Making Use of Instagram Data: Deeper Insights with Talkwalker

Making Use of Instagram Data: Deeper Insights with Talkwalker

Visual content is increasingly critical for social media and marketing. With the rising popularity of image and video content - Instagram currently has about 300 million active users - keeping track of your brand’s performance on image-driven networks like Instagram is a challenge that should not be undervalued. That’s why our development team has worked hard over the last few months to bring you even deeper insights on your Instagram performance.

1: Find & create engaging content

Creating engaging content is a vital part of successful campaigns. The way to measure engagement rates on Instagram is by keeping tabs on the number of “likes” and comments your pictures receive. Depending on the amount of activity on your Instagram account, it can be hard to keep track of it all– that’s why Talkwalker now lets you see the number of “likes” and comments on your pictures in addition to the full comments. By keeping track of those numbers, you can see which types of images your audience engages with the most and adapt future Instagram campaigns exactly for this purpose.

Instagram results on Talkwalker

The screenshot above shows the two most-liked posts on the Instagram account of American Airlines. The most-liked posts over the course of the last month were closer looks at their Boeing Dreamliner, which shows that their Instagram audience is especially interested in this kind of content.

2: Be alerted to customer complaints

For an easy overview, Talkwalker also allows you to see the comments on your Instagram pictures in a threaded view. This means that you can see all the comments a picture received at once and see which ones need your attention.

Talkwalker alerts Instagram

Instagram is another network used by potentially unhappy customers to share anger or frustration. By reacting to such complaints quickly, brands can prevent major damage to their reputation. For this purpose, alerts are an easy solution. Talkwalker allows you to set up alerts for Instagram and any of your social networks and online platforms, giving you the opportunity to react to them in real-time.

3: Find influencers for your campaigns

Say you’re launching a new campaign for a product and want to focus on your Instagram audience. In order to ensure the success of your campaign, you want to have it seen by as many people as possible. Finding the relevant influencers for your campaign is important for achieving this goal.

As an example, let’s look at the potential influencers for Air France’s Instagram account:

Talkwalker Instagram influencer table

In this table, the Instagram influencers are sorted by their potential reach, meaning how many followers they have and which are likely to see their pictures. Talkwalker also allows you to sort this list by the overall number of postings or the engagement, so you can quickly see which “Instagramer” is the most active or has the most engaged audience.

With these new Instagram insights, you have easy access to all the important information, straight from your social listening tool for a complete overview of your brand’s Instagram performance. If you want try it out for yourself, sign up for the Talkwalker free trial right here.