over the past few months, and we've seen the way their content can impact the total results for social media conversations. Our team has been working on ways to detect the content posted by these accounts, in order to be able to filter it out, or at the very least analyze it separately from human accounts. 

With this new feature, you can understand the amount of conversations led or influenced by automated accounts around your topics of interest. Filtering out these results will further improve the accuracy of your insights, especially with regard to real human sentiment, feelings and trends.

Automated Accounts Filter 2

Within your project settings, you can decide to filter out content created by Automated Accounts.

Benefit from AI bias Control

The topic of AI bias is being discussed at length globally, and Talkwalker has taken steps to ensure that the data in your projects is as objective as possible. Implementing results from bias research and strengthening processes to mitigate bias within our AI Engine, has resulted in cleaner training datasets, free from conscious and unconscious assumptions of race, gender or ideological concepts. This improvement in our AI Engine ensures that all your data-driven decisions are unbiased, and therefore of higher quality. 

Enjoy our enhanced language detection

Talkwalker prides itself on being able to analyze 187 languages, and constant updates on detection algorithms give you access to greater accuracy and better results across markets. This release included a revamp of the language detection feature for Hindi, Malay, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, Croatian, and Slovenian. This will expand the total results Talkwalker can detect in these languages, and allow you to have translations if needed.

4. More productivity, beautiful visualizations

Optimize reporting and team workflow with usage statistics

Talkwalker’s reports and alerts can help you break down data silos in your organization, but only if they’re being viewed by the appropriate decision makers. For this exact reason, you can now find activity tracking across reports, dashboards and alerts. These stats will tell you the amount of times your ‘Summer Promo Campaign dashboard’ was viewed by your exec team. 

Giving you access to these KPIs will allow you to understand if the effort that your team puts into making different reports and dashboards is paying off. Understand the traffic that your different dashboards receive, and identify best practices to make sure that decision-makers are noticing them. Now you can spend your time creating the reports that are making a difference, and do something about those that aren’t getting the views that they deserve.

Using these new KPIs, you can measure the usage of each of your dashboard, reports and alerts.

Using these new KPIs, you can measure the usage of each of your dashboard, reports and alerts.

Share impactful visualizations with your team & clients

The multiple widgets you have access to in our platform are not only a way to get insights, but also to tell compelling stories through appealing visuals. One of the most popular features to date is Conversation Clusters, which easily showcase how different themes intertwine by mapping out conversations and grouping them based on their content. 

As of this release, you can also see the evolution and correlation of different conversations over time. With the introduction of Conversation Clusters Replay, your analysis can be even more impactful, as it will have time as an extra layer of analysis.

Make the most out of these redesigned bar charts, with more legible data points. By changing the colors from the percentages, readability across this widget has improved significantly and style has become more consistent across all charts. Additionally, these charts now automatically fill up the empty space in your widget area, so the layout in your dashboards will be more polished for that next presentation.

Access the Digital Excellence Center directly from our platform

An AI platform is great to have, but it's only as powerful as the person who wields it. As of today, you can find our Digital Excellence Center directly within the Talkwalker platform. Save time finding the answer to your questions on booleans, virality maps or Conversation Clusters without leaving the platform. 

Answer any questions you may have without having to leave the project you’re working on.

Answer any questions you may have without having to leave the project you’re working on.

What’s next? 

Our ultimate goal is to give you all the actionable insights you need to take your brand further, and offer a seamless customer experience while we’re at it. If you’re curious about what the updates look like, or you haven’t experienced our platform yet, you can request a free demo below.

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