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It’s no surprise that the best brands have their eyes set on measuring and qualifying Brand Love:

  • 86% of consumers spend more on a brand they love
  • Consumers are 3x more likely to advocate for loved brands
  • 75% of consumers have changed their buying habits during the pandemic - and are increasingly willing to change brands.

But the art of creating brand love has evolved over time. Brands and marketers that manage to stay on top of their brand love game, have had to become more agile and data-savvy in order to get closer to their consumers in today’s crowded omnichannel environment.

What makes a loved brand?

In this article, we look at how some of India’s most loved brands have managed to grow with their audiences, promote brand recall, as well as create strong, positive engagement. In order to measure their performance on the Brand Love index, we looked at the main drivers of brand love -

  • Brand passion
  • Brand trust
  • CSAT (Customer satisfaction)

Over 1,500 global brands and Indian brands were ranked based on these three different drivers, leveraging Talkwalker’s keyword, image (including logos), emoji analysis, and ratings/ review analysis to define and weigh the results. Now, for the reveal. Let’s find out what’s driving brand love for some of India’s most Loved Brands of 2022.

The Most Loved Brands of India List

1. Colorbar Cosmetics

Colorbar Cosmetics ranks as one of the most loved brands in India, and sits at no. #3 globally. The home-grown cosmetics brand has amassed a strong following on YouTube by featuring a diverse crowd of influencers, and creating more than a million engagements within the period of study. Its ISO certification and Clean Beauty promise have also become important trust-building factors for the fans both in India and abroad.

Colorbar has amassed a strong following on YouTube with more than a million engagements within the period of study

Colorbar's range of products have become a staple on makeup tutorials and channels, enabling the brand to reach a wide range of consumers.

2. Bombay Shaving Company

Personal care brand Bombay Shaving Company (BSC) says proudly that its products are made with love. Its sponsorship of the Mumbai Indians cricket team generates lots of buzz, but it does so on its own as well: BSC’s brand voice and tone across all their communications is simply awesome, its videos are engaging, and a focus on creating positive customer experiences like the Shaves for Good mobile barber campaign is paying off big time. What’s not to love?

"We do our best to be present for customers and people in the most thoughtful and authentic way. Everyone comes into work thinking 'What can I do a little better than yesterday to enrich the life of the customer, or even my colleague’. This translates to trust, and often brand love." - Deepak Gupta, Chief Operating Officer, Bombay Shaving Company

3. IBM

The technology brand IBM has nurtured a strong pan-India following thanks to its corporate citizenship and ambassadors. Its investment in the state of Kerala has been seen very positively as contributing to the development of the region, on top of tech-for-good initiatives such as the Call for Code programme, and career readiness programme. Not to mention the fact that its Indian-American CEO (who won a prestigious humanitarian award) has also become the pride of the Twitterati.

4. Levi's

Think Levi’s, think Deepika Padukone. The already popular clothing brand, paired with a celebrity who has become a household name, has sent awareness and love for the brand into the stratosphere. The pairing even launched a collection that curates pieces which truly define the icon Deepika’s fashion sensibility and authentic style. Add to that a mid-pandemic campaign on Levi’s athleisure range, which shows a brand that is on top of the latest consumer trends - we’re in!

The Levi's partnership with Deepika Padukone has done wonders for the brand's image, and has helped grow its loyal following

Levi's partnership with Deepika Padukone has done wonders for the brand's image, and has helped grow the brand's loyal following.

5. Saffola

Saffola’s partnerships with high-caliber influencers such as Indian actress Shehnaaz Gill have helped the brand capture the hearts and minds of many. The brand also made an agile shift towards healthier food in the midst of the pandemic, endorsed by nutrition influencers and featured on channels and content such as Roop Katha’s healthy recipes for toddlers. What a way to celebrate a range of at-home cooking staples!

Saffola made an agile shift towards healthier food in the midst of the pandemic, in line with consumer trends

Saffola's emphasis on healthier options and immunity-boosting ingredients resonated well with Indian consumers, demonstrating the importance of staying on top of India's food industry trends.

Rounding it up

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy to creating brand love, as seen from the campaigns by these popular brands in India. The common thread behind their approaches is being able to uncover the human stories behind all the consumer data that the brand has access to, and then carving out a heart-tugging niche within the competitive space.

To access the full list of top 10 most loved brands in India, as well as the global top 50 most loved brands list, you’ll want to download the full report, and tune in to our Love Brand webinar series - where you’ll get to hear directly from brands their best practices.

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