Talkwalker product release - Easier to use & adopt

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Thanks to our latest release, Talkwalker is becoming easier to use and adopt. With more granular insights. Read on to learn about our latest innovations and additions, and how they will boost your social listening success.

Speed to insights

We’re focused on making our platform faster to use, and easier to adopt. Everyone across your business can benefit from social insights. We’re making it easy for them to do so.

New global search bar

Don’t waste time jumping from project to project. We’ve added a new global search bar to our platform home page, to help you find the project you want instantly. You can search across topics, channels, reports, dashboards, and more.

Product release new search barJump to just what you need from our new  platform search bar

New Alerts creation

Alerts are critical for keeping on top of the conversations happening around your brand. 

Now, you can create a new Alert in a few clicks, setting up early warnings for:

  • Drops in overall brand sentiment
  • Peaks in brand mentions or engagement
  • Key mentions that you want to know about first

Alerts are crucial for crisis management and monitoring your brand reputation.

Product release new alerts set upYou can now set up alerts in seconds

New email templates

Sharing information is essential to drive brand success. Our improved email templates help you share critical Alerts and Reports with stakeholders more effectively.

Designed with readability and engagement in mind, you create a new template in minutes. These can be automated, to share information like crisis alerts or monthly reports.

You can also include AI Summaries, so readers spend less time interpreting data, and more time taking action.

New email templateCreate email templates to keep stakeholders updated with the info they need

Enhanced data coverage

Social listening success revolves around your data quality. Talkwalker already has extensive data coverage, but we’re constantly investing in getting more from that data.

In this release, we’ve added:

Quora shares & Reddit Shares

Quora and Reddit are great sources for analyzing long-form consumer conversations. With their sub-communities, focused on the widest range of topics, you can dive into genuine conversations within your niche.

By adding share metrics to both platform sources, you’ll better understand which topics are resonating with consumers, and when, why, or how those conversations are shared.

Improved reach metrics

We’ve enhanced our reach measurement for online news, blogs, and forums by increasing the number of subdomains for which we compute reach metrics.

With more detailed reach metrics, you get a deeper understanding of your content influence, enabling you to make more informed brand decisions. You’ll also get a clearer picture of the impact any negative brand stories have on your audience.

Improved India and China geolocation

As the two largest markets in the world, India and China provide numerous opportunities for brands. For both countries, we’ve added additional geolocation capabilities, to identify where posts originate.

This provides more granular insights, to customize strategies at a local or regional level.

Chinese data visual analytics

We’ve also added visual analytics to key Chinese data sources, to reveal how consumers are engaging with your brand. This helps uncover posts containing brand logos, that can often be missed using textual analytics alone.

And more…

Other data source improvements include:

  • Enhanced LexisNexis Dutch content
  • New Sifa integration, for Italian news media monitoring
  • A new Facebook Reels tab, for fast access to insights

Clients can learn more about all the new releases in the Client Help Center.

More to come

There are more innovations in the pipeline from our amazing product team. To learn more about how Talkwalker Social Listening can help your brand, just click below.


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