What is Next-Generation AI Social Listening?

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You’d have to have been living under a rock to miss the buzz around GPT. This generative AI technology is helping people work faster across all areas of social media and PR.

Now we're creating Next-Generation AI social listening. Powered by Blue Silk™ GPT.

"Blue Silk™ GPT saves you 40% of the time from data to decision."

Spend less time analyzing data, and more time on actions that can drive brand results with Talkwalker.

Making social listening faster and easier than ever.

What is Social Listening?

Social listening is the process of using data to gain insights into customer sentiment, preferences, and behavior. For Example:

  • Monitoring and analysis: understand customer sentiment and industry trends.
  • Identify customer sentiment: Analyze the tone and context of discussions to comprehend how people feel about your brand.
  • Monitoring competitor conversations: Observe and understand what's being said about competitors.

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The Next Generation

Generative AI’s biggest change that it’s bringing to social media listening is automating the why. Instead of looking at what happened, you look at why it happened.

This has been possible with Talkwalker for many years, with additional manual work and analysis. But now, with Talkwalker Blue Silk™ proprietary AI models, you can do this at scale. Automating this through artificial intelligence, you can mature your analytics capabilities faster than ever. And creating a more user-friendly and powerful social listening experience.

Social listening AI - Next generation technology helps uncover the why

With social listening AI, you can:

  • Automate the 'Why': Next-gen and AI-powered social listening allows you to almost instantly delve into the motivations and reasons behind digital conversations.
  • Gain scalability: Traditional methods often require manual work and analysis to gain deeper insights. Next-gen social listening, especially with AI integration, offers the capability to automate analysis at scale, providing faster and more extensive analytics capabilities.
  • Discover real-time insights: AI-driven analysis significantly reduces the time needed to decipher trends, sentiments, and conversations, ensuring quicker responses, proactive crisis management, and more efficient resource allocation.

Understand what’s causing a spike in brand conversations

With social listening, brands are always on the lookout for conversation spikes. It could be a potential crisis, a new campaign win, a new social media craze, or something else.

By adding AI Insight to our peak detection, you can quickly find peaks of mentions in real time. With quick summaries to help you understand exactly what is causing that spike. 

Social listening AI - Quickly uncover what's causing spikes in mentionsQuickly understand what is causing a spike in brand mentions, with simple, concise summaries.

This will save you time investigating and understanding why your brand is being mentioned. Allowing you to respond faster to the situation, and enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Get a fast overview of the conversations around your brand

With so many online conversations, it can be challenging to understand all the nuances within your brand mentions. What are the key topics, categories, and events mentioned around your brand?

Talkwalker’s Conversation Clusters have always been great in segmenting conversations to help you find those drivers. They’re ideal for content ideation or competitive intelligence. But they still needed some manual oversight to get to the core of the conversations.

With Blue Silk™ GPT added to Conversation Clusters, it can segment, name, and describe your data automatically.

Social listening AI - Uncover all your consumer conversations, automatically.Segment your data into easy-to-understand and action conversations automatically with Conversation Clusters.

This way, you can see the various conversations happening around your brand. And identify those that you need to engage with, or monitor further. It helps with identifying potentially damaging mentions and uncovers new areas of conversation you may have missed. Either way, it’s quick and simple to do.

Drill down into every conversation

Talkwalker can provide further drill-downs and categorization through filters and such. So it’s easy to find the numbers behind a conversation. But it’s not so easy to track what is driving those numbers. For example, why would you suddenly see a spike in mentions around ‘sustainability’ within your brand conversations?

By adding AI Insight to drilldowns, you can always see what is driving a sector of conversations. You can quickly get into the real conversations behind topics. Revealing exactly what consumers are saying without having to read through 1000s of mentions.

Next generation social listening AI - Uncover the why behind all your data.Quickly understand the reasoning behind every data point.

This means you can quickly identify what topics are important in the short and long term. Revealing exactly where to spend budget and resources to gain the most brand impact.

Get simple summaries of your brand alerts.

If you’re tracking your brand, you need to know exactly when it’s mentioned, as it’s mentioned. We already have Alert capabilities within the Talkwalker platform that can share brand mentions with you directly. But reading and understanding every mention is time-consuming.

By adding an AI-generated summary to Alert emails, you now get a concise overview of your brand. Again, uncovering the areas that you need to research further, and helping you skim over the unnecessary noise.

Next generation social listening AI - Automated daily digestsUncover the context behind all your alerts, so you can stay ahead of the stories driving brand mentions.

This makes you faster. There are only so many hours in the day to focus on your brand, and creating efforts that will deliver revenue. By quickly uncovering the stories that you should target, you can monitor conversations and protect your brand reputation.

Add focused summaries to meet your brand needs

You can also customize your summaries to suit your role. By focusing your summary on the priorities of your role, you gain the insights you need faster.

For example, if you work within PR, you can adapt your summary to focus on:

  • The most engaging conversations about your brand
  • The perception of your sustainability efforts
  • What could impact your brand reputation

Custom Focus PR-1Custom Focus quickly identifies the conversations and issues that could impact your brand

What does this all mean?

How does all this help you, if you work in a role like PR, for example?

One of your major tasks will be monitoring your brand reputation. You can track this through social listening, and get a steady stream of brand mentions.

Instead of reading every single mention, Blue Silk™ GPT helps summarize everything that’s happening. That way you can get quicker insights on data changes, active crisis comms as needed, or automate daily PR digests for key stakeholders.

It can even generate summaries for internal reports, making communicating actions around your brand health easier than ever.

And that’s just one example. No matter what your role is, Blue Silk™ AI can help.

What is Blue Silk™ AI?

Blue Silk™ AI is Talkwalker’s proprietary AI engine. Our in-house engineers have developed custom models trained on over 3 trillion data points, to develop the magic behind Talkwalker.

As we own the technology 100%, we can dedicate advanced machine learning capabilities to provide businesses with unique and tailored solutions. With a deep expertise in complex data analytics technology that will scale with your operations.

Blue Silk™ GPT is Talkwalker's Large Language models technology. It uses the latest and greatest large language models alongside our own proprietary AI models for generative AI. This helps you translate big data into easy-to-understand, actionable insights.

Download our white paper to learn more about the technicalities of Blue Silk ™ GPT.

The next next generation?

Of course, Talkwalker isn’t going to stop here. We have plenty up our sleeves to enable users to work faster and automate even more analysis and insight gathering. We can’t give much away here, but we’re aiming for the fastest, most efficient consumer intelligence ever imagined. 

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