Social listening training made easy

Social listening training made easy


When you invest in a social listening platform, you expect to get the most benefit from it. Across all departments and aspects of your business.

Now, Talkwalker has linked with Sana to bring customized training to all our clients. Training your team in the latest social listening techniques, frameworks, and ideas is easier than ever. Helping you get the most impact from the Talkwalker platform.

What is Sana?

Sana’s vision is to unlock the full potential of human intelligence through the power of artificial intelligence.

A training environment where everyone has access to the knowledge they need to succeed, where learning is natural and personalized.

By harnessing the latest in AI technology, Sana makes organizational knowledge accessible and actionable for every learner.


Next generation learning

At Talkwalker we’re using Sana for all our learning materials. 

Accessible to every client, it includes:

  • Introductions to features like Conversation Clusters and AI Classifiers
  • Information on our latest releases
  • Rewatchable eWebinars about all aspects of the platform

With an AI-powered Curriculum search, finding the course you need is easy. Simply type a topic and Sana will find it for you.

Or enter your burning questions, and Sana will provide a full answer, with links to relevant courses and even specific slides. To quickly identify gaps in your knowledge, and find the training to fill them.

Sana 2

New courses and certifications

You also have new pathways to explore, to learn what you need at your pace.

Self-enrollment courses encourage independent learning and are grouped into:

  • Fundamentals
  • Platform Essentials
  • Analytics
  • Advanced Products
  • Product Releases

Or you can choose to join one of our 4 Talkwalker Certifications, designed to walk you through the different levels of knowledge and skills needed to get the most from the Talkwalker Platform:

  • Level 1: Talkwalker Beginner
  • Level 2: Talkwalker Platform Navigator
  • Level 3: Talkwalker Analyst
  • Level 4: Talkwalker Pro

These certifications help all team members to reach the next level of expertise and strategic impact. With optional bragging rights.

Sana also opens up more opportunities for personalized training experiences. If you feel your team would benefit from a deeper understanding of any aspect of the platform, it’s now easier and faster for the Talkwalker Academy team to customize that training for you.

Getting started with Talkwalker

To coincide with the launch of Sani, the team has also added a new Getting Started guide to the Talkwalker Academy. All our clients can start gathering social insights from day one, with this new guide setting out the most important steps to get your first project live and ready to use. With links to the right Sana courses that will help you get set up.

Plus, you'll always have the support of our expert Customer Service Managers and Professional Services team ready to answer your questions and help you succeed.

With all these resources at your fingertips, you'll be on your way to unlocking actionable brand insights in no time.

Ready to get started? Learn more about why Talkwalker is the leading social listening platform by clicking the link below.


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