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Introducing Quick Search - The Search Engine for Trends Talkwalker

Making content relevant and timely is essential. Nobody wants to read the 100th article about social media marketing when the discussion has moved elsewhere already.

But that's easier said than done. Every day, stories are developing, topics are moving and the discussion is changing. Trying to keep up is hard work, and Twitter and Facebook trends only show you a fraction of what is really happening.

We think you need the full picture.

Introducing Quick Search.

Quick Search is designed to show you the top trending topics for any given category, country or language, right as they happen. Powered by AI technology, it's the ultimate search engine for trends.

Why editors and publishers are using Quick Search:

  • Next level content creation: how Marie Claire is finding tomorrow's hottest topics
  • Newsjacking made easy: ride the Gilmore Girls wave
  • Be a content detective: see the trending stories your competitors don't want you to know about

From key stories and influencers to top categories and hashtags - Quick Search is your window into the internet’s latest - across social networks, online news, blogs, forums and many more. The cherry on top: with unlimited searches, you can be sure never to miss out. 

CTA free trial

Next level content creation: How Marie Claire is finding tomorrow's hottest topics

For French publisher MarieClaire, developing ideas for new content is daily business. Their readers expect relevant content about the latest trends on marieclaire.fr every day.

Marie Claire homepage

[Marie Claire always publishes content on the latest trends.]

MarieClaire editors use Quick Search as a source of inspiration to find hot topics for articles that attract millions.

The point for them is to not only find the latest Kim Kardashian gossip, but to discover stories that others might have missed.

When creating shareable content for their celebrity section, editors are frequently checking top themes in Quick Search’s celebrities category to find themselves right in the middle of an emerging topic. They can be sure to get the full picture with all popular stories in one place and see which angles work best to craft their own unique piece.

Quick Search celebrities category trending bubbles

[The celebrities overview in Quick Search gives you ideas for your content marketing strategy.] 


"At Marie Claire, we never settle for second-rate content. Our readers are incredibly tuned in to what's happening in their space: style, celebrities, beauty... they always want the latest trends and they come to us to find them. With Quick Search we can find trending stories as they happen, and create timely content our readers will love and share!"
- Amalric Poncet, Deputy Managing Director at Marie Claire France

Newsjacking made easy: Ride the Gilmore Girls wave

Newsjacking is an amazing way for brands to capitalize on the day's news. Here's a hilarious example from Norwegian Airlines that sums up the concept in a nutshell:

Norwegian airlines brad is single advert

Every so often you come across a can't-miss story like #Brangelina, but you can actually create just as much impact with more niche, everyday stories.

When we looked at trends of the day for this article, Gilmore Girls popped up almost immediately. With the top trending articles at your fingertips, it's easy to make a topic yours.

Trending stories prior to the launch of the new season of gilmore girls

[An overview of the top stories surrounding Gilmore Girls.]

You're a health insurer? Talk about a caffeine-heavy lifestyle and its impact on people's health.

You’re a travel company? Create a blog that follows the characters' trips around Europe.

You’re a brand looking to capitalize on a trending topic? Create a promo code to celebrate the Gilmore Girls countdown.

Newsjacking? Easy.

Be a content detective: See what's working for your competitors

News sites are always competing for readers' attention. It's "publish or perish" dialled up to 11.

Trending stories on CNN

[Top trending stories on CNN with predictions on what may become the next viral hit.]

Quick Search lets you find the things your competitors don't want you to know. This means you'll have real-time insight into your competitor's trending stories, see which content is working and what's predicted to blow up in the next few hours. 

With this information, you can

  • adjust article placement on your website in real time
  • create content around topics that work well
  • ultimately drive traffic to your site.

Don’t just take our word for it - try Quick Search in a free 7 day trial and see for yourself! 

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