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They shoot. They score. Measuring the impact of World Cup sponsorships

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The Headlines

$2,513,890 is spent on World Cup sponsorships every day.

With 3.4 billion fans tuning to watch at some point during the tournament.

913,691 fans engage with World Cup sponsors every day.

On average, sponsors gain 0.36 engagements for every dollar spent.

Umbro is dominating the competition so far, with 4.7 engagements per dollar.

A completely different ball game?

This World Cup, will be a very different experience. Not just for the teams, but the sponsors too.

Fans will notice new names around the stadiums, since Sony and Emirates both ended their partnerships in 2014, with Continental, Castrol, and Johnson & Johnson following suit in 2015.

But, China appreciated the value the World Cup can bring. With companies like Vivo, Hisense, and Mengniu stepping in for the opportunity to share their products with a global audience.

How much does a sponsorship cost?

For this report, we’re going to look at the expert estimates, and previously reported deals, to provide a worse case scenario: the lowest possible ROI based on the highest possible cost estimate. To measure the sponsorship impact, we’ve focused on how many engagements each brand gains,

This report only covers the first half of the World Cup. We monitored sponsor brand mentions relating to the World Cup from June 14, kick-off, until June 24, the mid-way point of the tournament (32 games played, 32 games to go). We'll update the report at the end of the tournament.

Kit sponsors

Adidas - Approx. $850,000 per day

Adidas drew a lot of mentions from their World Cup Awards. Sponsoring the Golden Boot, the Golden Ball, and the Golden Glove, they’ve gained 38,508 mentions so far. And that will only increase as the competition heats up near the end of the tournament.

Kit sponsors adidas

Mentions: 67,191
Engagement: 3,019,098
ROI: 0.32 EN/$

Nike - Approx. $530,000 per day

The Nigerian kit was a huge smash for Nike. With 19.6% of their brand mentions referencing Nigeria so far. Selling out in under 2 minutes, the retro kit has been in demand ever since. But was it because of the style, or was Nike trying some scarcity marketing tactics to inflate the perceived demand?

But with a retail value of $86, and 3 million pre-orders, it generated $258 million in sales alone.

Kit sponsors Nike

Mentions: 69,012
Engagement: 2,012,488
ROI: 0.34 EN/$

Kit sponsors Puma

download full report

We're barely into the first half of the sponsors, with some key players still set to take to the pitch. To read the full report, with all the major World Cup sponsors and partners, download it for free NOW.


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